"Special perk" for reserving before original reveal

"Special perk" for reserving before original reveal

Elon Musk had mentioned that those of us who camped out overnight to reserve the Model 3 before it was revealed would receive "something cool for sure" besides the Model 3 sketch we received in the mail shortly thereafter. However, I haven't heard or seen anything about this since. Did I miss something?

elephant in a bottle | 1 agosto 2017

Yes sir, you missed out on the other threads that said the same thing.

c_huff | 1 agosto 2017

At least you received the sketch. We didn't even get that!! I'm super disappointed with the Tesla experience at this point, especially now seeing friends with later reservations dates getting access to the configurator.

mntlvr23 | 1 agosto 2017

@c_huff - "seeing friends with later reservations dates getting access to the configurator"
Only employees are accessing the configurator at the moment - pretty sure that you are incorrect

akgolf | 1 agosto 2017

Great another thread about getting a special perk.

I want a free car, I deserve that.

NKYTA | 1 agosto 2017

Only you deserve the free car.

Others not so much. ;-) ;-)

c_huff | 1 agosto 2017


Yes, I miss typed. The friend has an expected arrival date.

mntlvr23 | 1 agosto 2017

Your friend must be a current owner, or closer to the west coast, or reserved before you ...

OR perhaps you haven't checked the estimator recently, they have been modifying it and most people's dates have improved over time (unlike my HS experience)

burdogg | 1 agosto 2017

Not mine. I still have a worse date than some east coast owners (I'm an owner too and day 1, CO) still waiting to see it change but no luck yet. (off about 1-2 months from what others show)

Coastal Cruiser. | 1 agosto 2017

elephant in a bottle: laughed out loud.

supercoolcube, I don't know the answer to your question. Who knows if that something special may come with your car?

But I do want to share a new motto that crossed my mind just now. Gonna try to stick with it:

Ask not what your Elon can do for you...
ask what you can do for your Elon.

I think about how harried he looked at the employee party, and how he is basically pulling off the impossible. And how may directions he is being pulled in simultaneously. I too have my questions, and hopes for some things to take a different track, But I'm gonna try and make the next six months a period of letting Tesla do just what it is doing. Which is... its best.


bj | 2 agosto 2017

The "Special perk for reserving before original reveal" is that we get our cars first, in whatever region we are in. EM said so at the end of the launch - we will get our cars "as soon as possible". Did you miss that bit?

weluvm3 | 2 agosto 2017

Everybody knows that Musk promised "something awesome" for people who stood in line.

If one month earlier delivery is what he meant, it's on him to make it absolutely clear to people thats the case. Or, that it's something else, and what that something else is (or, at least, when we will know.)

He hasn't made that clear, which is why people keep endlessly speculating. Until people are provided with further details, we have every right to speculate what "awesome" might mean to Musk. I, personally, don't feel that one month earlier delivery is "awesome", but who really knows? Maybe he thinks a button, like the ones they hand out at city hall in Disneyland is "awesome." He could put a special badge on our cars, so Tesla employees would smile and wave whenever they saw us, and say "Ohh! You stood in line...that's so AWESOME!" Would that make us all feel special?

But, it's currently on Musk to clarify his own statement. The lack of clarity is not our fault. Therefore, we have every right to speculate whatever we want. And rather than belittling or mocking your fellow reservation holders, badger Tesla for clarity. Would it kill Musk to just come right out and clearly say, in writing, "THIS is the awesome thing I am doing for the people who stood in line." Or "there will be "something" else, which we will reveal in October." Or whatever. He seems to like Tweeting, so what's the problem? If he's not willing to clarify things when his Tweets cause confusion or speculation, maybe he should stay off Twitter for a while (same could be said about a lot of famous CEOs, frankly.)

akgolf | 2 agosto 2017

Still holding out for my free car.

gar1116 | 2 agosto 2017

"Ask not what your Elon can do for you...
ask what you can do for your Elon.

I think about how harried he looked at the employee party, and how he is basically pulling off the impossible. And how may directions he is being pulled in simultaneously. I too have my questions, and hopes for some things to take a different track, But I'm gonna try and make the next six months a period of letting Tesla do just what it is doing. Which is... its best."

You said it all CC!
Just a year ago, we were ecstatic about a 35K car with 215 mile range.

coolnewworld | 2 agosto 2017

I haven't even received one email update on the M3, and I waited overnight in line to reserve. I'll believe anything if and when we see it.

bj | 2 agosto 2017

@Fiddlesticks - maybe EM has changed his mind and there won't be "something awesome" for those who reserved in-store prior to the reveal. Just assume we aren't getting anything and then you won't be disappointed. That's what I've done.

Should EM clarify? Maybe, but given the other 3 million higher priority issues on his plate that he needs to deal with right now to make the Model 3 ramp-up happen, this is such a low priority that I don't blame him if he never mentions anything about this again.

Mr.Tesla | 3 agosto 2017

Was it really "something awesome", though? I thought it was "something cool" ?

Anyway, this is just so juvenile.

"Mommy, but you said!! But you said!!"

Greed goes both ways.

weluvm3 | 3 agosto 2017

@Mr.Tesla so you feel it is childish for customers to take the CEO of an automobile company at his word? Why, exactly?

Mr.Tesla | 3 agosto 2017

What are his words, exactly, and in what context?

"Mummy, you said we'd go to Disneyland if I stopped pestering you!!"


dsvick | 3 agosto 2017

What's childish are the constant threads and posts whining about how they didn't get anything and that, when they do it should be EAP, or dual motors, or free super charging for life. As if the decision that they made entirely on their own with no expectation of anything other than an early place in line, somehow gives them the right to all of a sudden expect thousands of dollars of free stuff.

Maybe what they are sending couldn't be sent until the final reveal, maybe it's the die cast models that had been suggested. Or maybe they've had other things on their plates and haven't exactly had time to appease a bunch of people that seem overly entitled for something they did entirely on their own. Really, what a bunch of whiney little babies. If you get something great, if not then oh well, you shouldn't have expected anything anyway and the art work they sent out last year was pretty damn cool I think.

weluvm3 | 3 agosto 2017

Mr. Musk made a statement on Twitter which he apparently intended to be public.

People want to know what he meant by his statement. In the absence of any further information, there's been a lot of hopeful speculation.

If the speculation bothers Tesla, they are fully empowered to put an end to it at any time simply by providing further information.

If the speculation bothers anyone reading this forum, then you were an idiot for clicking on the link! Nobody is forcing you to read about a topic that doesn't interest you. So, stop doing that, dummy, and enjoy the rest of your day. problem solved, right?

JayInJapan | 3 agosto 2017

I'm pretty sure the folks at Tesla are quite busy now.

mos6507 | 3 agosto 2017

"If the speculation bothers Tesla, they are fully empowered to put an end to it at any time simply by providing further information."

Amen. Tesla's communication is vague and inconsistent at best. Can you say, "spaceship steering"?

OvrICE | 3 agosto 2017

+1 dsvick...+1 JayInJapan.

weluvm3 | 3 agosto 2017

@mos6507 I'm sure it's not by accident. They want people to project their wildest hopes and dreams on the Model 3, so people fight over each other to for the privilege to pay their deposit. Having done so, they are "invested" in their decision, so even if the reality is somewhat disappointing, they are (hopefully) more likely to stick with their original choice.

The time spent standing in line, the deposit we paid (and the subsequent loss of use of the $1,000 for 1 1/2 years), the time, worry speculation spent waiting for any information...even the time we are spending now reading these boards. They are all "sunk costs" in some sense, and they are reducing our sensitivity to price versus value. Hence they are giving Tesla's Model 3 an advantage when compared against other purchasing options above and beyond what it rationally deserves.

Now, obviously, Musk is no dummy and neither is the Tesla marketing department. They know this. So, while we sit around and speculate that Tesla is going to be generous with the people with the highest "sunk cost" (those of us who sacrificed the most waiting in line and etc.), the optimal strategy for Tesla would be to maximally and mercilessly exploit our sunk cost bias to the fullest extent possible.

In my heart, I am hoping that all this sunk cost didn't just buy me a worse deal from Tesla (albeit a better chance at getting my Federal Tax Rebate.) But, rationally, it is true that Tesla has no real motivation to show any of us any "kindness" at all. They might, but they don't have to, and I personally don't know which way it will go.

If Tesla was my company, I think I would err on the side of generosity if there was anything I could do for people that wouldn't "break the bank." I own property, and I often do nice things for my tenants that I don't strictly have to, "just because" it also makes me happy to see others happy. Some people actually do feel that way, believe it or not...but, then again, maybe my irrational generosity is not good for my "stockholders" (my family), and Musk has stockholders, too, who prefer that he be "nice" to them, and to heck with anybody else....

akgolf | 3 agosto 2017

Time to hide posts from the new trolls and make my life easier.

Rutrow | 3 agosto 2017

Fiddlesticks is always right.

*Sorry if I've violated someone's copyright.

Mr.Tesla | 3 agosto 2017

Greed goes both ways.

Let me try my hand at hyperbolic hysterics:

People love to burn "the greedy corporations" in effigy. But sometimes there are slimy "customers" who should take a hard at their actions. In that moment of irrational mob anarchy, they may catch a glimpse of their own likeness in that engulfed effigy. As it burns, so does their whiny, greedy, impish souls.

So, please spare me the "sacrifice of standing in line" nonsense. Please try, try, TRY to be more mellow, and less dramatic.

CUICE | 3 agosto 2017

I'd have been happy with coffee and donuts while we waited in line. It was cold and wet that night.

Tesla2018 | 3 agosto 2017

A lot of first day buyers also bought Tesla stock in 2010 at $18 on the day it came out and all we got back was 20 times what we paid for it. Elon owes us nothing.

PhillyGal | 3 agosto 2017

@Thomas - Damn I'd be thrilled if I bought some at $180. (Hubs did, so at least one of us made a good move.)

marvin.neil | 3 agosto 2017

Not sure why there is so much ridicule and vitriol directed toward folks asking for Elon and/or the Tesla team to more clearly communicate what the "something cool" is. This wouldn't be a thing, hence no thread on the topic, if they hadn't said anything. In the end, if the something cool doesn't come through, ok. Not going to change my decision to purchase the car. But, when your own words beg questions, isn't it incumbent on you to then answer them? I could be wrong but, in reading some of the commentary, I'm getting the sense that Tesla owners/buyers might end up with the same rep that BMW drivers have - douchebags. I'm a BMW driver so I don't buy into it fully but I can see how folks might think that.

weluvm3 | 3 agosto 2017

@marvin.neil +9999!

Because there are a lot of trolls out there, and some of them even drive Teslas. Who knew? :-)

weluvm3 | 3 agosto 2017

But, nevermind. I've decided that the main benefit I'm getting for standing in line is freedom to choose the options I want and still get my full rebate. If Tesla gives me something else besides, I'll get the $49,000 version instead as a show of gratitude, and get my car a few months earlier to boot. Either way, I'm happy with how this will turn out.

The car looks like a hoot. Looking forward to getting mine! :-)

akgolf | 3 agosto 2017

This forum has been targeted in the past by trolls.

Never anything positive to say and when caught in lies, they ignore and keep on going. If something(say air vents) is proven not to be an issue, they'll quickly jump on something else. Maybe they're employed by GM or someone wanting to short the stock. Who knows, but they drag the site down.

I'm not an owner, but I appreciate the effort the owners do to keep them at bay.

For now I'll just hide the posts of the ones that are dragging it down.

pat777campbell | 3 agosto 2017

I'm sure there will be something special. Yes, it might help in our planning if we could know what it is but I would be surprised if the reveal happens before the 3/31 participants begin to receive their coveted M3's.

bj | 3 agosto 2017

@Fiddlesticks - I'm one of the top 100 (non-employee) reservers in the world, and yet my Model 3 won't be delivered until "early 2019" because I happen to be in a RHD country. Telsa will have my deposit for near enough 3 years.

Should I be burning EM effigies? Writing to all and sundry in complete and utter outrage at this unacceptable situation demanding action? Endlessly whinge on this forum that I have been dudded, done over, ripped off?

I'm a little disappointed, sure, but that's about the beginning and the end of it, because I don't waste my time with petulant entitled griping over things which don't really matter much or which are outside my control.

Mr.Tesla | 4 agosto 2017

I guess it's human nature to whip oneself into a frenzy of anticipation. However, wouldn't it be rude to keep harping on your grandmother to tell you what she is going to get you for your birthday, before the day arrives? :-) Even more so, if you tell her "I bet it's something worth at least $5k to $8k! Right, Grandma?!! Right!!? Am I right or am I right? Or am I right!?" (I channeled a little bit of Needle-Nose Ned, (aka Ned-the-Head), Professional belly-button whistler from Punxsutawney, PA)

So, sure, I get it. It's fun to speculate. I just think it's important to keep things in the realm of reality.

As for me, I am keen to find out what Elon meant by "something cool."

weluvm3 | 4 agosto 2017

@bj here in the USA it critically matters when you take delivery, because after maybe the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2018, people will lose $3750 in rebate money.

Because I stood in line, I am guarenteed to get my car soon enough to get the full rebate even if I chose the base model. Since I don't need extended range, I've decided that I will make THAT my "special gift" (savings of $9,000) in case Tesla doesn't provide anything else meaningful to us. It's all in how one chooses to look at it.

But, if Tesla really DOES give us something awesome, aside from the freedom to skip the unnecessary upgrade, I will probably "treat myself" to the upgraded version a couple of months earlier. We can easily afford it either way, so it's just a case of how much of my money I decide to invest in Musk's cause. It's not like his is the only company building cool stuff, but maybe his company treats his loyal company treats their loyal company better than most? If so, he deserves to win, so he'll get my extra $9,000 as a vote of confidence and my personal investment in his vision of the future.

If not, I still get the car I needed anyway. Either way, I'm happy with how this has turned out. I'm glad I waited in line. If I hadn't, I'd be facing a less optimal set of choices today.

weluvm3 | 4 agosto 2017

"company treats their loyal company" = treats their loyal customers. Weird spell correction on this IPad?

dsvick | 4 agosto 2017

" I've decided that I will make THAT my "special gift" (savings of $9,000) in case Tesla doesn't provide anything else meaningful to us" .... " if Tesla really DOES give us something awesome, aside from the freedom to skip the unnecessary upgrade, I will probably "treat myself" to the upgraded version"

Ahh, I get it now ... it's extortion. If Tesla gives you something that you think is worthy, you'll spend the money on the larger battery. You go on with that and let us know how it turns out. Personally, I think the art work we got was pretty cool, a die cast model of the car would be pretty cool too, it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars to be cool. Apparently your definition of cool is different though.

weluvm3 | 4 agosto 2017

@dsvick "Extortion?" Go drink your morning coffe, dude. You are way too grumpy without it! :-)

When I decided to stand in line overnight, I thought Musk and Tesla were something special. I've never stood in line to reserve anything before. I used to laugh at the Apple Fan Boys who did it. But, I'm kind of in the auto industry, and I thought that Tesla and Musk truly cared and were out to change the world or something. They weren't just in it for the money. And we weren't just another customer for them: we were part of a cause. And the Model 3 wasn't just another, but the next phase in the revolution. The reality distortion field worked all too well on me. But, then again, I'm kind of a sucker: I even owned a Lisa and a Skinny Mac!

OK, so apparently we Model 3 really is just a cheap Tesla, and the people who buy one aren't entitled to any of special treatment that Model S and X people got. We don't get the same data plan length, or warrenty, or supercharger access, or white glove treatment...and we probably won't get or own version of "Signiture Red", either. It's cool. I'll still get a good enough car. And, the next time I buy another car, I might get another Tesla...if it's the best car I can buy for the money at that time.

And I wish them well...but I'm not a Fan Boy anymore. If I'm just another customer to Tesla, then they are just another car manufacturer to me. And that's fine. More competition is good. And, like a said, the Model 3 seems like a good car, and the price to me, after rebate, will be fair, so I'm glad I stood in line. If that's my reward, OK then.

dsvick | 4 agosto 2017

I'm not sure why you expected all the same perqs, features, and advantages from a car that is only half the price of the ones you're comparing it to.

Elon Reeve Musk | 4 agosto 2017

You get your car sooner

mntlvr23 | 4 agosto 2017

lol, you tell them

joemar10 | 4 agosto 2017

I stood/sat in line,for 8 1/2 hours to reserve a Model 3 It was like a party with like minded strangers. I was #10 in the door. I expected nothing more than a better place in line. That's exactly what I got. I'm now leaning toward a Model X, but if I stay with the Model 3, the car itself will be the "perk".

weluvm3 | 4 agosto 2017

@dsvick As I recall, the 128K Mac was half the price as the Lisa. We weren't treated like ugly step-children. It was a smaller computer, with less memory, and initially you couldn't attach a hard drive. But, Mac buyers were never made to feel inferior or unwanted. In fact, we were made to feel like the future of Apple. Which we were.

Until they replaced Jobs with the Pepsi salesman, of course. Because I'm sure the "suits" would have prefered that Apple keep selling Lisas (and Apple II) until nobody would buy them. Not totally disrupt their company with a cheaper alternative "for the masses." As far as they were concerned, Jobs was a maniac. And he kind of was. But what an amazing form of insanity: he gave us the modern world. Not just once. Not even twice. But at least 3 times, maybe 4 depending how you look at it.

And I thought that Musk was MY Steve Jobs. Someone willing to disrupt his own business to change the world. Even if it the suits hated him for it. Even if took him dangerously close to the fire (look what happened to Jobs, after all.) That's why I stood in line. That's what I thought he was trying to do.

IMHO, the Model S, in it's current form, needs to be replaced. Yes, it is a LOT more expensive, but not for a good reason. It's too expensive to manufacture in its current form. The suits at Tesla don't want people thinking about Model 3 in the same way that Jobs wanted people thinking about the Mac (the logical replacement for what came before), but I think that, in his heart of hearts, Musk is thinking exactly that. Its the car Tesla needs to build, designed and built the way all of their future cars should be.

I bought a Lisa because I initially needed one to develop for the Mac (no hard drive or development software yet for the Mac and only 128K, you know?) But I knew right from the start that the Mac was the more elegantly designed and built of the two. That's exactly how I feel about the Model S versus the Model 3. Rather than punishing me for having the good sense to recognize that simple fact, Tesla should disrupt themselves and replace the S with something equally well design and efficient to manufacture.

lilbean | 4 agosto 2017

Apparently the perk is whining rights.

Captain_Zap | 4 agosto 2017

"Special Perk" in quotes? I don't recall EM calling anything a "Special Perk".

weluvm3 | 4 agosto 2017

@lilbean so, you are exercising your "right", then? ;-)

lilbean | 4 agosto 2017