We need the spherical wheels?

We need the spherical wheels?

I have idea, how we can create the spherical wheels. But do we need these wheels? So, these wheels can replace most of the tires on the car most people will be more effective data wheel, and will long serve.

DTsea | 6 giugno 2017


lilbean | 6 giugno 2017

Are we trying to reinvent the wheel?

RedShift | 7 giugno 2017


grifer7 | 8 giugno 2017

spherical wheels ccan help in mars cos they don`t need change 2 or 3 years in a row

grifer7 | 8 giugno 2017

and you can create car only whiz 2 wheels

brando | 9 giugno 2017

http://www.popularmechanics. com/cars/a19747/goodyear-eagle-360-spherical-tires/

Google search will find you many more articles.

KP in NPT | 9 giugno 2017

I'll have what he's having.

Rocky_H | 9 giugno 2017

What is really interesting and sounds a lot like this are called Mecanum wheels. It's a series of small cylindrical wheels mounted at angles around in a circle to make up a bigger wheel. It can move in any direction.

Watch this video of a forklift with them, and it kind of blows your mind seeing the forklift just drive sideways.

rxlawdude | 9 giugno 2017

@KP, yeah. Must be some awesome weed. Or Absynthe.

NKYTA | 9 giugno 2017

Science @Rocky. ;-)

Remnant | 10 giugno 2017

@grifer7 (OP, June 6, 2017)

<< We need the spherical wheels? ... I have idea, how we can create the spherical wheels. >>

Do you mean something like the Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tire?

carlgo2 | 11 giugno 2017

rxlawdude: I have some absinthe, some left over from an exotic and actually great cocktail recipe.

When motors are eventually put in wheels the wheels will be able to turn and guide a car in any direction, and in fact in several directions at once. We will call this the Eschler Effect and despite what doubters and haters say cars will eventually be able to drive downhill forever.

Ooops, all out of absinthe...

Remnant | 16 giugno 2017

@carlgo2 (June 11, 2017)

<< Eschler Effect >>

It seems you meant "Escher Effect"

Maybe you'd had a bit too much Absinthe.