Finally photos are flooding in.....

Finally photos are flooding in.....
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Please don't spam filter this link mighty Tesla forum.... Please.....dammit...


gavinmcc | 6 agosto 2017

Perhaps a mod can fix the link?



If not, copy and take out space...

Xerogas | 6 agosto 2017
gavinmcc | 6 agosto 2017

Xero your my hero :)


Loving the frunk...that is a nice update over the competition

akgolf | 6 agosto 2017

Looking good.

gavinmcc | 6 agosto 2017

Algolt: agree

Lots of great features.

Leaning blue paint and white interior (tan would be nice).... Or silver and white....

The red is beautiful, but for some reason I just don't like red cars...

Love love the midnight silver, but worried it will be boring after a bit....


mntlvr23 | 6 agosto 2017

Great !!!
Thanks for posting

hoffmannjames | 6 agosto 2017

Very Nice! The Model 3 looks to be a really great car. I was initially worried that the trunk might be a bit small since it is a smaller sedan but the trunk seems to be a really decent size (and the frunk is nice too). The premium interior looks really nice. The material seems to be very good quality. That screen is so great. The Model 3 seems a bit taller than the Model S which is nice since I found the head room a bit low in the S. Overall, I am very impressed. What a gorgeous and classy car!!

eeb9 | 6 agosto 2017

Very very cool. Thanks for sharing these!

I'm wondering how many Tesla employees are taking the aero wheels - all I've seen on production cars so far are the Tesla 19s or aftermarket rims

Bighorn | 6 agosto 2017

Too many photos

gavinmcc | 6 agosto 2017

Who is going to design microfiber finger socks that work with the screen, but keep it fingerprint free?

They will be rich....


Garyeop | 6 agosto 2017

I can't believe I am saying several things but...

1) Bighorn you are wrong (may never say this again). A picture is worth a thousand words. I went through them all and they answered so many questions.
2) I may not wrap. The silver with silver rims and red calipers is a look I could support. I may still wrap with reflective green but I am for the first time considering a stock color.
3) The antisell won't diminish my pride in owning this vehicle. I love the seats, the fold down sleepable back, the center display, and all things I was debating.
4) The sheet on EAP and FSD filled in the gaps so I can comfortably purchase EAP and leave FSD for later.
5) I still have questions about privacy but will address them in another thread.

Alvin27 | 6 agosto 2017

The photos are very satisfying and appreciated.

Liba | 6 agosto 2017

The motor trend video speaks volumes. That guy isn't usually impressed.

carlk | 6 agosto 2017

You can see Franz had a hard time to wipe the grin off his face when he heard those compliments. To be noted MT knew Tesla will never advertise in their magazine. They must really like the car.

Bighorn | 6 agosto 2017

I was a joke or was it to earn cred with some of the new folks?

95dawg | 6 agosto 2017

Looks like heated front seats are standard equipment. Wife is happy.

mch123 | 6 agosto 2017

Thanks for the photos. Any of you notice the gaps and fitment.... on the steering wheel and also the rear fender by the charge port? i can't wait to get mine by December but I hope the fitment will be better.

Pg3ibew | 6 agosto 2017

59K was the final price on the one I saw in the photos!!!!

gatorj31 | 6 agosto 2017

Eeb9: there were some aero wheels at the 30 handover event. You can only see them when the drone was flying over the cars. They look pretty good to me

12Brent | 6 agosto 2017

The car looks so good in every color and at every angle, makes it really tough to pick a color. I'm leaning heavily towards white with black wheels and I'm liking the aero wheels more and more... although if the sport wheels came in black Tesla would easily get another $1500 out of me. Great picture compilation, thanks for sharing.

Nic727 | 6 agosto 2017

Someone posted a new video: https://www(DOT)youtube(DOT)com/watch?v=Dd_QUPE-tAc We don't see a lot, but I like the glass roof!

Shesmyne2 | 6 agosto 2017

Very informative and extensive!


Still Grinning ;-)

Garyeop | 6 agosto 2017

@Bighorn. Purely jest. Honestly, I like everyone. And I did like having so many photos to review.

Xerogas | 6 agosto 2017

Looks like the video was taken down

mrneva | 6 agosto 2017

Those aero wheels really started to grow on me. Agree that they look good on white and also midnight silver.

COrich | 7 agosto 2017

That was really helpful to see all the photos. Thanks for posting the link. Now that we are seeing the car from more angles it is looking better and better. And, I agree with some of the other posters who say that the aero wheels don't look too bad with specific colors. Maybe I won't bother with an upgrade on the wheels.

Ehninger1212 | 7 agosto 2017

I actually really like the Aero wheels. I wish hey we're a little less dinky looking but I like the styling and color.

As Red Exile always says they are very matchbox hotwheels looking.

i wish I could find some aftermarket like that but with a wider rear wheel.

KP in NPT | 7 agosto 2017

Saw several of my silver with aero wheels...solidified my choice :)

rdovale | 7 agosto 2017

KP you like aero wheels?

Rocky_H | 7 agosto 2017

I'm wondering something I haven't seen confirmed yet about the scroll wheels on the steering wheel. It looks like they have an up and down scrolling type of function, but it looks like in the pictures, there is also a function to tilt left and right, like to move a selector. I read about using them to adjust side mirrors, so I was wondering how there could be all four directions of movement since the Model S/X wheels don't have that sideways motion.

Frank99 | 7 agosto 2017

I had a ball clicking through all those photos - man I'm tickled pink about how good the car turned out. Still not sure about the aero wheels, and I'm leaning towards the Blue exterior.

KP in NPT | 7 agosto 2017

@rdovale - I'm still not sure. I definitely liked them better in person. I think I'd prefer a more traditional looking wheel, but I will not get the 19s as the roads here would chew them up. I also want a silver Model 3, and while I think the aeros work with the silver, I do think the 19s with the brighter color would look better. Especially since I'm getting white seats.

I'm going to get them and see if they grow on me. If not, I'll switch them out with some aftermarket wheels that aren't so dark. OR I'll wait for Tesla to introduce the silver slipstreams in 18" - knowing Tesla, they will offer them or something like them eventually ;)

Carl Thompson | 7 agosto 2017

"The silver with silver rims and red calipers is a look I could support."

If I'm not mistaken the red calipers only come on the Performance versions so you'd need to wait a while or go for aftermarket parts. Those pictures with them I believe are of prototypes and not production cars.


gavinmcc | 7 agosto 2017

paint and patience...i will have red calipers one way or another :)


Rutrow | 7 agosto 2017

Rocky_H, the Model 3 Owners Club guys answered your question about the steering wheel scroll wheels. They do click (but not scroll) right and left. And they mentioned that the buttons can be quickly changed from functioning as steering wheel position control to mirror adjustment,


Rutrow | 7 agosto 2017

Gary, Carl and gavin,, the "What's inside family" have a video about having their calipers painted.


rdovale | 7 agosto 2017

@Kp, it seems like Tire Rack is the place to shop for aftermarkets? That’s what everyone says they’re going to do. Everyone keeps saying that 19’s may not ride better? I know nothing about this. I live in FL, I hate the aeros and hear that it will be cheaper to buy 18 rims on your own rather than upgrade to 19’s. Any opinion, will it def be cheaper than 1500 to shop there than upgrade for a bigger tire that’s actually not as quiet?

KP in NPT | 7 agosto 2017

I hear the 19s will not be as quiet and will have a harsher ride. But I don't know first hand.

Yes I think you can get a really sweet set of wheels (not the cheap-os) for less than 1.5K. We replaced the rims on my ICE a few years ago and I think they were probably $200 each, installed. You could probably get some sweet rims for $1.5K installed at tire rack.

The advantage of the 19" wheels on a non-P car is just looks IMO. They are more prone to damage from bad roads and given the miles I drive and the roads I drive on, they are out of the question. Maybe someone who knows more about tires than I do can weigh in.

rdovale | 7 agosto 2017

Thanks for the info. I only drive 50 miles a day and am looking for the most quiet ride. Im getting most of the options so if I can save money, it would be nice. I don’t want to wait too long so I might get the long range just by me being impatient so any savings would be great. I was already interested in Black, even though I’m in Florida.

Shesmyne2 | 7 agosto 2017

Went on a hunting adventure today to The Mothership in Fremont.
Score! Saw 3 3s :-)) silver vin15, dark grey vin16, and ocean blue, vin19.
The blue had the aero wheels. KP, I agree they are significantly better looking live. They are growing on me.
I think they would've looked better on the dark grey, or black. Not so much on blue.

Nice to see one live and in person.

Still Grinning ;-)

jordanrichard | 7 agosto 2017

Those aero wheels would probably look better if they were silver.

gavinmcc | 7 agosto 2017

Shesmyne2: photos? For the love of God, photos!!



KP in NPT | 7 agosto 2017

Shesmyne2 - SWEET! I'm glad you got to see them! What did you think??

I have to say the only color I think the aeros look bad on is the blue. they're Ok on the other colors - probably best on the midnight silver because of the monochromatic look.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 7 agosto 2017

If they were the flat disc 'MATCHBOX' wheels from the Model ☰ Unveil, I believe they would look very good in the body color of the car, no matter which color. That might work well for these 18" AERO wheels as well. Again, I think it would look very futuristic, especially when in motion, whether at low speed or high speed.

gavinmcc | 7 agosto 2017

Haven't seen in person, but from the configure page that showed up the other day that shows all the cars with 19 and with aero: aero looks best with black or white. Looks ok with grey or silver. Looks horrid with blue or red.

To me all of the colors look best with the non aero rims, but if I go white I might go aero. Sadly I'm leaning Blue...and the red is growing on me. I usually dislike red cars, but the 3 in red is actually killer.


Shesmyne2 | 7 agosto 2017

@gavin. Thanks for the chuckle. Pix wouldn't have mattered. I thought the pix made them look pretty crappy.
Live is better, although they do have a tiny bit of 'cheapy' to them?

I NEEDED to see one. Peer in the windows. Try the door handle!
Oh, the poor employee whose car it was! There were 10 peeps checking it out after a tour!
Forums, photos, blah blah was not working for me. Hence the expedition!
Really glad we went. Think the hubs was too :-)

I wee bit more excited..

Still Grinning ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 7 agosto 2017

PS @ Jordan
I think you may be right there.
They are dark grey but have a black accent. Silver with black accent would be cool.
(Nod to Raiders fans)

Still Grinning ;-)

Rutrow | 7 agosto 2017

Shesmyne, next time try to yank one of those aero wheel covers off so we can see what's underneath. If anyone gives you any lip, tell 'em Rutrow said it was okay.

Shesmyne2 | 7 agosto 2017

Ya know Rutrow...I was looking at em pretty closely... Maybe on one in the store, not an employee owners :-)

Still Grinning ;-)

rdovale | 7 agosto 2017

There’s a video, “Tesla Model 3 alloy wheel analysis” where he thinks the hubs come off and matches them to that picture of the third rim we have seen. Won’t let me post, says spam.