Hi Guys,

Model x 90d stolen from Birmingham last night, found it and retrieved it using my mobile app, met the police at the car exactly 4.5 miles from my house. Thankfully no damage but battery was very low. They stole the key and still have it so car is now at a secure location until I can get to Tesla tomorrow.

Anyway, reason I'm putting this on is because since retrieving the car, I don't like the fact that you can actually disable the mobile app from within (luckily the scumbags mustnt have known how to do this) and also the fact that Tesla can't remotely de-activate the key that was stolen. Maybe this should be a safety feature Tesla should look at?

Just want to make people aware because although I have my car back the morning after it was stolen, someone else may not have the same happy (ish) ending. Be safe and be vigilant.

Solarman004 | 17 aprile 2017

Glad to hear you got your car back. I agree 100%...I would like to see remote access be password protected. I'm not so sure about Tesla being able to remotely disable the key. That would have the potential for unintended consequences.

kennyjnr | 17 aprile 2017

Thank you solarman. Yeah true about the key, however other people may not be as lucky as me and have a secure place to store the car whilst they wait for Tesla to open. Having said that I'm so glad Tesla are leading the way with this tech, if it had been my Q7 I'd have had no chance of finding it and my day would be going entirely differently!

PedanticOne | 17 aprile 2017

Wow, sorry to hear this. I wonder though, if Tesla can still locate a car even if you've turned off remote access.

ObieX | 17 aprile 2017

So how was the car stolen? Was the key fob left in the car? Just curious as to the details of the theft. So glad you got your car back.

kennyjnr | 17 aprile 2017

Hi Guys thanks for the kind messages. Well this was my own fault, I either dropped the key somewhere between the car and my front door OR I left the front door unlocked, however, if I left the door unlocked I also have a very nice Audi Q7 which would have been more use to them so I would've thought they'd have took that too. The mobile app is flipping brilliant but it's unfortunate it can be turned off. Also, when I called Tesla with the police present they said they did not have access to any of the cars previous locations which is also a little concerning. It would have been superb if the cameras on the car that pick up the road lines and curbs etc could also pick up faces and bodies!!! As I said before though, I'm happy with Tesla's tech and the car is just amazing.

madodel | 17 aprile 2017

Doesn't valet mode prevent changing all settings? If so you could set that as soon as you found the car was stolen. That would prevent them from turning off mobile access. It also has the benefit of limiting speed and access to your glove compartment, frunk, phone contacts and navigation data.

Leli001 | 18 aprile 2017

Good point @madodel!

lilbean | 18 aprile 2017

Yes, great reminder!

Teslapalooza | 18 aprile 2017

Sounds like putting the car in valet mode might be a good idea if you are going to be leaving the car in the garage and be away for a few days.

burdogg | 18 aprile 2017

I really think we should all start contacting Tesla and push for mobile connection to be protected with a code. ie to turn it off, you have to know the code. I see no reason why they can't do this and it would just give some nice piece of mind to us, and hopefully deter would be thieves when they hear that they can be tracked and found quickly.

num1kat | 18 aprile 2017

I learned something new. Didn't know that the mobile app could be disabled from the car. That really sucks! Why is that even an option (maybe for lost phone)?

lilbean | 18 aprile 2017

So your family can stalk you but if you turn it off, they will be suspicious.

Leli001 | 19 aprile 2017

damned if you do, damned if you don't...right lilbean

Leli001 | 19 aprile 2017

I did check the app while it was being driven and the valet mode is grayed out. So the vale mode can only be activated while parked, makes sense but if stolen, you would have to wait until the thief parked your car to set the valet mode. By that time, if the thief knows how, can just disable mobile connectivity while driving away.

lilbean | 19 aprile 2017

Yep, leli. I also noticed that I couldn't disable valet mode from the screen. I had to disable it from the app. I know before if you enabled it from the car, you could also disable it from the car. I haven't tried it yet.

Teslapalooza | 19 aprile 2017

good idea @burdogg. I have followed your suggestion and sent an email to Tesla just now. Here is what I wrote:

"There is a dire need among the Tesla owners for mobile connection to be protected with a code. ie. require a code to turn it off. This is to prevent a would be car thief from disabling Mobile connection and driving away. This would just give the owners some peace of mind, and hopefully deter would be thieves when they hear that they can be tracked and found quickly."

May be if enough of us send such emails, it will gather some critical mass and prompt Tesla to take action.

burdogg | 19 aprile 2017

I am going to just cut and paste your exact statement :) That way maybe they will see the uniform need we all desire and work on a fix :)

Redmiata98 | 19 aprile 2017

I thought the original reason they put the valet cancellation option on the App was for folks who forgot their valet code. That way if they forgot the car screen code, they could use their app to reset it. Now you want there to be ANOTHER code to access and cancel from the App? Leave it alone.

burdogg | 19 aprile 2017

Redmiata98 - No we are not asking for another code from the App. Tell me this - how often or when are you going to really disable mobile access in your car? Me - never. So if I code put a code on it to prevent any thief to disable it - why not. If you don't want to have a code, so be it, they should be it enter 0000 for it. It isn't like you have to access this all the time, if ever. It isn't like logging into to check something, so you have to keep entering in your code. This is a once in a blue moon accessed item and should only ask for a code when you try to disable it.

Kind of lost on how this would really affect you or anyone else who feels code burdened.

Redmiata98 | 19 aprile 2017

Sorry, missed the point. I thought you were asking to ADD a code to disable valet mode from the App.

burdogg | 19 aprile 2017

Thats ok :) I think we just want a simple safe guard for turning off the ability to have mobile access - like I said, I think most of us rarely if ever disable this, so to me it would be a nice little added protection for minimal work.

Solarman004 | 19 aprile 2017

@ramseshan2001, to which email address did you send your request?

PedanticOne | 19 aprile 2017

FWIW, Apple already does this sort of thing (and for the same reason): if you want to turn off Find My iPhone, you need to enter your password. So yeah, this sounds like a good sort of thing to have.

burdogg | 19 aprile 2017

SOlarman004 - I just hit the contact button at bottom of this page and in the submit a question o comment section, I selected Owner Feedback and put the message in there and hit send. Otherwise, the only other email to use is the

madodel | 19 aprile 2017

My guess is Tesla will not disable ability to turn off remote access since that is one of the first things they do when they have my Tesla in for service. Unless they have a service override capability.

Also if you want to send a message to Tesla another method you can use is using the voice command "Note", "Report", "Bug note", or "Bug report" in your Tesla. ;-)

PedanticOne | 19 aprile 2017

Yeah, but reporting a bug in your car is really hard because you can only leave a very short message.

Solarman004 | 19 aprile 2017

@burdogg, thank you!

burdogg | 20 aprile 2017

Got this email this morning - will be interesting if enough contact them and see if it moves forward:

"I do believe this in an excellent thought and suggestion. I have gone ahead and submitted it to our development team for review. Please let us know if you have any other thoughts or concerns!

Best regards,

Brandon Hulsey | Roadside Support Specialist
45500 Fremont Blvd | Fremont, CA 94538
24/7 Support 1-877-79-TESLA"

kennyjnr | 21 aprile 2017

Thanks everyone for getting involved and giving your opinions!! I will also send that email. Valet mode is a great idea and since the theft we switch it on every night now however, if one of us ever forgets to do this at least we would have the back up of the pin protected mobile access settings inside the car. Madodel, dont think anyone is suggesting to turn off remote access?? The only additional thing i think tesla should be able to do remotely is de-activate a stolen key, what if your car or key gets stolen over any holidays when Tesla is not open?? I was lucky that i had another car to block it in when we were at home but then we needed to use that car i had to take the tesla to a secure location in case the thieves came back while we were out. I get solarmans point about unintended consequences, but maybe if they have a rule where they can only de-activate the key with a crime reference number from the police or something like that.

Also, these scumbags get smarter and smarter, it wouldnt suprise me if they read these forums, we all just need to stay one step ahead and keep tesla amazing!!

kennyjnr | 21 aprile 2017

Ive also found that valet mode doesnt limit speed, it only limits the fast acceleration of the car, dont know if this is a UK thing but i was still able to slowly accelerate to 45mph in a 30 zone. By the way, when i say slowly it still accelerated faster than most cars!!! Just not as fast as normal!!

kennyjnr | 21 aprile 2017

In my first comment today i meant ; Madodel dont think anyone is suggesting to turn off Teslas remote access*