Low Reservation Number Wanting Many Options - How Will Tesla Handle?

Low Reservation Number Wanting Many Options - How Will Tesla Handle?

I believe I have a low number, however I want most options except AWD.
How will Tesla handle if I want to keep moving back in line?
1-Advise on roll out date of options and keep me ahead of the pack?
2-Put me at the end?
3-Let me order all options in July and hold me in the build sequence/
4- ???

~ Thanks, Terry

topher | 29 giugno 2017

No one knows, who can talk about it.

Wait and see like the rest of us. Obviously they won't do anything evil.

Thank you kindly.

Jcastillo18 | 29 giugno 2017

Yup topher we just have to wait. Most of us have waited for over a year so a little more won't hurt

KP in NPT | 29 giugno 2017

You won't be at the end, Elon has tweeted answers to that question many times. So I wouldn't worry about that. I am in the same boat (owner, in first 5K in US but on east coast, don't want initial config based on what I know) and I have no doubt that I will resume my place in line once my options are available.

The presumption is you will configure based on your place in line. In the past, not all options were in the design studio. Once they go in, you configure and then resume your spot.

But really we won't know until they open the design studio. anyone here would just be guessing. But based on what Elon has said, you will not lose your spot if your options are not available right away.

noleaf4me | 29 giugno 2017

Agree KP

Obi Wan | 29 giugno 2017

I recently received an email, I suppose, confirming my email and permission to keep in touch. I'd suppose, that once they ask me to configure and I want 75D, I'll just step aside, keeping my relative position in the side line.

cmarkortiz | 3 luglio 2017

So if larger batteries and all wheel drive let's say are not available until end of 2018 are deposits and reservations still valid? Can we wait?