16 stall!!! supercharger in Manchester, CT

16 stall!!! supercharger in Manchester, CT

Just learned from one of our club members (Tesla Owners - Connecticut) and saw it with my own eyes, there is a 16, yes 16 stall supercharger site currently being built in Manchester CT. It is right off RT 84 and is a real easy on and off. This has not been listed on Tesla SC page as a future site nor was it on the site.
As for the lack of it being on Tesla's SC plans, there may be a reason. Currently there is an 8 stall site in West Hartford, yet they indicate that there will be another site in West Hartford. One of our Tesla Owners Club members reach out to Tesla and they said it was on their plan to be online by the end of 2017. So if they planned on having another site in West Hartford and then it would make no sense to add this one in Manchester, which is only 18 miles from West Hartford. So, I suspect they misplaced the gray dot. With this location, and the soon to be finished site in Danbury, RT 84 will be completely covered in CT for those traveling to MA. Danbury to West Hartford, 54 miles. West Hartford to Manchester, 15 miles and Manchester to Auburn, MA site 50 miles.
As for what is near by food wise. There are 2 burger places, Five Guys and Artisnal Burgers as well as a noodle place within a 2 min walk. Within a 5 min walk there is a Taco Bell and Boston Market. For those needing a serious nap, there is a Hampton Inn Suites.

dthomas18 | 5 ottobre 2017

Ah, too bad they didn't put it in Vernon, near Rein's Deli!

bob | 5 ottobre 2017

send a selfie video to the Now you Know guys!

jordanrichard | 6 ottobre 2017

Dthomas18, I live in Vernon and I have been saying that for a long while. A lot of out of owners stop at Reins. There is also a Japanese restaurant there, a hotel, clothing store Zander's. However, that parking lot is often full and I am sure they couldn't afford to give up spots for a charger site.

BTW just an update. All of the stalls are done, the parking spots in front of the stalls are all cleaned up/swept up. All signage is in place but all that is missing is the transformer. BTW, the signage, all 16 of them say Tesla Vehicle Parking Only.

jordanrichard | 6 ottobre 2017

Sorry for the typo. I meant that there are a lot of out of towners that stop at Reins. | 6 ottobre 2017

Big deal. We have a working 20 stall SC in Sarasota. So there.

jordanrichard | 16 ottobre 2017


Still no transformer. All of the construction equipment is gone, parking spots have been given a pavement seal topcoat and re-striped. I forgot to mention this before, but they also added two new parking lights over the parking spaces. Well rather the mounts/wiring are there, just need the light poles.

Also just FYI, we (Tesla Owners-Connecticut) will be holding a meet up at this location to commemorate it's "opening". So be on the look out for that. We welcome anyone to come by, even those with orders for a Tesla or are just thinking about it. Our club's mission is to help new / soon to be owners, adjust to living in the future.....:-)