ICED at Super chargers

ICED at Super chargers

I know that Tesla will now access a charge on you if you leave your Tesla blocking a Super Charger stall ( I might add rightfully so). What I want to know is are they going to do anything about ICE cars using them as general parking (there is usually a sign there that states 30min general parking). I see this mostly in the chargers in hotel parking lots. At the one closest to me if you show up there say after 10pm on the weekends they will be blocked by ICE cars and more than likely those cars will be there all night. I think by just adding to the sign that violator's cars will be towed at owners expense would stop a lot of this abuse.
With the Model 3 soon to be on the roads, the demand on the Super Chargers will be even higher. Tesla talks about all the chargers they are adding but if they're blocked by ICE cars using them as a parking spot what's the point? I think this is an issue that Tesla needs to addressed before if becomes a major problem. Your thoughts??

tstolz | 1 maggio 2017

It still happens but not that often. Some people leave a note to inform the ICE owner that they are blocking an EV charger ... surprising how many don't know what they are doing.

msmith55 | 1 maggio 2017

Be fair, charge them the same fee for idled Tesla!

mikdot | 1 maggio 2017

my point exactly !!!

Frank99 | 1 maggio 2017

The OP appears to be discussing destination chargers - which I believe are controlled by the hotel. All of his complaints need to go in person to the front desk, because Tesla can't help you.

mikdot | 1 maggio 2017

No I'm talking about Super chargers in Hotel parking lots.

akgolf | 1 maggio 2017

Are there some Superchargers at hotels? I've seen them at malls and near restaurants, but I've never seen one at a hotel.

SamO | 1 maggio 2017


mikdot | 1 maggio 2017

Go on plug share and pull up Columbia SC Super Charger. Check out the images posted just 5 days ago and then tell me there is no problem.

mikdot | 1 maggio 2017

Go on plug share and pull up Columbia SC Super Charger. Check out the images posted just 5 days ago and then tell me there is no problem.

akgolf | 1 maggio 2017

Based on the comments on Plug Share it does happen, but there are also lots of comments of people having no issues getting a spot. It obviously depends on the time of day and since it's at a hotel, the staff should be able to correct the situation if someone really needs to charge. Would be hard for Tesla to monitor all locations for ICE vehicles, but there should be a towing warning on all of the locations.

Bighorn | 1 maggio 2017

The hotel has jurisdiction and they aren't going to tow paying customers. Sometimes they're the only spots left at a sold out hotel. I've certainly seen plenty of iced spots in my travels but have never been prevented from charging. Has been discussed for years with apocalyptic language.

JeffreyR | 1 maggio 2017

Look at your local SC sites, and don't worry about horror stories from others. Tesla knows when places are overwhelmed regularly. See Tejon Pass updates and new sites around it. Remember you only need SC sites the few times out of the year you road trip. If you need them for local charging, then you can figure out when they are not busy quickly. Destination charging may still be your best bet for daily driving.

SamO | 2 maggio 2017

Paging tes-s. @mikdot says he objects to your #noproblem answer to all Supercharging "issues."


jordanrichard | 2 maggio 2017

Tesla really can't do anything except get with the property owner/management and inform them. It would be up to them as to what to do about it.

jefjes | 2 maggio 2017

To bad the SC cords aren't longer. I would have no problem blocking in an ICE vehicle for the 20-30 minutes it would take to be on my way. If they have a problem with that, they shouldn't have parked there.

stevenmaifert | 2 maggio 2017

Yes, there are Superchargers at hotels. Flagstaff, Gallup, Las Vegas, NM, Denver, Glenwood Springs, Richfield, Moab, Goodland, Salina; just to name a few I have visited. The stalls are normally not in the prime parking area for hotel guests, but depending on the agreement Tesla has with the property owner, ICEing is just something we have to put up with.

PhillyGal | 2 maggio 2017

I've been to what feels like many SCs at hotels. The problem comes overnight. Well any time really but picture this:

Stalls are ICED
The hotel would love to ask the guest to move their car but...
The hotel has NO clue which car belongs to which guest
The hotel sure as heck won't be waking up people at 3am to try to randomly find an owner

akgolf | 2 maggio 2017

Not actively looking for SCs since I'm not using them yet, I'm surprised to find so many at hotels and I can certainly understand the hotel not wanting to tow a customers car.

Rocky_H | 2 maggio 2017

@akgolf, You're just not looking in the right part of the country. Looking at I-84 from The Dalles Oregon down through Tremonton Utah, 5 out of those consecutive 6 are in hotel parking lots.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2 maggio 2017

Superchargers at hotels makes sense for long distance traveling for those not wanting to sleep in their car. Not all of us are hardcore marathon superchargers like Bighorn. ;-)

mikdot | 2 maggio 2017

Theirs an easy answer to not waking everybody up. Ive stayed at many hotels were they require the tag # on your car when you check in. That whey all that have to do is call the person who is parked in a spot is that is clearly an EV charging station (you cant miss a Tesla Supercharger standing there) and also a sign saying 30min parking only. If the charging station is a joint expenditure with Tesla then Tesla could at least require the hotel to enforce the 30min rule. Getting the tag # of your guest is an easy way to do this.
I don't have an issue with the Superchargers being in the hotel parking lots, it actually makes great business since. I would just like for them to enforce the 30min rule. If your travailing through this area at night and you need to charge your car this may be your only option, Super chargers hear are pretty sparse.

PhillyGal | 2 maggio 2017

@mikdot - Some don't even allow 30 min general parking. They straight up say charging only.
But yes, getting tags of guests would be one way.

I actually like them in hotel parking lots. Hotels have always been kind to me when I walk in and say "I'm charging my car, my I use your rest room?" Aside from yes (and clean restrooms!) they often offer fruit or coffee or use of a lounge. If it's in a plaza with restaurants, I feel like I have to buy something to use a rest room. And Idunno about you guys but I couldn't possibly eat prepared food every 2 hours.

Bighorn | 2 maggio 2017

I've discussed this with hotel GMs and some do collect car owner data so they can alert someone that a SC is needed. They have stalls that people can use overnight that are not limited to 30 minute general parking. The biggest problem hotels have WRT ICEing is when a truck is towing a trailer and the only place they fit is across 4 supercharger stalls. I've seen this several times. Like I said, it's never kept me from charging and I've probably supercharged about 1000 times.

stevenmaifert | 2 maggio 2017

We're making this sound like a much bigger problem than it really is. In 4+ years with my MS, I've Supercharged at numerous hotel sites and never once been prevented from charging because of ICEing.

akgolf | 2 maggio 2017

Nice to hear from actual owners that this is a minor/non issue.

mikdot | 2 maggio 2017

@stevenmaifert and @akgolf
I'm not saying its a major problem now. What I am saying is with the Model 3 coming, it could turn into one. There is probably going to be 500000 more Tesla's on the road in two years. Believe it or not that's going to put a whole lot more demand on the Supercharger network. Why should they wait till there's an issue. Why not get ahead of the problem when it can easily be fixed.

akgolf | 2 maggio 2017

They are expanding the network dramatically and that will help.

From what sounds like a rare occurrence, I'm not sure there is anything to fix.

mikdot | 2 maggio 2017

OK , so their going to double the size of the Supercharger network but put 5 times more cars on the road.
Maybe it is just because of what I do for a living,(airline AMT) I just think if a problem can be averted and the fix is easy , why not just do it.

Bluesday Afternoon | 2 maggio 2017


Tesla isn't United!

KP in NPT | 2 maggio 2017

I've seen plenty of ICEing - but like @Bighorn, it's never prevented me from charging at a supercharger. That said, I do think as more BEVs are on the road, ICE drivers will become more aware. Also, states have/are/will be passing legislation to allow ticketing for it. Right now, I think it's a combination of lack of awareness and the belief that they are never in use so why not just park there.

mikdot | 2 maggio 2017

@Simply Red
I don't work for United! And I never said they (Tesla) was anything like them, at least I hope not.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 maggio 2017

Did I see somewhere that the Model 3 is going to have an option for a towing package?

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 maggio 2017

KP said: "...and the belief that they are never in use so why not just park there."

You know, whenever I've been driving an ICE mobile and been tempted to park in an EV charging spot, like when the parking lot is 110% full, or it's a sweltering hot day and the EV spot is under the ONLY tree in the entire lot, or the charging spot was a super short walk to the building, that is the logic that went through my brain.

Being vaguely EV aware I never gave into the temptation. But the temptation was very very strong to rationalize that no one was gonna be using the spot.

Towing notices seem the solution. Most cities are powered in part by revenue from traffic fines, so fines for illegal parking in an EV spot would just fold into the existing model.

Red Sage ca us | 3 maggio 2017

Bighorn is always right.

4fishtankz | 3 maggio 2017

I've seen security guards patrol the Tesla superchargers in my area so they don't get ICED like the regular chargers. What bugs me is the City lots here ALLOW ICE to park in the electric spots on the weekends, and then limit the time to 4 hours on the weekdays. When it's time to move your car though it's hard to find another spot to move to since the lot's full :(.

hsadler | 3 maggio 2017

'I'm not saying its a major problem now. What I am saying is with the Model 3 coming, it could turn into one. There is probably going to be 500000 more Tesla's on the road in two years. Believe it or not that's going to put a whole lot more demand on the Supercharger network. Why should they wait till there's an issue. Why not get ahead of the problem when it can easily be fixed.'

I believe this is about ICEing not Teslas blocking SC's

mikdot | 3 maggio 2017

Thanks for the heads up. Oh wait --- who started this tread?

jordanrichard | 3 maggio 2017

mikdot, like many others before you, you are comparing the present number of charging stalls to a future number of cars on the road. Yes, there are an estimated 500,000 M3 reservation holders, but not all of those are in the U.S.. Additionally, as you know Tesla will be doubling the number of chargers by year's end. By years end, most of the Model 3s made will be populating the West coast. In other words the locus migration of Model 3 isn't going to be spreading eastward for a long while and Tesla will continue to expand the network. The world hasn't exactly stopped because of the increase of Tesla's on the road now via the Model X.....

skygraff | 3 maggio 2017

Small scale use of The Boring Company's tunnels:

After 30 minutes (or the appropriate time after charge complete for BEV), the parking space itself will drop into the earth, transport the offending vehicle to the nearest empty space/next to the dumpster/impound lot, and be replaced by an empty space (cradle) for another vehicle. The owner, based on license/VIN data and/or previously registered contact info, will receive a text about the relocation including coordinates and transit directions or retrieval info.

What's a little more construction during supercharger install for the sister company of humanity's future Mars transport provider?

hsadler | 3 maggio 2017


: )

KP in NPT | 4 maggio 2017

Tesla has shown their grasp on the situation and their intent to act on the future fleet expansion.

They have announced a doubling of the network, and there is no reason to think they won't continue to expand it as needed. Tesla knows when each car in the world plugs in to a supercharger and which superchargers are most heavily used. Waits have been an issue at only a handful of stations and those have been addressed and will continue to be addressed as needed.

I am sure there are some very smart people at tesla who have an algorithm for supercharger density vs owner density in any given area. Those smart people also understand the importance of the network and the convenience of which directly drives customer satisfaction and sales.

So, I think they are on it.

tstolz | 4 maggio 2017

Future Superchargers need to have dedicated charging stalls IMHO ... people will park anywhere they can if the lot is full otherwise ... especially if there are no consequences.

mikdot | 4 maggio 2017

@KP in NPT
I'm not that worried about other Tesla drivers clogging up the Superchargers, I think Tesla is handling that issue. I was trying to comment on the use of Supercharger stalls used as General parking areas for ICE car drivers (specifically ones located in hotel parking lots) and what they could possibly do to .
fix that specific issue.

As a side note, congrats on getting to go in June. I'd go in a heart beat .

KP in NPT | 4 maggio 2017

Gotcha, mikdot.

I do believe that will take care of itself in time. Like I posted earlier - awareness and legislation. I wrote my state rep and because of that, RI is about to pass an anti-ICEing law. :) We're at the beginning of the curve - eventually people will get it.

SamO | 4 maggio 2017

I've been ICE'd at a Supercharger before in Rapid City. Not cool

rajalucy | 4 maggio 2017

cover all superchargers with gate that can only be open via Tesla app

finman100 | 4 maggio 2017

OMG, my hometown did that to you? Shame. I knew there was a reason for moving to the PNW, ha. I suppose a couple of snow shovels need to be accessible there...

Bighorn | 4 maggio 2017

Tesla does not own the spots, nor are they granted exclusive rights to them in the lease.

SamO | 4 maggio 2017


They were all iced and I shoveled the one with the least snow. I used my hands as I was woefully unprepared. At that time. Now I've got the bugout bag and an assortment of survivalist accouterment.

kiwisugarbuns | 4 maggio 2017


I like the cut of your jib. All this hurrah over charging, when home is all ya need. There are no barriers to entry. As soon as GM decides to switch over, they can just make it so. Don't let the bastards get ya down. Besides, now that Tesla is pay per use, they are definitely nothing special. Chargepoint, Plugshare, EcoTricity, Charge America, are more than enough and more than fast enough.