Weekend Distraction to Take Your Mind Off Announcement of Announcement: Do You ♥ to Drive?

Weekend Distraction to Take Your Mind Off Announcement of Announcement: Do You ♥ to Drive?

Among all the reasons to buy an electric car, -freedom, savings, the tech, reduced global tensions, performance, the environment, blah blah blah- does it also just happen to be that on top of all that… you just love to drive? Self-driving technology aside, do you really really enjoy being behind the wheel?

I do. For whatever reason, driving is my “zen”. I am more relaxed, more in the groove, more at peace when behind the wheel of a car than just about any other time. Why is that? I don’t know. I’ve just always loved driving. A couple of times I’ve actually driven a car nearly 1,000 miles in a single day. Not easy to do.

If driving some distance alone you'll never find me sitting down at a Denny’s or Applebee's for a bite to eat. It’s always take-out or drive-through. Eat in the car. Get back on the road. Coffee in the cup holder (Yes, I know. Adjustments coming. Looking forward to it actually).

The closest I’ve ever been to nirvana was with a motor vehicle. It was riding a Harley down a remote, twisty mountain road in Northern California, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, while some local radio station was pumping out classic opera. The feel of the day, the sound of the motor coupled with the operatic voices belting out Figaro, all came together and had their effect. Coolest thing I’ve ever felt in a normal state of consciousness (along with that other thing).

Spaceship controls? I’ve had 'em in my cars forever. In my mind. On a long trip speedometers are boring. But if your instrumentation reads 70MPH, that easily translates into point 7 past light speed. Or it can just as easily be reading warp 7 if you’re in a Star Trek state of mind (and speculation is the Model 3 will be capable of trans-warp drive).

There's no end to the fantasy. Do headlights suddenly appear in your rear view mirror? You’ve got a bogie at 6 O’clock. Got a slow-poke in front of you? Turn on your headlights and blast them with your phasers. Some perceived danger on the highway? Punch in the cigarette lighter; Shields up! And you can ad lib everything from ‘commence primary ignition’ when you start the car, to ‘seal the pod’ when you roll up the windows (I’m not sure how that commence primary ignition thing will work with the Model 3).

Once you get your Model 3 the fantasies expand exponentially. You'll be able to engage in scientific inquiries. What is the shortest distance between two points? A straight line? A tesseract? Or, maybe ludicrous mode?

Anyway, do YOU Love to Drive?

sbeggs | 1 luglio 2017

Not in traffic choked California.

KP in NPT | 1 luglio 2017

Im gonna drive on the Narragansett bay as a distraction this weekend. 🚤 󾭝

MKM3 | 1 luglio 2017

I love to drive!

Sadly traffic conditions don't allow much of an enjoyment.
I'm looking forward to relaxed trips in a silent EV, no idling engines (at close to USD $6 a gallon that alone is amazing), no nervous gearbox / perma stick shifting, just nothing.
To me, EVs are about comfort and relaxation.

As of now, autonomous driving isn't really allowed here, so I will enjoy driving the M3 myself, I don't want it any different anyways. Assisted driving is fine, but I don't want an autonomous vehicle that - according to current laws - I'm still responsible for if it crashes.

So yes, I love driving and I'll love it even more in an EV.

mntlvr23 | 1 luglio 2017

Love it

Will be hard to give up the stick and the fun of putting the car through the paces, but I have driven a Tesla enough to know that there is a new and different excitement that is waiting for me.

noleaf4me | 1 luglio 2017

What the heck is with the "I'm not a robot" thing. Very annoying.

And I do love to drive - especially hitting it off the line in an EV....

Rutrow | 1 luglio 2017

Coastal, is there by chance a stuffed tiger in your passenger seat? I'm gonna start calling you Calvin. What an imagination. Krakow!

eeb9 | 1 luglio 2017

I love driving - getting out on the road is utter, pure joy. Whether it's an intense and focused run through a twisty mountain pass (think Tail of the Dragon) or a more leisurely cruise through some of the magnificent spaces this country has to offer.

Every time I get behind the wheel, I *know* that the entire continent is available and waiting, should I so choose. Even if I'm just going to work or down to the store, I know that I always have the option to take some random turn and end up somewhere new.

I've driven Coast to coast, and once drove to Denver (from Atlanta) just because I wanted a Denver Omelette. In Denver. I've set out and taken random turns down almost forgotten roads just to see what's at the end... followed every possible driveable segment of the original Route 66, stopping at every tacky/fun/adorable roadside attraction...

Driving to me is about freedom, and *feeling* the road. I usually leave the radio off, so I can hear as well as feel (though in an essentially silent vehicle, that may change).

When I walk up to my car and unlock the doors the interior and driving lights come on, as if the car is waking up and saying "let's go somewhere already!"

I'm already planning some of the drives I'll take in my Model 3. Some of the places I've loved in the past as well as places I've always wanted to go.

I'll stretch its legs and challenge it to keep up with me through the mountains, and also let it take care of *me* on long, lonely stretches across the plains between here and New Mexico... we'll go camping as far away from the pavement as the traction control and ground clearance will allow, where a few dings and scratches become happy reminders of *that place*

Driving is my meditation, my happy place, my gateway to possibilities...

Ummm... does that answer the question?


Ehninger1212 | 1 luglio 2017


Very well said.

LA-Fohlen | 1 luglio 2017

Driving used to be a lot of fun. Driving stick giving me th control and then driving winding roads was and probably is still great as last night as I'm alone in the car. However, now with family and kids complaining about nausea and long drives or daily commute through heavy traffic takes the kick out of driving for me. Besides, here in the greater Dallas area with long straight roads is just simply boring.

SamO | 1 luglio 2017

Yes I drive. In Los Angeles. Carpool EV stickers are key.

But driving at night is best. And you can drive 1000 miles and still be in California.

bmalloy0 | 1 luglio 2017

I don't mind it (did 1k miles in two days last year, would easily do it again if there were a situation that called for it), but I wouldn't say I love it. Of course, that may be because I'm still incinerating dinos to drive.

Bluesday Afternoon | 1 luglio 2017


You plan to eat and drink in your Tesla? Shameful, just shamefully shameful! :-(

The image of a Double-Double Animal Style launched into the back seat is not only inappropriate but quite distasteful. Having an oversized Chipotle burrito stuck to a side window following a sharp PCH hairpin curve is not a dignified way to treat a Model 3.

CC, if I may be so familiar, if you still feel the need to eat in your shiny new Model 3 I recommend you go American Graffiti style with a huge bib. A car hop window tray and interior tarp should do. 8-)

jwrnv | 1 luglio 2017

I love to drive. I miss my first car dearly (a Chevy Cobalt) but I am diligently setting away money for my M3 and I can't wait to see the places it can take me.

DTsea | 1 luglio 2017

I dont. Thats what autopilot is for. Cant wait til i dont have to drive anymore.

Jcastillo18 | 1 luglio 2017

I will watch Netflix till they announce something lol

tedirelan | 1 luglio 2017

So many places I've been to complain about their traffic. Most of the time, they're right (road rage, cars riding the rear bumper, construction, etc). However, I'm looking forward to the all electric drive. This, for me, will bring back the days of just driving for the enjoyment of it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 luglio 2017

eeb9 said: "...and once drove to Denver (from Atlanta) just because I wanted a Denver Omelette."

Yes! A perfect excuse for a road trip.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 luglio 2017

Rutrow said: "What an imagination. Krakow!"

:>. Those were examples of years of collecting bits and here and there, including from passengers. So often someone would get in the car, and at some point you realize the other person is a Star Trek enthusiast (or whatever), and they kind of come out of the 'sci-fi closet' so to speak. And then the journey becomes a lot more fun, driving a spaceship, instead of a two-dimension earth-bound vessel.

Rutrow | 2 luglio 2017

http://imgur com/ijJjoia

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 luglio 2017

I enjoy driving. Every time.

Tropopause | 2 luglio 2017

Tesla has let me enjoy driving again. Hadn't enjoyed driving since I was a teenager but now I look for reasons to take my S for a spin.

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 luglio 2017

Hilarious. But not having read Calvin, or what the capitol of Poland was before 1600, I had to look up and see how deep the joke went. And wouldn't you know... two completely different takes!

reddit com/r/calvinandhobbes/comments/2pbgj0/how_i_will_always_remember_the_capital_of_poland/

menachempritzker com/blog/2006/05/capital-of-poland-before-1600.html

eeb9 | 2 luglio 2017

D@mn - now I need to take a road trip to Poland!


So... how much to ferry my Model 3 across the Pond?

Coastal Cruiser. | 2 luglio 2017

Tropopause said: "Tesla has let me enjoy driving again. Hadn't enjoyed driving since I was a teenager but now I look for reasons to take my S for a spin."

There's this old commercial, maybe for Datsun, where a guy is at a party, and turns to some girl and says "Excuse me while I drive my car".

Tropopause | 2 luglio 2017


We all remember our first time...

...driving a Tesla! ;)