Wishes for future upgrades

Wishes for future upgrades

Dear Tesla Team

I've been the happy owner of a X90D for 3 months now, and enjoying every minute of it !!

I've got 2 suggestions/wishes for future firmware upgrades :
1) the easy one : I'd love if the windows would also be closing together with the doors when I press 3 times on the key fob...
2) the tricky one : I drive the car backwards to enter through my garden gate. I was hoping that the car would recognize the gate as a parking spot and enter automatically, but it doesn't... When the car cannot calculate the moves by itself, what would be really nice is if I could park manually and "record" the sequence, and then the car could propose to reproduce it once it senses that it is in the same GPS location.

thanks a lot if you can give it a thought !

jaytabanh | 25 settembre 2017

New to the tesla family - just took delivery of MX 100D Sep 1 2017. Love the car - but there is always areas for improvement :) - specifically:
- Surround view camera. Car has the camera needed for this right?
- Ability to enter multiple trip legs in the navigation
- Blind spot indicator

I only got to drive it for ~ 1.5 weeks - as it has been at the SC to get a few things done to it (FWD alignment, steering wheel vibration, missing tow hitch) - but it has been the best car I have ever own so far.

bob | 25 settembre 2017

+1 @jaytabanh (including only driving ours for about 5 days b4 heading back to correct fitment issues). Would love to be able to access the side cameras to mitigate the blindspots.

joemar10 | 25 settembre 2017

Multiple GPS destinations, sortable for most efficient route. (Prius has had this since 2004) Front and rear dash cams.

Vawlkus | 26 settembre 2017

I don’t get this. How are people having blind spot issues in an X?

If you have the rear camera up, you can see what’s in your rear arc. When something passes out of the camera’s view then if you look out your drivers side window, the vehicle is right there.

Sure, it’d be cool to see car icons on the dash when there’s something next to you, but you don’t need it.

nutner | 26 settembre 2017

+1 for Jeans' suggestion on the windows winding up with car lock. In my Mercedes if i hold the lock button down near the door for 2 seconds, all the windows and sunroof close. Similarly if i hold the open button, all the windows and sunroof open (to vent heat before getting in)
As an extension, if i press and hold recirculate in the car for 2 seconds, all windows and sunroof close automatically so heat/cold is not vented out!

+1 for Jays surround view parking too - lets see the picture rather than just the measurements

peterlethbridge | 26 settembre 2017

+1 for surround vision camera view, I have it on my Lexus and use it a lot
+1 for closing all windows when triple clicking on the fob when all door close

ernie | 26 settembre 2017 might not get it, but there is a spot on each side which is not seen sufficiently by either the rear view mirror or side mirror. Due to weather, the rear camera is not always visible such as when it rains or snows. I solved by putting two attached mirrors to cover the less than perfect area. This after I almost went into on each side, and I do drive "carefully", but evidently not carefully enough.

Ninefiveone | 26 settembre 2017

@ernie can you see the sides of your car in your side view mirrors?

jmoskwa6 | 26 settembre 2017

display incoming text message & allow me one button "Call" to call if I'm driving
allow "Text " voice activation command while I'm driving - use speech recognition to text then send

Vawlkus | 27 settembre 2017

I don’t have that spot ernie. And I’m not using my side mirrors to see alongside me (which I could do).
Anything passing by is either in my camera window, or out my front windows. There’s no gap between them.

jcwlee1 | 27 settembre 2017

During streaming of a song, let's say "Titanium" by David Guetta, would be nice to be able to select David Guetta on the touchscreen for more of his content. Alternate example is if on Comedy, and Chris Rock shows up, you can select Chris Rock for more content. | 7 ottobre 2017

Would be great to have favourites on the phone. Or pull favourites from the phone, Otherwise to dial any number is scrolling thru the long address book - is inefficient. | 7 ottobre 2017

Most of these suggestions have been previously suggested for a long time. Here's a quick check of some of the ones talked about here. You can add your vote to the count as well if you desire that feature:

I don't expect Windows rollup will ever be added. The concern is safety - a kid or pet might put their head/arm outside the window and rollup could catch them and there is no way to stop the action quickly. Quite a few requests for it though:

Elon stated a surround view may be coming for HW2 vehicles. Lots of requests over the years:

Multiple Nav routes - one of the most popular requested feature:

Access text messages (and emails) is popular:

Phone speed dial is also a popular requested feature:

dvanlier | 7 ottobre 2017

Not a firmware thing but I’d like a qi charging pad for the center console , available as an add on, especially since the new iPhones have wireless charging

bob | 7 ottobre 2017

@dvanlier search youtube there's someone who'd modified the console to include the wireless charging unit. It was a pretty slick installation. The mod didn't look too intimidating.

Vawlkus | 10 ottobre 2017

I actually want another song for my X to ‘dance’ to. The Model Xmas show is great, but having two or three different songs would be great.
I REALLY want the Ironman theme in there. :D

nutner | 10 ottobre 2017

I don’t buy the safety issue on the roll up windows. I’ve had autoreverse windows since at least 2002 in all my Mercedes vehicles and the same control system is in the Tesla. Lack of auto sensing wipers is also an embarrassment for Tesla in my opinion. Im hoping this function comes sooner than later and the surround view. Lastly I hate that the car is locked in my garage. Maybe I have not found the settings yet, but I’d like the car to never lock while in my garage, but still auto lock anywhere else.

tommyalexandersb | 10 ottobre 2017

I want rainbow road to engage without playing the annoying cowbell song.

ruben | 11 ottobre 2017

I live in Vancouver and it rains a lot. Can't wait for the auto sensing wipers to be rolled out. Please... | 13 ottobre 2017

Another big vote for 360 surround view like all the major competitors have. It’s the most useful parking aid ever! I was frankly shocked that it wasn’t included on the X.

interbay | 14 ottobre 2017

Are these wish lists actually considered by those with the power? Does anyone know?

In hopes that they are, our 3 wishes:

1) Rain sensing wipers (just realizing how much we miss these in our old VWs now that rain is falling in Seattle again).

2) Some option to adjust climate control timing, and built in alerts when it goes off, in the app!! Last summer we were so afraid of cooking our dogs in the car when this thing either doesn't turn on as expected, or turns off (when I forgot to set a timer on my phone).

3) Ability to add multiple stops, and change their order, in the navigation system (hint: VW has a great system for this that someone might like to emulate).

Triggerplz | 14 ottobre 2017

On my P90DL I have rain sensors on my wipers

00Tesla | 15 ottobre 2017


I have had my Model X for about 2 weeks and it has been a pleasure to drive. I just took a trip of about 400 miles and AutoPilot was solid. Stayed in the center of the lane better than I do. I do have 2 suggestions:
1 - Have an offset control so that I can position the car in the lane a little more to the left or right. Like when passing a car I would like to give a little more room between the cars or when just driving in the right lane I would like to see a couple more inches offset of center to the right.
2 - Auto Lane change is a little aggressive. It moves over to the other lane too quickly for my liking. This could be a lot smoother and slower.

I can't wait to see what future updates bring.

washington.k | 15 ottobre 2017

Is there any plan to put GPS locator in the key fob?! It seems like that would be a no brainer-people lose those key fobs more than they lose their car-but you can locate the car on the phone app. Why not the my fob?

mhgross | 16 ottobre 2017

(1) Strap assists on entering/exiting 2nd and 3rd row seats.
(2) Brighter back-up lights. Existing lights warn other drivers that you are in reverse but they don't light the way.
(3) Option to open passenger-side door first on first key-fob double click. By using the existing option of drivers-side door opening on approach, this gives full flexibility.

Redmiata98 | 16 ottobre 2017

Tri, rain sensing wipers work on my P90DL too. Was that option part of one of the packages? Maybe that is why some have it and some do not?

Redmiata98 | 16 ottobre 2017

The windows used to close or open from the fob. My p85S had it for a while and then one of the updates took it away. Never could get an answer from Tesla on the rational for it.

bob | 17 ottobre 2017

@mhgross #2 I haven't tried this but just noticed last week that there is a setting on the lighting controls for rear facing fog lamps. It was bright sunny day when I found it, so I'm still not clear on exactly what the direction of those lights are. But wondering if they might help?

Redmiata98 | 17 ottobre 2017

It is a separaate red light in the back. Standard on most European cars and some American ones.