Cloth Seats

Cloth Seats

Can I get high quality cloth seats instead of leather?

95dawg | 8 agosto 2017

What do you mean by high quality?

eeb9 | 8 agosto 2017

At this point the only way to get cloth/textile seats in the Model 3 is to *not* get the premium package.

deeageux | 8 agosto 2017

There is no leather option. Cloth or Pleather.

brian | 9 agosto 2017

I'm actually glad to have stumbled on this post. I didn't know exactly what "textile" meant, but I'm glad it means "not pleather" - the ONLY real option in the premium package that I REALLY wanted was the all-glass roof... which I had mostly decided to pass on since the rest of the 5K package doesn't seem worth it to me... and now I'm sold on not paying the extra due to the seats. The pleather wasn't 'sitting' right with me. (see what I did there?)

KP in NPT | 9 agosto 2017

The vegan seats are actually really nice. Go test drive a Model S/X and see for yourself. I like them better than the leather seats in our Model S.

JayInJapan | 9 agosto 2017

I love the black textile seats in my MS. They're very comfortable.

Coastal Cruiser. | 9 agosto 2017

Interestingly, the seat material is not mentioned directly on the press kit page that enumerates the options. ( Perhaps an oversight.

Premium Upgrades Package - $5,000
Upgraded interior with additional features and premium materials.

Premium heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood décor and two rear USBs
12-way, power adjustable front seats, steering column and side mirrors, with custom driver profiles
Premium audio system with more power, tweeters, surround speakers and subwoofer
Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
Auto dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors
LED fog lamps
Center console with covered storage and docking for two smartphones

andy.connor.e | 9 agosto 2017

Cant wait to test drive some Model 3, and see what i like best.

By the way, what is "tweeters"?

KP in NPT | 9 agosto 2017
stevenroglen | 9 agosto 2017

The more I read the PUP list, the more I convince myself I don't really need it, as long as the basic seats aren't junk. The roof would be nice and I do enjoy a nice sound system, but the most compelling item is probably the heated mirrors. Parking outside during the winter months the mirrors probably hold the most overall value to me. But do they hold 5k, even when coupled with the other items? Time will tell, although i'm sure the M3's that make their way out for test drives will be the first production models.

carlgo2 | 9 agosto 2017

My hope, hopeless probably, is for at least two textile seat color options. While the fake leather is supposedly very good, I have had a few cars with really nice cloth seating surfaces and they are the best for me.

95dawg some cloth is made better and is more high end than whatever is cheapest. Think of the cloth products featured in ads in the high end interior design magazines found in your doctor's waiting room! Nice stuff!

PhillyGal | 9 agosto 2017

This reminds me I'm sad. I desperately want the textile seats. Me and Hubs both wanted the glass roof. Waahhh.

Frank99 | 9 agosto 2017

I'm with you and your hubs. I want the glass roof (even with the uncertainty of driving in Phoenix with it), and I want cloth seats (Summer, shorts, and leather seats don't go together well), and I want driver profiles because my wife and I have dramatically different preferences for seating.
Maybe I'll have to hit Pep Boys and get a cloth seat cover...

mamafuzbot | 9 agosto 2017

I have cloth seats in my MINI and LOVE them. Easy to clean, no sticking to the seat in the summer in shorts, warmer in the winter even prior to pushing the button for heated seats. I believe the "method behind the madness" is to streamline production - if you get one package you get A, if you get the other, you add on B. Keeps it simple.

eeb9 | 9 agosto 2017

Yup... I'll be looking for custom-fit seat-covers from a 3rd party in the near future

brian | 9 agosto 2017

@PhillyGal - Funny... more of us seem to crave the textile seating yet it's NOT in the PREMIUM package. And yeah, I want the glass roof... but it's not worth 5K alone to me, and other than the heated mirrors, I actually don't WANT the other stuff. The climate system can be started pre-drive, so heated seats, while nice, only reduce range. And nothing else is a need for me. I'll be 5K heavier in the wallet.

jordanrichard | 9 agosto 2017

I guess Tesla purposely chose "textile" instead of cloth because it's not really cloth. The yawning on a camper is a woven/textile product but nobody calls it "cloth".

jefjes | 9 agosto 2017

Seat covers as others have mentioned will be fine if the premium option seats prove to be unbearable. I really didn't plan on the PUP for an additional $5k but we both want the glass roof and all the other things listed I will enjoy having. I've been spoiled with the heated steering wheel in our Leaf and the folding heated mirrors will be nice too. I may still change back to base with no options but for now I'm leaning towards premium.

PhillyGal | 9 agosto 2017

@brian - I'm with you except for the seat heaters. Not only do they NOT decrease range (they're powered from the 12V, not the main battery) but they actually INCREASE range when used instead of cabin heat, or in conjunction with lower temp than usual cabin heat.

Frank99 | 9 agosto 2017

PG -
Uh, I don't have a Tesla so I bow to your ownership, but I think you're wrong. The seat heaters may run off the 12V battery - but the 12V battery is charged by the big battery. Any power used by the seats from the 12V battery will reduce range as a result.
But based on my understanding, the heated seats do take much less power than cabin heat, so using them should have a much smaller impact on range than using cabin heat.

MarylandS85 | 9 agosto 2017

To clarify, what @PhillyGal said is true. If you use seat heaters and thereby set the cabin temperature LOWER or even have the climate control off, you will indeed save a lot of range.

topher | 10 agosto 2017

"Not only do they NOT decrease range (they're powered from the 12V, not the main battery)"

It seems unlikely that the 12V battery isn't charged from the main battery. So all the energy is interchangable.

Warming the cabin while plugged in, should reduce the impact on range (but not on energy cost).

"but they actually INCREASE range when used instead of cabin heat, or in conjunction with lower temp than usual cabin heat."

This is often claimed, but I would love to see some empirical data if you have some, because the numbers aren't obvious.

Thank you kindly.

ron369 | 10 agosto 2017

"Not only do they NOT decrease range (they're powered from the 12V, not the main battery)"

This does make intuitive sense to me. With heated seats, all of the heat generated by the car goes directly to whoever is sitting in the seat. With cabin heat, the entire car is being warmed up which would take more energy, and as the windows / frame of the car are heated, much of that heat would be lost as it is transferred outdoors.

ron369 | 10 agosto 2017

Actually, in my previous comment I pasted the wrong quote. I agree that electricity being used by the 12v battery is irrelevant since all energy comes from the main battery. I was trying to refer to the claim that heated seats use less energy than cabin heat.

roushmichael | 10 agosto 2017

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the seat materials actually are. The presskit posted above lists the standard feature of the base model as textile seats.

15” touchscreen display
Dual zone climate control system
FM/Internet streaming radio
Textile seating
Front center console with open storage and two USB ports

Are there different versions of textile? I was under the impression that textile is Tesla's vegan alternative to leather, and everyone seems to love it. Someone please enlighten me...

SP_H | 10 agosto 2017

I would not get leather unless it has seat cooler, then I would get leather. Like Frank says summer, leather, and shorts don't go together!

JayInJapan | 10 agosto 2017

Textile is cloth. Fake leather is a synthetic material, sometimes called pleather (plastic leather).

Frank99 | 10 agosto 2017

"Textile" is what every other manufacturer calls "Cloth" seats.

The new Vegan-friendly leather-like material that Tesla now uses on the premium seats has, as you say, been getting good reviews.

jordanrichard | 11 agosto 2017

It is very interesting that we use terms like "fake leather", "fake wood", etc. If it is fake, then why are we combing it with something that is real. In other words if it is "fake leather" meaning it is not real, then why is something real used in the description, like leather? It's an oxymoron. Mercedes=-Benz has had their MB-Tex for decades, but no one ever called it fake leather. It was simply MB-Tex (vinyl or some other oil based material)

stevenroglen | 11 agosto 2017

@jordanrichard, for the same reason there is a vegan cheese. We've gotten lazy in coming up with new names for things.

Rocky_H | 11 agosto 2017

@stevenroglen, +many
I don't see why that's a hard concept. You are being descriptive of what material it is imitating. I was already thinking of those food examples: veggie hot dogs, veggie burgers, veggie cheese, veggie bacon, soy milk, rice milk, chick'N patties. You're just telling type of original thing it's supposed to look and feel and taste like.

@jordanrichard, Wouldn't fake leather or fake suede or fake wood be clear just from the names about what the feel of the material is supposed to be?

bmz | 11 agosto 2017

Wouldn't it be nice if Tesla showed us what the standard interior looks like? Surely, they have at least drawings and swatches of the materials (I'm still trying to get my head around their not having any actually built).

patswin | 11 agosto 2017

The textile seats in the model x is not just cloth. The main seat area and back area are cloth and sides and headrest are leather. Looks great in black. Hoping and assume it would be the same in the model 3

rothstein08 | 11 agosto 2017

Are there any color choices for the basic interior or all black?

patswin | 11 agosto 2017

Just black is available for ms and mx so expect same for m3

brian | 12 agosto 2017

@PhillyGal - I'll do more research on the whole main battery thing... what I know about batteries and electrical circuits, it would still stand to reason that somehow it would affect the range. But, I've also read MANY of your posts and you seem to know what you're talking about most of the time, so I'll give you the pass for the time being. That being said... I'm not normally that forgiving on folks from Philly, having been a Mets fan all my life. I'm going to fantasize that you are a fan of any team other than the Phillies, and just go with that. Maybe you're a transplant from some other city. (Shhhhh, I don't want to know)

In all seriousness, I learned tonight after months in the forums that you are Electric Jen. Great vids. Very jealous of you and anyone who can afford an 'S' but I'll still watch the videos. Even if I am a robot.

kaffine | 12 agosto 2017

@brian I couldn't find specs on Tesla heated seats but other brands seem to run a little over 3amps so less than 50 watts per seat. And even then they don't pull that much constantly they cycle to prevent getting to hot. Even with 4 seats running you would be looking at less than a mile of range used per hour. That will be more than offset by having to use the cabin heater less.

You are correct in that all power if coming from the main HV battery or the 12V battery will have some effect on range. It is just that some things use so little power as to not have a noticeable impact on range.

topher | 13 agosto 2017

"This does make intuitive sense to me. With heated seats, all of the heat generated by the car goes directly to whoever is sitting in the seat. With cabin heat, the entire car is being warmed up which would take more energy"

This is another example of when your intuitive sense can lead you astray. Very few people have an intuitive sense of the thermal mass of various substances. To say nothing of thermal conductivity, or apparent temperature.

I wish I had enough information to make a NON-intuitive guess at it.

Thank you kindly.

cessna182 | 13 agosto 2017

What does "vegan friendly" mean? You can eat your seats? I'm concerned that vegan friendly will attract vermin. A friend owns a Prius with soy based electrical insulation...she has had mice, rats, and squirrels nibble the insulation because they are attracted to it. Please don't make the seats outta cheese!

csmith476 | 13 agosto 2017

@Cessna cheese, ironically, is not vegan.

"vegan" means not made with any animal products, so these seats are not made from animal skins, like leather is.

cessna182 | 13 agosto 2017

so soy isn't vegan friendly????

csmith476 | 13 agosto 2017

I have no information regarding soy being (or not being) an ingredient in Tesla seats, so I didn't think it was necessary to mention at all.

JuJo0 | 14 agosto 2017


Soy is not cheese. :) It's made from soybeans, otherwise known as glycine max. They're a legume.

Ehninger1212 | 14 agosto 2017

WHAT?!? So your saying my seats won't be made of cheese?!? WTH ELON!?!

*cancels reservation*

JuJo0 | 15 agosto 2017

Give me monies and I can conjure up some aftermarket cheese seats for you. :)