Why not have facial recognition for AP2 cars

Why not have facial recognition for AP2 cars

Just an idea. I wouldn't need any card or key for our Model S and upcoming M3.
Camera's should be able to do it I think.

Mike83 | 26 agosto 2017

In addition it would be only available to the driver to drive or open the car. | 26 agosto 2017

One concern is a photo might work to unlock the car. Go to someone's Facebook page, get a good picture, print it off, and hold it up to the camera. Drive off with your free Tesla!

Mike83 | 26 agosto 2017

But perhaps with other sensors and 3D imaging would be secure. Perhaps a temperature measurement as well.

SO | 26 agosto 2017

Gert-Jan Geerinckx @geerinckx1989
@elonmusk - facial recognition via b-pillar camera to unlock car. Possible?
6:50 AM · Aug 20, 2017

Elon Musk
Elon Musk @elonmusk
Aug 20
Replying to @geerinckx1989
Yeah, but not a priority right now

SO | 26 agosto 2017

@TT - good point. I wonder if that would work.

I just turned off my passive entry option. I would probably turn off this face recognition feature too.

Mike83 | 26 agosto 2017

Thanks for the relay of the EM response. A future item.

SO | 26 agosto 2017


carlk | 26 agosto 2017

I hope my car will still like me after it figured out how I look.

Haggy | 26 agosto 2017

It might be doable. They can take an extra step and require blinking to assure that it's an actual person. The technology exists. But it comes down to convenience. I'd like to see a system that's more secure, lets me walk up to the car and it will open without a process of me looking a certain way, can't be fooled easily (looking at your pupils alone would be better than facial recognition and would be more accurate but the face alone is too subject to false alarms) and merely has me carry a small item that I could let somebody else use to get into the car. The current cameras might not have the color range needed for pupils and without a screen to show you where to stand, it would be awkward.

I think the current system allows for most cases, but does require carrying something. There is a physical switch for the hatch, and my father has a car that allows him to use that button to enter a code by pressing a certain number of times to represent a digit, repeated for the rest of the code, in cases where he doesn't want to carry anything. If it's merely a way of letting somebody in without the person carrying anything, I'd prefer a solution that assumes that it's the exception.

Mike83 | 26 agosto 2017

Hi Tesla buddy. It's me, it really is me; remember the trip last week to Costco and then I bathed you. I just got a new haircut and look slightly different. It is not a great haircut as I did change barbers.

lilbean | 26 agosto 2017 | August 26, 2017
One concern is a photo might work to unlock the car. Go to someone's Facebook page, get a good picture, print it off, and hold it up to the camera. Drive off with your free Tesla!


Tesla needs to get AP2 and AP1 right before playing with other new ideas.

Mike83 | 26 agosto 2017

lilben Which car do you have. AP2 or 1. and what don't you like about it.

conman | 26 agosto 2017

Don't distract them from getting their existing promised features working any further please.

Mike83 | 26 agosto 2017

I didn't ask you conman

conman | 26 agosto 2017

:< I thought it was funny. I'll go stand shamefully in the corner then :(

lilbean | 26 agosto 2017

Mike83, I have an AP1 X. It constantly gets too close to the center divider and too close to trucks. It isn't even worth the trouble as I immediately have to intervene and then it deactivates. It's a complete joke in my car.

Mike83 | 27 agosto 2017

lilbean Too bad. I drove an AP1 loaner and it worked great on the freeways and the TACC worked perfectly stopping and going in traffic at very high to low speeds. This is the reason I got an AP2. I drove by big rigs all the time. It actually stays centered in the road quite well now. I use it 100% of the time on highways which made our last 2000 mile drive a breeze.
Maybe your car needs checking out. What year and battery pack?

lilbean | 27 agosto 2017

2016 90D. Since I have an X, it spent a lot of time in the service center, I drove many S loaners with AP and they were awesome! Now loaners have AP disabled. | 27 agosto 2017

Another concern for face recognition - lighting. How is this going to work at night - flash a light at you (temporarily blinding you?). What about that one time the sun is directly behind you? Snowing? You just came back from swimming and your hair covers part of your face? Wearing dark sunglasses?

This seems to be a really complex problem to do this out in the open under a wide range of conditions. The task might even rival doing AP! So between ways to make it actually work, and ways to fake it, I think it is a long way away from being done on any car, especially when there are good solutions already available (phone, fob, key, etc.).

Mike83 | 27 agosto 2017

Lilbean. I wonder if you have a tow bar. Since when did they disable AP on the loaners?
Since I got my Model S with AP2 for about 8 months it has never needed Service. The tires look good so I haven't rotated them. Service said on the annual service they might rotate them as the D gives very even wear.
Just to reiterate I am stoked as to how well the AP2 works now we just got the latest update with a new passive lock feature and more improvements.
I kind of wish they would do a recall so I could drive a loaner like the P100D ;-)

TT What about infrared sensor? | 27 agosto 2017

An infrared sensor might help slightly, but an infrared camera would be better. Still lots of variables for it as well - if you are out in the freezing cold, your face may look quite different to an infrared camera than if you are in 70F degree weather. Seems like a really tough problem (but actually quite interesting). I bet someone is working on it at some company. I know some phones offer face recognition to unlock the phone, but it doesn't have to be all that reliable in all conditions in that application.

carlk | 27 agosto 2017

My concern is you see in movies thieves cut off people's fingers to gain access to the fingerprint indentification system. Imagine what they need to do to gain access to the facial recognition system.

Mike83 | 27 agosto 2017

carik. Movies? Not reality but possible although cellular degradation and temperature might make access not possible.
But I like the movie themes as to some ingenious ways of circumvention of security,

jordanrichard | 28 agosto 2017

Or, we all could go to the gym and lift weights so that we can muster the strength to carry the 3 oz FOB in our pockets and not worry about haircuts, bad lighting, forgetting to shave, etc................................

Mike83 | 28 agosto 2017

Here is a system in place already. It's already advanced and is AI driven. There are probably some cool ways to advance this in the future.