Tesla Social Event on Sunday

Tesla Social Event on Sunday

This Sunday Tesla is holding a Southern California Social Event at the Ritz Carleton in Laguna Niguel (actually, Dana Point). Tesla sent out invitations yesterday afternoon and the event filled quickly.

- What are the odds we'll see a Model 3?

- Any Forum members from LA to San Diego going?

rxlawdude | 3 agosto 2017

Yep. Planning on it.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 agosto 2017

I won't be there... But I remember a Buddy of mine and I went down to a private beach in Dana Point once... It was really, truly, very nice. The most amazing thing, was that the sand there was so... clean. Upon closer examination, it looked like tiny pebbles of crushed, multicolored rock candy. Looked good enough to eat. Amazing.

oc-tesla | 3 agosto 2017

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

rxlawdude | 3 agosto 2017

The Ritz Carlton is the reason I moved to OC in '87. My sister was the lobby piano player and we fell in love with the area.
Fun fact: The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel is actually in Dana Point.
Laguna Niguel extended to the beach. The real estate boom touted it as "Sea Country." When citihood came up, the coast was carved out of Laguna Niguel into Dana Point. I suggested the realtor license plate frame be changed to "Saw Country."

CraigW | 3 agosto 2017

Along with ReD eXiLe ms us, I went to the last Ritz Carlton Tesla party down there. I didn't see an invite this time, but we all want a complete update from you ASAP.

P.S. I did charge next to 3 M3s 6 JUL, while driving to PHX from LA. First stop at Indio (Red, White, Silver) and spoke with the crew driving them, but didn't get much out of them as they said the cars weren't officially present. Then I caught up with them again in Quartzsite. They didn't, however, make it to Buckeye. Apparently they were making the big circle through Wickenburg, Kingman and heading back to the Design Center in Hawthorne, CA.

fitz91701 | 5 agosto 2017

I am going hope to enjoy a nice time and enjoy the nice facilities. What is going on at these?

klum | 20 agosto 2017

Any updates on how the social went? Curious to see any pictures or how the turn out was. Well organized? It booked up before I could RSVP.

Mike20sm | 20 agosto 2017

Oh so that's where the Trailer full of Tesla's that I saw on the 405 were headed.