Model 3 Luxury Edition (just for fun)

Model 3 Luxury Edition (just for fun)

Just a little fun to kill the time while waiting for delivery... We all know Tesla is trying to maintain separation between the 3 and the S, so this will never happen, but sometimes you just want a smaller, lighter, nimbler car. The Model 3 interior is nearly identical in size to the Model S, while being smaller overall and 1k lbs lighter, giving it the potential to be an amazing true luxury car with just a few features added. Tesla needed to make compromises in what they offered to keep costs down, but what if they were available as a luxury edition package? What do you think they are and what's the price?

My thoughts...

- Powered trunk open/close
- Key FOB
- Self-presenting door handles
- Full color, driver configurable HUD
- Air suspension
- Standard AWD
- Additional dash options to include hardwoods, aluminum, carbon fiber, and piano black, also feature these materials in the doors
- Retractable sunshades in doors and all 3 sections of roof
- Sunroof
- Auto defrost side mirrors
- Simulated overhead 360 degree view of car available on screen, a composite from all cameras
- Dashcam recording
- Additional wheel options included, up to 20"
- All colors included as standard

Cost: ~$20k over premium package

This would make it a $60k car without ER, before adding EAP or FSD. It would probably cannibalize 50-70% of model S sales and if the trunk fits a set of golf clubs sideways, probably would be the best selling luxury call of all time.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 agosto 2017


Tesla is not a 'luxury' car company.

The Model 3 will 'cannibalize' AUDI A4/A6, BMW 3-/5-Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-/E-Class cars long before it has any effect whatsoever upon the Model S.

Maybe you should give your advice to Lexus.

PaceyWhitter | 12 agosto 2017

Seems doable. Don't know how much engineering air suspension and a sunroof would take. Others are easy. Aren't the mirrors already heated in the premium package?

Frenchy | 12 agosto 2017

Makes sense, should happen, likely won't until the vehicle lineup becomes more extensive. The lines will eventually become blurred but as for now, they need to set precedence on distinguishing the difference between what's available now, and what's available in 2019. Waiting lists aren't cheap, and investors need to see profit.

carlgo2 | 12 agosto 2017

There is a blur between "luxury" and "features". Luxury is so much more than having a fully loaded car, more about elegance than options.

IMO a base Model 3, with its modern minimalism, is more luxurious than say a Mustang that has a huge option list available. A fully optioned Shelby Mustang would have its charms obviously, but elegance is not one of them.

However, if I was to pay $70K for a Model 3 it had better have all those options...

carlk | 12 agosto 2017

Option similar to what you wanted exists aleady but that's a 30K~40K opton called "model S option".

Agent_86 | 12 agosto 2017

"Option similar to what you wanted exists aleady but that's a 30K~40K opton called "model S option"."

Not everyone wants a car that big and heavy.

gavinmcc | 12 agosto 2017

Yes...for many smaller is better. For some bigger is better.

But often times wanting smaller does not mean you want less luxury. So wanting a 3 (for size) does not mean a person can't want the amenities of the S.

Now will Tesla do that? Not any time soon. They want to sell more Model S's and already have more Model 3 orders than they can fill.

But Tesla is young; give it a few years. Over time they will have a 3 with enough options to choke a horse ( though I'm not sure why anybody would want to choke a horse).

Right now at Ford you can buy a loaded Fusion or a loaded Taurus and they will have similar everything, but the Fusion will be a bit smaller. At BMW you can buy a 3 series tricked out, or a 5, or a 7...all will contain crazy amounts of stuff...but some are a bit bigger and maybe a bit faster...

Tesla will do the same...they are just young competing against companies that have been around for many years...they can't offer everything NOW...but they will

Buy an S if you want S a 3 if you want 3 size...both will ride better than any ICE. The S will have more luxury a few years the 3 will have similar luxury options too...


carlk | 12 agosto 2017

Well if you compare BMW 3,5,7 series or Merc C,E,S class it's always the higher models are lager AND more luxurios. That's the way it is. Most, not all of course, people who want a more luxurious car and are willing to pay more also want a biggier car. Car companies just go where the market is. If there are enough people that are willing to spend a lot extra on a less expansive car the company certainly will love to comply. The only question is will there be that many of them.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 agosto 2017

carlk: For a time... Today's fully loaded BMW 3-Series is far better equipped than a maxed out 7-Series from 1992.

carlk | 12 agosto 2017

ReD Sure. Although today's 7 is getting even better equipped now. I'm not following BMW much does the 7 have message seats and mode lights now?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 agosto 2017

carlk: The BMW 7-Series is basically a bargain basement Rolls-Royce now. They had a video for it where about half of the presentation was about the back seat... So much for the Ultimate Driving Machine.

The all-new BMW 7 Series. All you need to know. | BMW
[ YouTube -- 6Viyt2aIOG8 ]

carlk | 13 agosto 2017

ReD My question was somewhat sarcastic of course. Like you I think those high end car companies are becoming high end furnishing companies now. All they could do to differentiate themselves for lesser brands and to command high premium is to put more luxury stuff in the car. Even Porsche is no longer selling cars for performance or only performance. That's fine long as there are people who want to pay for them but I would never want to spend my money that way.

mos6507 | 14 agosto 2017

Musk said the 3 would eventually get ludicrous. IMHO, that is the most frivolous of options. So the fact the 3 is seemingly going to be denied several other more practical options is...annoying.