Auto Insurance for Tesla

Auto Insurance for Tesla

Just got my insurance billing for my second year of coverage on my MS. My premium went up over 30% !!! I'm currently with AARP/Hartford.
I live in Florida and was told by my agent that increases nearly across the "board" have risen 12% - 30% in this state as a result of approval of the Florida Insurance Commission...
Any insurance company suggestions (in the state of FL.) would be mighty appreciated....

Thank you in advance,

Wise NRG

jordanrichard | 22 marzo 2017

Well, I guess since this seems to be a state wide thing, apart from registering/insuring your car out of state, you are stuck.

Mike83 | 22 marzo 2017

Move out of Florida. Climate disruption is causing flooding. Insurance knows that.

jordanrichard | 22 marzo 2017

Mike83, if in fact that is the cause of the rate increases, that should affect those living inland.

jordanrichard | 22 marzo 2017

I meant it shouldn't affect the people living inland.

Efontana | 22 marzo 2017

Insurance from some carriers is prohibitively expensive.

When asked to place order, a multi company insurance check will be the first thing I do.

Mike83 | 22 marzo 2017

Climate disruption has been going on for decades. Rick Scott of Florida censorship of even using the words GW has not stopped climate disruption. Florida voters go Republican and must suffer their choices.

joemar10 | 22 marzo 2017

My Allstate agent hardly knew what a Tesla was. She said "Climate change is just a big cycle anyway isn't it?" I knew then that she was a"Faux News" robot. Later I saw her and her husband in line at the polls with matching stars and stripes clown shirts that said, "Look at me, I'm more patrotic than you", I'm voting for the orange guy. I switched to Progressive.

hkried | 27 marzo 2017

So, how about some numbers. 2016 90D - $1400. How's that compare?

green | 27 marzo 2017

that means nothing without mentioning what your limits are. Location is also important.

I was quoted $650/year or so for X 100D with 100/300/100 limits by Geico and some others.
250/300/100 ups it into 1300ish.
(also that's bodily injury indiviual/per accident total/property damage if you were wondering of the order)

compchat | 27 marzo 2017


I have Geico and my policy is way more expensive. Are you certain you are not looking at a quarterly payment of $650 ?

vp09 | 27 marzo 2017

A few years ago, my insurance went up and I googled all insurers and found that the best rate from a new insurer was hundreds of dollars more than I was paying at the new higher rate with my current insurance, USAA. So I stayed with them. Then a day later, their subscriber's dividend arrived-- a hundred or more dollars, a division of their extra unclaimed yearly income. Go USAA.

jordanrichard | 28 marzo 2017

vp09, I too am an USAA member and have my dividend applied to my car insurance.

green | 28 marzo 2017


Yes, I am absolutely sure. Here's the screnshot, $318.96 for 6 months from Geico as an example.

It's Tesla Other because they don't yet know about MX 100D

SO | 28 marzo 2017

Michigan - 2017 MS 90D - farmers insurance.

$2,300 per year. No tickets either. Multi car discount.

$2,500 deductible.


compchat | 29 marzo 2017

Mine is higher because I took a one million dollar bodily injury limit and I live in a more accident prone area. Your limits are a little low for my comfort level.

Fast Girl | 29 marzo 2017

I called my insurance agent to get quote for Tesla and surprised it will be cheaper than my 7 year old car of half the value. Says Tesla is safer and has better record so far. I was smiling at price of insurance.

N7RZBModel3 | 29 marzo 2017

compchat, have you considered a Umbrella liability policy instead of carrying such a high limit on your auto policy? I carry $500,000/$500,000 bodily injury, $250,000 property on my auto policy, and an additional $2,000,000 umbrella policy. The benefit of the umbrella is that it covers liability beyond coverage for your auto.

MSMS75D | 29 marzo 2017

@Fast Girl - who is your insurance provider?

keithbanners | 30 marzo 2017

Do your research insurance homework !!!
Essurance and Progressive were the best around when bundled with home
Farmers, State Farm, USAA, Geico are so far out of line its ridiculous ( someone has to pay for the lizard !)

chhartwig | 30 marzo 2017

Soon, Tesla will be providing their own policies and may already have them. You should call.

The less money I spend on Insurance, the more I'm going to pile into my Model 3....Hopefully this gets done.

james | 31 marzo 2017

insurance companies are inclined to discriminate against Tesla EV's because in the end game, an auto fleet without any accidents due to autonomy features will drive them out of business. Its likely Tesla will offer its own insurance at a 10X reduction in cost for good drivers. They will know, since the Tesla EV is sending all the data on our driving habits to the mother ship at Tesla.

james | 31 marzo 2017

its very good news that auto insurance rates are rising. This pushes people to adopt safer EV's and provides Tesla easier entry into the insurance field with a low cost alternative.

Sefar | 31 marzo 2017

Although my S75D was more expensive than the same year model Cadillac ELR it replaced, my insurance went DOWN! Perhaps because ELR parts are hard to find? My agent said the safety features make it cheaper to insure here in the midwest. I use Travelers, which isn't cheap coverage to start with.

towersmktg | 31 marzo 2017

I was quoted $700 semi annual with coverage: Pers Inj 15K, Liability 250/500K, Prop Dam 100K. Unis Motorists: 3250/500K, pro dam 20K. 2 drivers licensed 52 & 54 yrs. No claims, No tickets. Also carry 2M umbrella. Still think this is high in Oregon.

Fast Girl | 1 aprile 2017

iyerandy | March 29, 2017 "@Fast Girl - who is your insurance provider?"

My insurance company is AAA, but I understand that most all other insurance companies have the same ratio of cost between a Tesla and other high end cars. It's not that I'm getting a better deal on the Tesla compared to my Acura because of the insurance company. It is just that the Tesla has a better record..... so far (and probably the drivers of these cars as well)

RedPillSucks | 2 aprile 2017

USAA insures military families and usually gives a better rate than other insurance companies. Are people really finding them more expensive than someone like esurance or progressive?

@james I'm not following how EVs will drive insurance companies out of business. The cars will need to be insured.
I would think less accidents would mean insurance companies will collect premium payments but paying out less since there would be fewer accidents. Wouldn't they be making more money?

jordanrichard | 3 aprile 2017

For all of those chasing after the " you 15% in 15 mins", remember, you get what you pay for. You want to know who the best insurance companies are, for when you need them? Survey local body shops. They will tell you which companies are the best to have when it comes time to pay for repairs.

Think about it. The companies that say they can save you most on your insurance are the ones spending the most to tell you that. So how do they save you "15%".......ask the body shops.

Fast Girl | 16 aprile 2017

jordanrichard. EXACTLY right. You get what you pay for. Ask body shops and ask paralegals at personal injury law firms who have to argue with insurance companies all day.

jsanford | 16 aprile 2017

Anyone insure aTesla with Amica?

jsanford | 16 aprile 2017

Anyone insure aTesla with Amica?

ReneeDexter01 | 18 maggio 2017

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SilverSp33d3r | 22 ottobre 2017

Just got my Quote for my 2014 CPO, Wawanesa insurance if you are in SoCal. $480 for 6 months with comprehensive and collision insurance, $500 deductible.

CodyScarpitto | 5 aprile 2018

The price of any insurance service depends on the demands and wants of the specific customer. I don't think cheap insurances coves all aspects of insurance so would go with reasonable prices. In this regard, you can compare the prices of different insurance companies at However, I found fleet or multi-car quotes more reasonable as compared to the insurance of single vehicle.

CodySabin | 25 gennaio 2019

Hi Cody (great name btw)! I work for a taxi firm in the UK and we've definitely experienced the unfortunate event of having our insurance premiums shoot through the roof too. We also moved towards insuring all of our business vehicles through a [url=""]fleet insurance[/url] policy three years ago and we have no doubt that it's paid dividends for us. :D