....And we were worried about (OMG) a private email server!

....And we were worried about (OMG) a private email server!

We deserve this. Stupid people deserve stupid leaders!

UnshodBob | 16 maggio 2017

This topic only applies to US residents, I guess. It is a world-wide forum. :)

RedShift | 16 maggio 2017

No, 'stupid people deserve stupid leaders' possibly applies to the entire known universe! ;-)

KP in NPT | 16 maggio 2017


SO | 16 maggio 2017

@Unshodbob - unfortunately our president DOES affect the world. So technically it is a world wide topic.

UnshodBob | 16 maggio 2017

@SO_S90D - I meant the part about deserving stupid leaders. The rest of the world doesn't deserve Trump. I don't know that the US deserves Trump. Most of the US didn't vote for him, and I think most people in the US aren't stupid. Unfortunately, I also think most people think they are above average in intelligence, which can't possibly be true. :)

Should_I | 17 maggio 2017

The private server that was setup to hide pay for play, that forwarded emails to Anthony Weiner's laptop, by the thousands, the emails were illegal to retain after end of service, illegal to try to wipe after the supeona was issued. Trump definitely has issues but to compare the two is insanity. Anyone but Hillary would be serving a life sentence for half what she did. The media kept her out of prison.

The acceptance of ignorance as a defense on those issues by someone running for President is insanity too.

I think Bernie could have beat Trump but Hillary inappropriately colluded to give us Trump and exclude Bernie.......

Remnant | 17 maggio 2017

@SCCRENDO (May 16, 2017)

<< Pence would also be an awful choice. But we need some sanity at the helm >>

ALLCAPS, you are a breath of stale air and stench, a real inspiration of Apocalyptic aromas and fecal passions.

It's clear you want the American crime family back in charge, to lead us over the brink, into the black hole of Poverty, Pestilence, and Nothingness, so I'm working on gathering my strength to extinguish my hope leftovers and to wish you good luck.

In the meantime, please indulge all the toxic and burning pleasures Hell has for you, ALLCAPS.

SCCRENDO | 17 maggio 2017

@Remnant. I guess you have now convinced us all what a great leader you have elected. I am upset I didn't take this bet 3 months ago. It's like waiting for Tesla to go above $300 before buying stock

SCCRENDO | 17 maggio 2017

Hey REMNANT. I have a constitutional lesson for you
Presidential impeachment 101: What to know

And Foxnews tells us even Putin wants to help out
Putin on Trump-Lavrov meeting: I'll hand over records

RedShift | 17 maggio 2017


"Anyone but Hillary would be serving a life sentence for half what she did. The media kept ..,"

By that logic, we should lynch Trump. Bypass the stupid servers (for which she was not found guilty). Whisper secrets straight in the enemy's ear. Forget whispering, just blab them!

Fucking hypocrite.

Should_I | 17 maggio 2017

I didn't defend Trump, but Hillary's years long efforts to profit from her government position and dodge FOIA and destroy evidence is so much worse than giving Russia Intel on our common enemy ISIS.

RedShift | 17 maggio 2017

I see. All Trump has done is share some info on ISIS with our dear friend Russia.

This is Exhibit A right here for my OP.

Wonder whether obstructionnof justice, or failure to disclose business dealings with our number one enemy nation even registers to the blind followers.

Should_I | 17 maggio 2017

Where did I say dear friend? I said ISIS is a common enemy.

Let us not forget Obama will have more freedom after the election. That was different though, it was a Democrat anything they do is somehow magically good.

RedShift | 17 maggio 2017

Please stop. Russia is not a friendly nation. You don't blab to them, wishfully imagining they will act against a 'common enemy'. You don't trust them so blindly. They could use that info to turn on you.

That I have to spell this out is the reason for my OP.

rxlawdude | 17 maggio 2017

ISIS is a common enemy, but Bashir Assad is also OUR enemy, for human rights atrocities. Assad is Putin's bitch.

THAT's where our objective differs, and why we cannot trust Russia. Period.

Haggy | 17 maggio 2017

People don't even know what a private email server is or what the ramifications were. When it came out recently that Pence used a public email account, there were actually supporters who said it wasn't as bad as a private one.

Whether or not it was a private server had nothing to do with whether anybody forwarded email. Hillary never gave anybody instructions to purge anything after there was a subpoena. Fake news. She instructed somebody months earlier, he failed to do his job, and he tried to cover it up.

There was never the slightest evidence of pay for play. The only "evidence" cited was actually the opposite of pay for play. The absurd part is that while this was all going on, Trump was giving $30,000 per plate fundraising dinners where people were guaranteed access to Trump.

The big issue was whether Hillary might not have given the proper level of care to classified information. Compared to what Trump just did, the idea that she sent documents that should have been marked classified but weren't doesn't even register.

finman100 | 17 maggio 2017

Let the impeachment begin! good god it feels like EVERY DAY this donald guy is screwing us. and his supporters are so dumb to KEEP clapping?

that trump sticker making u feel any better now?

UnshodBob | 17 maggio 2017

I am tired of all the "winning" :(

Should_I | 17 maggio 2017

There is vastly more evidence of pay to play than Trump's Russia connection.

Pay attention I am not defending Trump, just pointing out everything he is accused of Hillary is guilty of worse, but you BLIND UNREASONABLE Trump haters can't admit the truth about either of them.

He is a mess, lots of issues, but it is wildly insane to claim he is connected to Russia then dismiss Bill's big speaking fees from the Russians while they were buying our Uranium production.

With their decades experience the Clintons are just far better at plausible deniability and have a complicate media to sell their lies while highlighting or fabricating lies on the other side.

finman100 | 17 maggio 2017

who was voted into this office again? tremendous win it was. (rolling eyes) won the popular vote if you believe it all! Yay.

It's laughable that the gop has ANY credibility. sad. just sad.

Please continue with the BS. FYD2017.

Impeachment. Let's make America smart again.

SO | 17 maggio 2017

@Should_I | May 17, 2017
I didn't defend Trump, but Hillary's years long efforts to profit from her government position and dodge FOIA and destroy evidence is so much worse than giving Russia Intel on our common enemy ISIS.

Well I think that depends who you ask. If by releasing that intel puts the people on the inside of ISIS at risk and causes them to no longer be a valuable intel resource, then I'd dare say it is worse what Trump did.

@Unshodbob - ah. I concur.

SCCRENDO | 17 maggio 2017

It's quite laughable that many of us are looking forward to President Pence. Trump is a security risk. Sharing information with the Russians is one thing. But compromising sources, in this case Israeli can result in lives lost and possibly loss of future information from sources that do not trust our buffoon president. And this idiot has his fingers close to the nuclear codes.

SO | 17 maggio 2017

@SC - true. It is not a good situation at all. But at least it won't be President Palin. Course, she would just have the Russians over for tea since she can see Russia from her house.

SCCRENDO | 17 maggio 2017

@SO-S90D. LOL.

Remnant | 18 maggio 2017

@finman100 (May 17, 2017)

<< Impeachment. Let's make America smart again. >>

Judging by you, this approach doesn't work very well.

KP in NPT | 18 maggio 2017

Trump needs to do a better job wiping.

SamO | 18 maggio 2017

Make American enemas great again.

finman100 | 18 maggio 2017

oh please. go on...

JiveMiguel | 18 maggio 2017

This is the server everyone should be worried about:

I decided to "seek greener pastures" elsewhere after the "election"; I "closed out my position" in the US - I'm just here to pick up my parents, then I'll be on my way .... I wish Tesla and the Tesla community all the best!

'Bye guys!

MitchP85D | 18 maggio 2017

I am positively sure that those here begging for the impeachment and removal of Trump from office are the same ones who think that when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on the tarmac, they were discussing grandkids!

carlk | 18 maggio 2017

How these two could even be related? Like I said that Charles Manson was convicted of committing crimes will never preclude anyone else to be convicted for other crimes committed.

SCCRENDO | 18 maggio 2017

Factless Mitch uses the same logic with climate change. Gee it snowed in Alaska today. How can that be climate change and global warming??

SamO | 18 maggio 2017

Ha ha ha. Snowballs disprove global warming.

KP in NPT | 18 maggio 2017

Trump supporters seem to be totally fine with Putingate.

But yes by all means let's dredge up Bill Clinton.


MitchP85D | 18 maggio 2017

We are not fine with Putingate for the simple fact that Putingate only exists in the fervid imagination of a goofy-ass liberal democrat!

RedShift | 18 maggio 2017


Hate to bother you, but you are ranting and raving. Facts are stubborn creatures, Mitch. Investigations will reveal the truth. But don't jump up and down that it's all the liberals fault, coz you will look.. like a mad man.

SamO | 18 maggio 2017

Too late.

MitchP85D | 18 maggio 2017

Hey RedShift, thought up a nickname for you. For now on I will call you "Better Red than Dead."

By the way, I'm not blaming anybody. The democrats are blaming Hillary's loss on the Trump-Putin "collusion." Never mind the fact that Julian Assange has publically stated that he did NOT get the John Podesta emails from the Russians!

MitchP85D | 18 maggio 2017

Hey 60cc SamO, go stand on your head in the corner.

RedShift | 18 maggio 2017


I really don't care what you all me, and as far as what you chose as a moniker, it makes not an iota of sense why you'd call me that. Whatever..

Now, to get serious : this is not about Hillary. Democrats didn't make Trump to ask Comey to back off. Democrats didn't make Trump blab to the Russians. Democrats didn't make Trump buddy up to Putin, have business dealings there (possibly).

Trump did all those by himself. Do you at least agree with that, or is it still 'war on goofy-ass liberals' day in, day out for you? It's becoming very predictable, and sad, you know.

We liberals don't have a problem if Trump governs competently. We don't have a problem if he provides jobs for the underemployed and unemployed. We don't have a problem if he truly provides better and cheaper health care. We are still waiting for any of them to happen. Unfortunately, the blind faith that a billionaire businessman must be smart, and he must bring smarter governance has so far proved 100% wrong. This is a fact. Due to Trump, my taxes will go down, but I still don't care for that man. Not one bit.

And we liberals are as much a part of this country as you are. You may not like it, but millions more voted for Hillary than Trump, and they are not going anywhere. We love this country too, and I personally will defend it with my life it comes down to it.

When you conservatives were chanting 'Obama is the WORST president ever' (I feel, very unfairly) we shut up and watched. Now have the guts to admit Trump is a flaming shit pile of a President. He isn't even fit to be anything other than a boorish reality TV star. Nothing more. Face up to the choice you made when you voted for him.

Ross1 | 19 maggio 2017

All Americans who didnt choose to vote are stupid.
If they were blocked then that is another matter.
You dont have a first world democracy if that includes the right to not vote.
You get what you didnt vote for in the end.
Of course, everyone here voted, didnt they?

SO | 19 maggio 2017

Mitch - I do agree with you in that many democrats are blaming Russia for Hillary's loss. She lost because she is a terrible candidate (and I'm a registered democrat).

However, for you to dismiss "putingate" so quickly is wreckless as well. Let's just see where the facts lead, shall we?

RedShift | 19 maggio 2017

That's the difference : we democrats tend to acknowledge our candidate/President's faults. Likes of Mitch, its 'rah rah rah Trump' and 'it's all goofy-ass liberals' fault'.

MitchP85D | 19 maggio 2017

Hey Better Red than Dead, I don't know which generation you belong to, but that phrase was commonly used back in the early/mid 1970s while the Cold War was near its peak. It implied that we Americans should just accept world socialism and live instead of fighting it and die. We should just "get with the program" and hop on board the Socialist-Communist bandwagon and that way everybody on earth can live in John Lennon's "Imagine."

I was born in the 50s, grew up in the 60s and 70s, joined the workforce in 1980. Hopefully, that explains some of my political viewpoints to you. Which generation are you from?

rxlawdude | 19 maggio 2017

Today's narrative from the Fox and Trump camps is that this is a "witch hunt."

Karma's a bitch.

SO | 19 maggio 2017

Being older does not always make you wiser.

RedShift | 19 maggio 2017

Dear Mitch, it appears I'm about 15 years younger than you. Nevertheless, what's the implication of that name? That I might be a 'socialist'?

SCCRENDO | 19 maggio 2017

@Redshift. You cannot take Captain Factless seriously. When he is short on facts his opinions are less valid.

MitchP85D | 19 maggio 2017

Better Red than Dead, the implication of the name is that if you were 15 years older, you would have been one of those in my generation to use that phrase!