silver looks nice

silver looks nice

carlk | 17 maggio 2017

Silver is a class and non-offensive color. It looks nice and is popuplar on Mercedes, Porsche and Honda but not so much on BMW and Toyota. Juse some random thoughts.

Efontana | 17 maggio 2017

Also least likely to be in an accident (old data).

Huey52 | 18 maggio 2017

And doesn't show New England dirt and salt as much. I'll be going with silver.

tedirelan | 18 maggio 2017

Silver is nice, but blue is the head turner. Na, who am I kidding...Tesla is a head Turner.

Frank99 | 18 maggio 2017

I'm with you - it doesn't matter what color it is, it's gonna be a conversation starter every place you stop.

Made in CA | 18 maggio 2017

It is amazing how much it resembles the Model S. I am always impressed when a car company can scale the styling of a car up or down. It is definitely not a Model S but you know immediately that is a Tesla. Very well done.

M3forMe | 18 maggio 2017

In order - Silver, Blue, Red, White, Black.

Can't wait.

gargos15 | 19 maggio 2017

Is it my imagination or is the rear even bigger and taller than the prototype? From the back it almost looks like a first gen Chevy Volt or *gulp* a Prius. I hope I'm wrong..

Ross1 | 19 maggio 2017

What does @Silver think?

Efontana | 19 maggio 2017

I think they are fitting a bike in there.

alphacompton | 19 maggio 2017

I think the silver is nice but not omg incredible like the prototype from last year. I've never liked silver as a color for cars but the Model 3 prototype from last year wowed me. It looks futuristic in my opinion. Does anyone know why there is a difference, is it matte or two tone or something like that? obviously I'm asking for someone with an eye for this , I understand Tesla employees do not frequent these forums and cannot provide an official explanation.

tedirelan | 19 maggio 2017

@alphacompton - Lighting has a lot to do with it, but also there seems to have been more of a gloss on the prototype. They are different though. Let's just hope both are options.

Red Sage ca us | 19 maggio 2017

The Mad Hungarian put forth an interesting theory over on M3OC regarding the Silver Prototype:

carlk | 19 maggio 2017

World peace and agreement on favorite color. You can always hope.

Ross1 | 19 maggio 2017

@ Efontana | May 17, 2017
Also least likely to be in an accident (old data).

Are you sure?
I think most likely next to black, because there is no contrast with the road color.

Isnt it YELLOW which is the safest? (old data)