How much for UK buyers?

How much for UK buyers?

Hi I've reserved my model 3 and can't wait to be a proud owner.

The web site main page says the cost is $35k but that local pricing will be announced mid 2017.

I fear that the UK will get shafted and it won't be a simple case of paying $35K.

Can anyone shed any light on what may be announced in regard to U.K. pricing.


hmallett | 25 giugno 2017

You're not the first to wonder...

Have a look at | 25 giugno 2017

It will be higher than US pricing. In the past, Tesla has used US pricing as the basis worldwide, only adding direct costs such as shipping costs, local country taxes like VAT and any duties forced by the country. The international prices also typically changes every 3 months due to currency exchange rate variances - both up and down.

You can get a rough idea by looking at the USA base Model S price against the price in your country. Assume a similar percentage change in the Model 3 price. I wouldn't expect to see 3 pricing in the UK until Q1 or Q2 2018, and possibly further out due to RHD requirement.

holophoenix70 | 25 giugno 2017

Besides everything has said, there are all the other major variables to consider such as the dreaded Brexit and Trump. Off the top of my head, the former will affect interest and exchange rates, while the latter will affect exchange rates, both in rather unpredictable ways. All we can do is stay positive, keep saving our deposit money (where mecessary) and remember that we'll get £4.5k off courtesy of the government.

bj | 26 giugno 2017

Using my patented Tesla Pricing Correlation Model (TM) and the current GBP prices for the 7 different Tesla vehicles, my estimate for USD 35k Model 3 is GBP 31k. Obviously if the exchange rate materially changes between now and when Model 3 is released in the UK, this estimate will change.