Online Apparel Order

Online Apparel Order

So I placed an online order for a Tesla track jacket a about a month ago. I do realize Tesla is geared towards vehicle sales and I am a very low priority.

That being said, I am a customer and Tesla charged my card weeks ago and has since been silent. I emailed and received no response. Then I even called in. I was basically told no one monitors online orders and I would just have to wait until I received an email. They did state that three weeks seemed really long, but the best they could do would be to let me leave a voicemail with somebody.

As I'm nearing a month with no one at Tesla even being able to tell me the status of my order, my last option is to call Discover and see if they can charge Tesla back, which I don't want to do.

Any advice from those more familiar with Tesla would be appreciated!

lilbean | 31 agosto 2017

I ordere a jacket and received it a week later. I've made several orders on line with no problems. I would try calling Tesla back. Different people have different information. When I call and the information provided to me sounds strange, I just say "thank you" and then call back and get a better answer.

lar_lef | 1 settembre 2017

If i order a Tesla jacket, do I get a free model 3?

SCCRENDO | 1 settembre 2017

I have ordered bike riding outfits, HPWCs etc and never a problem. Arrives a few days later. Are you based in the US? Suggest contact customer service.

tnkplatoon18 | 1 settembre 2017

you were actually able to order something? Every time I go online they are always out stock of jackets and what not. With that being said I did order a baseball cap, using my Discover card for payment, and it arrive relatively quickly. I would call back and see if a different person can give you updated information or ask to speak with someone else...

matt.maurer | 1 settembre 2017

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I was contacted by a Tesla rep today who saw this post and he is looking into my order and sorting out what happened. He was super helpful!

lilbean | 1 settembre 2017

Ha! Like I've said, Tesla reads the forum.

Frank99 | 1 settembre 2017

Bravo Tesla!

jentan003 | 31 gennaio 2019

Hello, Just curious on how long it takes to get the Signature Black Wall Connector? Checking our account it states that it is scheduled. However it has been a couple of months now.

BCM 92 | 31 gennaio 2019

I placed an order and they took their payment Dec 18th, which they confirmed but I never received confirmation that it was sent nor have I received anything. I have sent 5 emails to the address indicated but no reply.
How do I cancel the order when they do not even acknowledge the message.
I know it just appeal but this the worst customer service I have ever experienced and it looks bad on TESLA

JasonL15 | 31 gennaio 2019

I also placed an order for apparel three weeks ago. They charged my credit card but no shipping notification. Sent four follow up emails to with no reply. Does anyone have a phone number that's not sales or roadside assistance that I can call? Thanks!