"Spaceship Steering"

"Spaceship Steering"

With Elon reiterating again that the absence of a console display would not impact the user experience it left me wondering what that could be. Normally I would be very suspect when it comes to claims like this but Elon has a history of overdelivering on expectations, so I'm inclined to consider what he could mean by "spaceship steering".

The possibility I'm entertaining is that the steering wheel itself will have a number of displays and options for functionality. Think, steering wheel with an interactive touch display built in. This is something that has never been done before and I think it would satisfy those looking for information in the dash.

Anyone else have an idea of what could be in store?

Bluesday Afternoon | 28 marzo 2017

I agree, it could be! ;-)

The flying hippie | 28 marzo 2017

It's a Bluetooth headband you wear and the car does what you're thinking. There's also an optional eye implant that works with with it according to my source.

Alternator | 28 marzo 2017

@The flying hippie I hope it doesn't do what I'm thinking or the other drivers on the road might be in trouble.

The flying hippie | 28 marzo 2017

The filter will be released 'soon'.

plr75 | 28 marzo 2017

Pretty sure display screens on the steering wheel would get in the way of proper airbag functions. I hope there won't be some annoying voice that announces your speed every 30 seconds or something. Perhaps speed could be displayed on the rear view mirror just like a compass or temperature are displayed on some current vehicles.

tstolz | 28 marzo 2017

I've been thinking its the steering wheel for a while now. I think Topher pointed out that would be simple to move to RHD as well at no cost. Use an open top design with a few more controls than usual on it ... that would be really cool!

KP in NPT | 28 marzo 2017

Maybe it'll be retractable. Not sure that's space-shippy. But fits in with the FSD.

hoffmannjames | 28 marzo 2017

spaceship like steering controls makes me think that the steering wheel might have two touch pads like laptops have that the driver could tap with their fingers to switch lanes. Tap the one on the left with your thumb to switch to the left lane, tap the touch pad on the right side with your right thumb to switch to the right lane. Something like that could fit the description.

dyefrog | 28 marzo 2017

interesting thought but I'm not loving it. I have a motorcycle with Speedo and other gauges are on tank and it's annoying as hell that I have to actually move my head to look down versus just my eyes. I think the angle to my gas tank versus to the steering Hub is worse though so it could work.

Red Sage ca us | 28 marzo 2017

"Moves like a comet, steers like a cow." -- Douglas Adams

Let's hope that isn't the case, shall we? ;-)

SoFlaModel3 | 28 marzo 2017

Of course what no one is saying is that it could be Tesla's equivalent of ....

Hey Siri
Ok Google

What if you simply talk and the car talksback to you confirm the action.

Tesla, what's my speed?

Tesla, engage autopilot at 70 miles per hour

Tesla, set air condition fan to speed 5

KP in NPT | 28 marzo 2017

That would be cool - but the voice recognition In my Model S is temperamental - that would need to improve.

SoFlaModel3 | 28 marzo 2017

No doubt about that. The 3 big players in the mobile space are not great.

How does it work on the S? I want to try it out next time I take out my dad's car.

KP in NPT | 28 marzo 2017

You press a button on the scroll wheel and start talking. "Drive to X address" or "Play X song" or "Call so-and-so". When it works, it works pretty well. But sometimes (in my car) it clocks when I finish speaking and nothing happens. I might have to do it several times. Or just give up.

KP in NPT | 28 marzo 2017

Sorry not on the scroll wheel. Above the scroll wheel. The button above the right scroll wheel.

Madatgascar | 28 marzo 2017

Sorry, but how would voice recognition look like a spaceship?

greg | 28 marzo 2017

"Sorry, but how would voice recognition look like a spaceship?"

It doesn't, but the Model 3 really a transporter pod - you simply enter your desired location, and say 'Energise' and next thing you're there.

SoFlaModel3 | 29 marzo 2017

Thanks KP. Not different than my current car which hardly works for voice recognition so I never use it.

@tbouquet -- not sure. Just thinking outside the box here. From the very quick video of the release candidate car, it didn't look like much changed inside so I was trying to think of why "we wouldn't care" about only having one screen and that's all I could think of.

dd.micsol | 29 marzo 2017

Well for the deaf-I would defer. They can't speak so voice recognition better have a backup or discrimination lawsuit will arise.
AP for the blind-check-now they can get a drivers license. YEY.
for the dumb-who don't know where they are or vacationeers-ap check
for the drunk- ap check - if they remember to engage it.
for the druggies-ap check-again, if they remember to engage it and pay for it.
AP fixes a lot but not for everyone.

*pulled over in my model S*
Why were you swerving all over the road?
I was trying to navigate this dang console that Tesla gave the car-it's new to me and I can't find the nearest bathroom on it.
Distracted eh?
I guess so officer.
-here's your ticket. Don't look away from the road in the future. We consider that console an large phone or ipad.
Using it is equivalent to using a phone in the car. One hand is not on the wheel and you're distracted-eyes not on the road. Use AP only in this car.
You mean I can't drive it?
Only if you can leave the screen untouched while driving. Have a nice day.

dd.micsol | 29 marzo 2017

That example is obviously a joke.

dsvick | 29 marzo 2017

Displays on the steering wheel would be horrible. The next time you're driving see what sort of change of focus is involved in moving your eyes from looking out the windshield to looking down at the steering wheel. It would take way to long and be potentially unsafe.

dd.micsol | 29 marzo 2017

I would think they would put in just below the vent on the dash myself. Not everyone will have the same angle looking towards it. I hope there's a free app you can download and will bluetooth to the tesla to your phone as a HUD. I'd be cool with that. Especially if it comes with mounting brackets. Issue it/are sockets for plugging in the phone are different. We can guess for another month perhaps, but I feel I'm just wasting time and energy to do so.
Hence, took the fall for a S 100D. Cancelled 2 model 3 reservations.

DTsea | 29 marzo 2017

Spaceship steering = reaction jets

That would be fun in a parking lot...

Alternator | 29 marzo 2017
hsuru4u | 29 marzo 2017

thanx for the link. I think you guys are expecting way too much for a 35-50k model 3 car. It wont be as sleek and comfy as the s model.I mean why would a company make a lower end model nicer then the top of the line model? It just doesnt happen that way in a business. It will be cool i am sure and you all will save some $ over the s model(how much we really dont know yet) but likely enough for a vompany owner to say>> we will make it nice and cool but no way as nice and cool as the top of the line model in general. To many the 3 will be luxury and way better then they expected i am sure as any new car can be to new car buyers but in the big picture the 3 will likely not be a model s 2.0.

topher | 29 marzo 2017

"It wont be as sleek and comfy as the s model. I mean why would a company make a lower end model nicer then the top of the line model?"

Why wouldn't they? The only reason is cost. If it doesn't cost more, there is no reason not to do it.

Thank you kindly.

Red Sage ca us | 29 marzo 2017

hsuru4u: What do you mean by "expecting way too much"...?

I expect that Tesla Model 3 will NOT be the bare bones, empty, sub-standard tin-can that approximates a modern, electrified 1984 CHEVETTE with steel wheels, optional power anything, and no radio that others pronounced, prognosticated, and predicted for so many years.

I do NOT expect it to be as blatantly 'luxurious' as a Cadillac ATS, or Lexus IS in base trim.

I expect it will be a nice car, well worth the money, that just happens to blow the doors off the competition.

Haggy | 29 marzo 2017

"Sorry, but how would voice recognition look like a spaceship?"

I'm sorry, Dave. I don't understand your question.

hoffmannjames | 29 marzo 2017

We might be overthinking the "spaceship steering controls". It could just mean some cool virtual buttons on the steering wheel for climate control, voice command, autopilot, etc...

hsuru4u | 29 marzo 2017 think the 3 model will be way nicer then the s model huh? Like same ride/comfort and just a little smaller? For 1/2 the price.? Wow i hope so for people who dont want to spend 90-120k on the s. I mean then anyone who still buys an s is foolish.The only difference will be the diff body style/size i guess.

hsuru4u | 29 marzo 2017

i didnt say i expect it to be a tin can..not at an average of 50kor 60k with most options. 40k bare bones. Of course its nicer then the leaf already looks wise and the bolt/volt and i3. And a nicer screen and look of course.
My point i raise is why i wonder everyone thinks it should be better then the model s overall at 1/2 the price? My point was that if it was as good or better then the s in looks/finish/compnents/ect then why not just do away with the s??? From what many say here the s will pale in comparison so if thats true..i think it would be odd and likely kill s sales. I mean like i said over and over....go to a mercedes dealer and test drive the c- e and s class cars. or bmw and drive a 3-5-7 series. They build many things into these pricepointed cars to get people to prefer one to another.AND NOT JUST THE SIZE OF IT. The 3 is allowing more people who cant/dont want to pay 100k for the s model to jump in on a tesla. Do you think Elon doesnt know this and knows not to make it kill the s model?? That was my point. After its out a percent will love it and some will not and some will likely say meh...thats just the way it goes. After a drive a FEW times people will know. And after they test drive a 3..then an s or x..and then a 3 again they will likely see what my points are.

Red Sage ca us | 29 marzo 2017

hsuru4u: There have been people who have repeatedly claimed that the Model S is not so 'nice' at all. They often claim its interior is substandard compared to competition from Lexus, Jaguar, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche among flagship vehicles. Quite a few have complained the Model S is not as well appointed as any given Kia product. It has been said the Model S is not so much a $100,000 car as it is a $40,000 car with a $60,000 drivetrain dropped into it. If it is to be believed that Tesla 'cut corners' to produce the Model S, then it should not be so hard to imagine the very same corners would be cut for the Model 3.

Really, the problem is that people mistakenly believe that high end interiors are actually expensive to produce and install. They aren't. It's all just window dressing. You could just as easily equip a Corolla to be like a Lexus LS inside if you want. Think about it... for years the Lexus IS was just a Corolla with a Supra drivetrain and upgraded interior.

With that in mind, I have pointed out the base version of the BMW 3-Series, the 320i, is effectively about as well equipped as a Toyota Camry LE, but has a $10,000 premium applied for rear wheel drive and a BMW badge. I expect the Tesla Model 3 will be at least as well appointed as the 320i, which is about the same as a Camry LE, for its base price of $35,000. It is up to you to determine for your own sake of sensibility whether a Camry LE is 'nicer than' a Model S 75 for considerably less than half the price.

SoFlaModel3 | 29 marzo 2017

Nice is a relative term.

The Model S and most assuredly the Model 3 will be utilitarian. I gauge how nice nice something is on the quality of the materials.

Just because something is busy and overdone does not make it nice. In fact for my taste it's the opposite.

I can't wait to not have buttons upon buttons!!

Red Sage ca us | 29 marzo 2017

SoFlaModel3: I spent a summer a bit over 30 years ago working for my Uncle in Beverly Hills. I detailed cars at a condominium complex. So I got to see a lot of very expensive cars close up, inside and out. It is because of that experience that I currently have no real interest in 'luxury' cars.

What I determined was that the very best materials were used in Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars, with the slightest edge going to Rolls-Royce. I realized that a lot of expensive cars, particularly the German ones, were expensive, but extremely Spartan inside, not very 'luxurious' at all. I noted that Jaguar cars were a pale imitation of Rolls-Royce interiors. I saw that Cadillac and Lincoln interiors were an even more faded approximation of Rolls-Royce, right down to the analog clock on the dashboard.

I realized that ultimately 'luxury' was an illusion. Much of it hearkened quite literally to coachwork designs that were adapted to the horseless carriage by artisans who had previously built wagons and stagecoaches drawn by horses. I saw that Rolls-Royce was the most successful at remaking 19th Century themes of 'luxury', but that it all seemed rather old-timey and silly to me.

But worse, was recognizing that everyone else in the automotive industry sought to copy Rolls-Royce by doing their own iterations of the exact same themes, while using much lower quality materials. Synthetic fuzz instead of wool carpeting, plastic moldings instead of carved wood, shiny plastic bezels, knobs, and switches instead of chromed metal, vinyl everything instead of leather... It was pitiful. Still is, really.

To me, the interior of the Model S is simply beautiful. I love that it is not designed to mimic 19th century themes of 'luxury' or Victorian Era furniture. I don't need to be reminded of the good old days of being towed around behind a horse in leisurely fashion. I prefer to look toward the future instead of wallowing in the past.

hsuru4u | 29 marzo 2017

I agree..the s model is pretty plain and basic inside.No frills really. Not plush at all. The s model design is decent to my eyes and sleek yet low so sporty in a way.Not sporty like the porsche ev thing from pics or the other one people seem to like..luminar or something. Of course there is room for improvement all over. But i agree the teslas are all pretty basic designs and utilitarian as someone a ttoyota vs a lexus or nissan vs a infiniti. Or a honda vs an acura. I have driven new altimas...and maximas...meh....i prefer infiniti g37x or g60 for styling and ride but there are so many around here its kind of MEH ..too...

I thopught the crossover by honda looked cool when it came out but after looking at the specs and driving one i was like fit???crap to thanx....the amg s 63 s i drove was sweet riding car. my build on that was 94k...yikes.....but i realize also you are paying for the ev concept as well. And if mercedes offered my maxed out amg s 63 in awd ev it would appeal to i guess i imagine that designers need to get on the ball and make ev's as plush as gas autos if they are going to charge 90-120k...right?

SoFlaModel3 | 29 marzo 2017

@Red I am with you 100%. There is a reason why I have always loved German cars and I see Tesla in a similar light as you.

hsuru4u | 29 marzo 2017

simple is always good- i dont want a leather recliner mentality in a car either. I like a stiff solid drive with alot of pep and a very clean interior. The 3 from the looks of the post i saw was super spartan with just the ipad screen.very futuristic and clean looking.

SoFlaModel3 | 29 marzo 2017

@hsu you have missed the point.

Utilitarian is not the difference between Toyota and Lexus, Nissan and Acura, etc.

Utilitarian is "simple" and yet great.

The difference between Toyota and Lexus is mostly perception since Lexus doesn't even exist in Japan. That's a difference in quality of materials for finishing more than anything.

I would not call a Tesla a Toyota in any way shape or form and a Porsche a Lexus. That's horrible.

Red Sage ca us | 29 marzo 2017

hsuru4u: The only difference between a high end interior and a basic interior is that the automobile manufacturer charges you three times their cost for the basic interior, while they charge you five times their cost for the upgrade. Either way, they make plenty of dough off the deal.

Most automobile manufacturers are striving to get where Rolls-Royce is... They would love to manufacture less the 4,000 cars per year, rake in hundreds of thousands per unit, and be revered as 'The Best in the World'. Barring that, they would love to be viewed as are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Pagani... Building 'exclusive' cars that are effectively street legal track vehicles. They like the idea of 'exclusivity' and crave it. Executives at Mercedes-Benz expressed concern some years ago that the CLA-Class was somehow 'bringing down' or 'diluting' the image of their brand, because 'too many' of the cars were entering the market. Of course, they didn't want to give up the revenue gained from offering the cars... Fact of the matter is that while marketing for brands like AUDI, BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz is to proclaim the 'exclusivity' of their cars, to someone that lives in Los Angeles, their cars are all over the place.

Tesla is unique in that they want to go the opposite direction. They could have remained a highly profitable niche manufacturer that relied upon their 'exclusivity' and reputation to carry them through. Instead, they have chosen to make their cars ubiquitous, commonplace, and ordinary to behold. So get used to seeing the Model 3 used as a taxi, or police car, as well as personal transportation.

Tiebreaker | 29 marzo 2017

Somebody who's got experience with spaceship controls, please chime in? Anybody?

mos6507 | 29 marzo 2017

"The only reason is cost. If it doesn't cost more, there is no reason not to do it."

You mean like the dual motor option and the larger battery pack option? Empower the BUYER to decide what they want to pay. Don't just omit something across the board to save a few bucks.

hsuru4u | 29 marzo 2017

well...i have driven a toyota and a is much nicer and rides better.....a nissan and an infiniti...again infiniti rides and looks way and contest there.....its nore involved then you think guys...come on

mrrubato | 29 marzo 2017

My view is that Musk's comments to lower the expectations on the Model 3 interior are just a bit of anti-selling in a last-ditch attempt to get people to swing over to the S 60 before it's phased out. I suspect he still has a few surprises up his sleeve.

accentcreate | 30 marzo 2017

I wonder what happens when the computer freezes, crashes, loses contact with the internet etc? My experience with computers is not giving me a lot of confidence.

SoFlaModel3 | 30 marzo 2017

@mos6507 - they have not eliminated AWD and Performance, they have delayed it slightly. That is a big difference.

@hsuru4u - the argument still holds, I wouldn't call Tesla a Toyota and Porsche a Lexus simply because Tesla is more utilitarian.

tstolz | 30 marzo 2017

I've always liked my MS's interior. Material quality is high and fit and finish is great ... certainly better than my BMW. Fewer knobs for sure and the feeling of space vs a cockpit is the difference. I find Tesla simply uses a different design language .. it certainly isn't low quality or utilitarian .. it has modern, clean lines.

carlgo2 | 30 marzo 2017

I saw photos of actual flying saucer controls. Looked like handprint impressions on a flat control board. Space creature fingers are long and skinny. They evidently control their craft with finger twitches.

The problem is that this craft covered millions of light years only to crash like a vintage homebuilt. Their manual was recovered and it said to keep their hands into the impressions at all times and to not trust the auto pilot when flying over remote farms as so many crashes happen there.

Red Sage ca us | 30 marzo 2017

carlgo2: That reminds me of the extremely ergonomic and easy-to-use control system illustrated in Pixar's animated short 'LIFTED'. ;-)

topher | 30 marzo 2017

"You mean like the dual motor option and the larger battery pack option?"

Are you under the impression that adding another motor or a larger battery are somehow free? Let me assure you that it isn't so. Nor is the development of such things free, so they must be carefully considered before even being offered as an option.

Thank you kindly

Civicrick | 30 marzo 2017

As an alien abductee I can tell you space craft are not "driven". Destinations are accepted by the navigation plasma jelly brain vocally. "Tesla, please drop her off at the next bus stop"