$114 kwh battery now?

$114 kwh battery now?

According to Electrek Audi is claiming that their cost for upcoming Audi EVs will be $114 per kwh. If true, what is the true cost of a battery out of the Gigafactory? Might be much lower than we think, especially when production is really in synch.

Interesting that the Audi they illustrated is very conventional and still has the full Audi grill. Maybe to ease their customer base into an EV, to keep a comforting familiarity for awhile. The first Model S design does that, but moving on to a vestigial grill made it far more attractive. | 28 giugno 2017

I wonder if that calculation includes the $10K or so Audi saves on each EV for ZEV credits so they can continue to sell gas guzzlers. Audi's direct cost might be far more expensive in reality. For example a 100 kWh battery might cost $114 x 100 = $11.4K + $10K = $21.4K (or about $214 per kWh). Then again since you can't buy this car from Audi, they can make up any numbers they want.

Not sure I put much trust in VW/Audi/Porsche considering how they lied about dieselgate and how they grossly mislead range of future EVs. They constantly show the wildly inflated Euro standard, without stating it's far higher than the US EPA standards. Audi E-Tron is supposed to get 310 miles (doesn't state what standard) with a 90 kWh battery. Based on other details, it looks like it really something closer to 220 miles of range if comparing with Tesla or any other US maker using EPA standards. That a lot of 'inflation'.

Uncle Paul | 28 giugno 2017

Maybe that is the averaged price Audi predicts over the estimated run of production.

It is reasonable that battery prices will continue to be lowered in the future.

That quoted price might not be what they will pay for the initial production run.

brando | 29 giugno 2017

reminder: many different battery formats AND chemistries.
What is the warranty would seem more important to most.
As with most things, devil in the details.

side notes
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http://www.cnbc. com/2014/12/08/americans-on-verge-of-buying-1m-expensive-cars.html

How does leasing impact warranty? someone?