So there won't be a reveal

So there won't be a reveal

Doesnt look like it, if the cars start rolling Friday.
Maybe the Press will be there to see whomever gets VIN 1.
Otherwise head down to your local mall, there might be one in the carpark. :-)

And you know about Friday cars? very poor build quality.

It still begs the question of why 3s have been seen far and wide, I suspect they will be 'revealed' in various Tesla Stores Soon.
And why is there one in NZ, I suggested it is bb0tin's order, but no one responded to that.
Any Aucklanders can check it out in Mt Roskill, if he has it .

gavinfaulkner | 3 luglio 2017

Cool story bro

KP in NPT | 3 luglio 2017

He said party on 28th for handover of first 30 cars. In the past that was an event.

bj | 3 luglio 2017

"And you know about Friday cars? very poor build quality" only if built by humans. Model 3's are being built by robots.

bj | 3 luglio 2017

"And why is there one in NZ" - to film some promo material for Tesla's website, that's all. It's a LHD car so not for domestic consumption.

nadurse | 3 luglio 2017

Sounds like the reveal will be on July 28th.

SamO | 3 luglio 2017

Sounds like the "delete thread" should be deployed.

jordanrichard | 3 luglio 2017

Ross1, did you read Elon's Tweet. He did not say people were getting their cars on Friday. The first 30 cars will be handed over to their owners on the 28th. Elon also said a long while ago that there wouldn't be any "reveal" other than handing the cars over to the owners.
I am sure like when the first MSs were delivered, it will come with a bit of fanfare.

TheChad | 3 luglio 2017

I wonder if Ross1 is receiveing any royalties from the global $400 million his movie made last year.

eeb9 | 3 luglio 2017

Also expecting that there will be much more specific information available, either as part of the event itself or via associated press releases.

And of course the first spy-shots of the configurator... ;-D

PhillyGal | 3 luglio 2017

Delivery party is the same as a reveal, no?

Captain_Zap | 3 luglio 2017