20" silver model X OEM wheels and tires

20" silver model X OEM wheels and tires

Selling a full set of 20" factory wheels and tires. BRAND NEW CONDITION with almost zero miles on tires. Wheels and tires were removed are day of purchased. Full set $2k OBO. pickup in Los Angeles only or ship at buyers cost.

info | 21 marzo 2017

which tires did you decide on? I bought Black 20 rims for my Model X and will also be willing to sell my brand new tires (20" silver MX OEM wheels. I take delivery on March 29th, 2017. I will also accept $2K for mine, Long Island NY. So there you have it, OEM wheels available on either side of the Continental United States. ( mine are conservative) . LOL :)

modernjewels | 23 marzo 2017

will you be selling yours with the tires? or just rims?

tjhappel | 24 marzo 2017

Are they the turbine 20's?

tjhappel | 24 marzo 2017

Contact me at

I am looking to buy new smaller wheels immediately for my x.

jeffreed1 | 3 aprile 2017

They do have tires. I'll will post which type tomorrow. They were factory brand new. I got larger wheels and tires on delivery.