Model 3 with 312 miles range spotted

Model 3 with 312 miles range spotted

Someone got a pic of the screen of a Model 3 during charging that shows the car has a max range of 312 miles! Presumably, this is the 75 kWh battery version. Nice!

Maximillian | 22 giugno 2017

this will be the batter option I get. generally I will be able to charge my car for free at work but this would make an easy drive to DC for me and almost to Atlanta. I wonder if this is the all wheel drive option

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22 giugno 2017

I noticed the brake pedal now has a black rubberized cover, instead of exposed bare metal with a certain emblem on it as before...

Mike83 | 22 giugno 2017

I like the T light on charging port area. Beautiful car and the wheels are cool.

hoffmannjames | 22 giugno 2017

I hate myself for not getting a reservation last year when the car was first announced. I wish I could get a Model right now! It is looking really great.

gatorj31 | 22 giugno 2017

If 300 plus miles is correct, I'm super happy. Can any of you with some math skills estimate the 60kwh range based on this?

raymondc_14 | 22 giugno 2017

I really like the subtle green emblem when charging compared to the flashing for S/X. I will be parking outdoor at night and I don't want to attract attention with the flashing.

That, and 312 miles = 502KM! DAMN! A dream come true

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22 giugno 2017

A 60 kWh Model 3 should be capable of ~250 miles of range.

60 ÷ 75 = 0.8

312 × 0.8 = 249.6

Iwantmy3 | 22 giugno 2017

This is almost exactly the range I was planning on / hoping for. Excellent!!

jordanrichard | 22 giugno 2017

Those can't be the final tail lights. There has to be a red reflector seen on the rear corner when looking at the car's profile. In these pictures, it appears black.

Perhaps I am missing something here, but just exactly how did they mathematically come to the conclusion that this particular car had a range of 312 miles. The car has 95 miles on it and appears that the battery is about 1/3 charged. 95 x 3 = 285. While that is certainly a great number, it's not 312.

mntlvr23 | 22 giugno 2017

312 ??? Holy Crap - today is a great day, Friday has come early.
Thanks for sharing

Rocky_H | 22 giugno 2017

Still would be interesting to see what it looks like with the back hatch open.

jefjes | 22 giugno 2017

Wonder if the mirrors auto fold like the MSs parked next to it? Didn't see any pictures that would indicate whether they do or not but my guess would be not if they are trying to save production cost.

PhillyGal | 22 giugno 2017


I need less range. Otherwise I won't be able to successfully lobby our garage every other night!

(I kid of course. Bring on the range to further accelerate the adoption of EVs!)

finman100 | 22 giugno 2017

So the charge port door has to stick up like that when open (and plugged in?) Not a huge fan of that with the potential for someone to "accidentally" bump it off. I don't know. I kinda thought a sleek sliding door panel would be great...

Coastal Cruiser. | 22 giugno 2017

This is very exciting. But...

1) can someone take note of jordonrichard's comment and back up the Teslarati math?

2) In spite of Teslarati reporting that they were told battery size would be an option at launch, let's remember that EM stated at the recent shareholders conference that were only be two options at first (wheel size and color). Has he updated us with a statement matching the Teslarati claim?

KP in NPT | 22 giugno 2017

The model s/x charge port is just as if not more vulnerable to being damaged - this actually looks much more robust.

Coastal Cruiser. | 22 giugno 2017

PG said: "Otherwise I won't be able to successfully lobby our garage every other night!"

Can we have pics of that please?

laurentiu.lese.... | 22 giugno 2017

As far as I remember, there was some announcement saying that all variants will use same battery but it will be limited by software based on money spent. Not sure if that is still the case, I hope so, because I prefer to activate full capacity in the future but I want the car now and I might not have enough money for biggest battery.

KP in NPT | 22 giugno 2017

I would be very surprised if that were true. There has been no announcement from Tesla.

Rutrow | 22 giugno 2017

@jordanrichard, yeah, I'm confused about that mileage extrapolation too. My theory about how they came up with a number around 315-320. By measuring with an architect's scale the green portion of the battery is almost exactly 1/3 of the battery, up to the white hashed line. But if you measure the black portion beyond the hashed line, that adds an extra 5/12ths of a unit, for an estimate of 324.58333... miles of range. Accounting for screen resolution, pixel size and ruler accuracy, I can see how they come up with around 310-315... How they came up with such an un-round-off-ish number like 312 is what baffles me. It takes a factor of three places after the decimal to get extrapolation of 312 (not 311 or 313?). Maybe they used some photo editing software to calculate area to such high precision.

It's that white hashed line that I wonder about. Any S or X owners know what it indicates? My thought was that it shows the 60kwh available portion of a 75kwh battery pack? Possible? If so, that would put the 60kwh battery at your 285 mile range estimate!!! Ohhh, that gives me shivers!

MarylandS85 | 22 giugno 2017

The dotted white line indicates where the user has set the charge limit. It will not charge past that point. In the picture shown, it's set to 90%. The 60 would have a range closer to 250, if the 312 is correct and this is a 75 as people are guessing.

Frank99 | 22 giugno 2017

Well, what numbers is the screen showing?
50 minutes of charging remaining
95 miles of range currently available
169 miles/hour charging rate
21 something-or-other ???
194 Amps Charging current
364 Volts Charging Voltage
32 A in the lower right corner. ???

So let's assume the driver has the charge limit set to 80%, and the 169 miles/hour charge rate stays constant (bad assumption, I know). Then range is:
169 mi/hour * (50 min / 60 min/hour) + 95 = 235 miles / 80% = 295 miles.

I don't see any way to turn the numbers on the screen into 312 miles. Can anybody help with the meanings of the numbers on the screen?

El Mirio | 22 giugno 2017

21 is the miles charged so far during that charging session i think.

Frank99 | 22 giugno 2017

OK, so if the charge limit is 90%, then I'm seeing a range of 262 miles.
Rutrow - what numbers did you use to get your figures?

PhillyGal | 22 giugno 2017

@Coastal_Cruiser - If you mean pictures of a garage too small to fit in two cars at once, look no further than the latest YouTube video by ElectricJen.

But please ignore the comment by the fine fellow asking if he could &^! on my buttock.

El Mirio | 22 giugno 2017

On electrek's comment section someone came up with 316.6 miles by extrapolating proportionally.
95+95+95+31.6 = 316.6 miles

MarlonBrown | 22 giugno 2017

Could this just be a test? Then limited in production to 280 miles? I am trying to lower expectations...

alacal | 22 giugno 2017

The range is great. The interior is so... OMG, why that interior?

El Mirio | 22 giugno 2017

The thing is Tesla stated that S & X will be always superior cars, 75kwh on Model S gives 295 miles, would you expect Tesla would allow for Model 3 to beat that?

Frank99 | 22 giugno 2017

Yes, I do. A fully optioned Model 3 (with FSD, for example) will be superior in some ways to a base Model S (without FSD). Why should range be any different?

El Mirio | 22 giugno 2017

@Frank99, good point! Also getting over 300 threshold would create quite a media buzz and push competition even harder to accelerate transition to EV.

MarlonBrown | 22 giugno 2017

I meant, I am trying to keep my expectations low.

MarlonBrown | 22 giugno 2017

I like that interior more and more (as long as materials are high grade).

Anyone can tell me how do you open doors from inside?

PhillyGal | 22 giugno 2017

@El Mirio - That's what I was thinking too that 300 miles would be the big benchmark that would-be competitors would have to reach even though many current EV owners know it's not some magical must-have.

Coastal Cruiser. | 22 giugno 2017

"@Coastal_Cruiser - If you mean pictures of a garage too small to fit in two cars at once, look no further than the latest YouTube video by ElectricJen."

Comment duly ignored.

Oh! That's you. I forgot about your alternate identify. You mentioned it when you first introduced yourself in my early post about how we are all Tesla Ambassadors. I'll have to subscribe.

But no, I was just teasing you about your sentence construction.. "Otherwise I won't be able to successfully lobby our garage every other night!" You left out the word "for", and I got this image in my mind of you standing in front of your garage, trying to convince that inanimate object to not open its door to the Model S. Just ignore me. I was just cracking my own self up. :)

nadurse | 22 giugno 2017

@RutRow & jordan... So when I look at that picture, I get a full range of 308 miles.

Using my digital calipers (which are calibrated) I measure the green section to be 4.35mm and the total to be 14.11mm, so that means the green section equals 30.8% of the total. Knowing that the range of the green section is also equal to 95 miles, that means the total range is equal to approximately 308 miles.


R*0.308 = 95miles
These are obviously not exact measurements, but even if you discount that by 5% for measurement/user error, its ~293miles and is still very impressive.

El Mirio | 22 giugno 2017

@PhilylGal Yep a magical number which will keep competition up at night. Maybe they conclude they could build supercharges instead ;o)

mntlvr23 | 22 giugno 2017

I have no computations to back this up, by I have precisely computed the max range to be the magical 331.

(to match the special badge that will be on my car and on those of all of the first day reservists ;)

Rutrow | 22 giugno 2017

I broke out my calipers and recalculated the range to be 317.235 miles. And lo and behold, that is PRECISELY 300,000 smoots!!! That can't just be a coincidence.

Rutrow | 22 giugno 2017

On top of that, Smoots Virginia is just under 1000 miles from my house, and as I mentioned in another thread, 1000 miles is the least number of miles my destination would have to be for me to consider flying as opposed to driving in an autonomous vehicle.

mntlvr23 | 22 giugno 2017

I have bought lumber at Smoot's Lumber in VA on more than one occasion

Rutrow | 22 giugno 2017

The "coincidences" keep coming.

Are there mountains to love in Smoots?

mntlvr23 | 22 giugno 2017

@rutrow - nope, but good mountains two hours west (after charging up in Glen Allen)

PhillyGal | 22 giugno 2017

@Coastal - I just laughed out loud at your description of me trying to convince that inanimate object to not open its door to the Model S.

Forgetting the word "for" - one of the many hazards of my stubborn insistence to type quickly and not proofread. I need to work on that.

Rocky_H | 22 giugno 2017

@Rutrow & @mntlvr23, You all talking about the tariffs on importing the Model 3?

Rutrow | 22 giugno 2017

https://en (DOT) wikipedia (DOT) org/wiki/Smoot

mntlvr23 | 22 giugno 2017

@rutrow - lol

accentcreate | 22 giugno 2017

Screen looks a tad fragile as it is in that phto.

SUN 2 DRV | 22 giugno 2017

So far no one seems to taking the PERSPECTIVE of that photo into account. Due to the angles involved, distances at the left side of the range bar represent more range than the same distance at the right side of the bar which are closer to the camera and would appear proportionally longer. So a linear scaling of range on the left would tend to overstate the full range.

Rutrow | 22 giugno 2017

I used the Transverse Mercator scale to calculate my estimate. It takes perspective into account, as well as slope correction, achromatic distortion, polarization, and magnetic declination. 300,000 smoots exactly.