Loss of charge while parked for 7 days

Loss of charge while parked for 7 days

I am now 4 months into driving our new Model X 100D. I recently left my car in an airport parking lot for week while traveling, and the charge decreased from 206 miles to 164 miles over the 7 days. Is this normal and what others experience? I was surprised it was so much.

bob | 11 ottobre 2017

Too many unknowns... did you remote in via the app? Did you power it down? Was the climate protection enabled? What were the weather conditions where you left it. You also might want to learn how to search the forums- there's a recent discussion about just this topic.

inconel | 11 ottobre 2017

In short yes this is possible, it translates to an average of 6 miles per day of vampire loss which is on the high side but not impossible.

drdavelynch | 11 ottobre 2017

Thanks! Yes I use the remote to check. It was an average of about 60 degrees outside, and no climate protection enabled.

bob | 11 ottobre 2017

Next time shut off the car, turn off the climate protection and quit the app on your phone (kill the Tesla app on all family member phones too). Do not check on the car while parked - that way the car will stay asleep.

sv_18 | 12 ottobre 2017

Turning off climate protection is certainly one of the best things to do. I didn't consider "not checking the app", but that makes sense. Maybe a better solution is to disable the Mobile App Access setting on the car entirely (although I really do like being able to see if my car is still where it should be and is happily waiting for me!!!). I feel like I've seen other settings that add convenience but cause more drain.

It would be certainly be nice if there was a "long term storage" setting that one could enable to force the car to do everything it can to stop drain without needing to remember all of these settings changes (and remembering to switch them back when you return!) Even better if the setting told you how many miles would be lost per day when in this mode so you could plan accordingly and not be surprised when you return.

Rocky_H | 12 ottobre 2017

By the way search tools are:

Try searching for things like "long term storage" or "leaving airport"

Solarman004 | 12 ottobre 2017

"Maybe a better solution is to disable the Mobile App Access setting on the car entirely "

I wouldn't recommend this in case you need the app to unlock and start the car in the case of a lost FOB, for example.

bob | 12 ottobre 2017

@Solarman004 -- or someone stealing the car :)

LTO2 | 12 ottobre 2017

What’s the real concern regarding battery usage when a Tesla is parked? If the remaining charge is more than sufficient to get home to a charger, to a destination or other charger, Supercharger included, what’s the concern? The key, I think, is planning: How long with the vehicle be sitting? How much of a hit on range per day of sitting? How much range will be needed on return to reach a preferred charger? Charge up accordingly before parking and, if sufficient range will be available on return, be not concerned about lost capacity. (Actually, not lost, used...) Supercharging is free; a high capacity charger at home is much, much cheaper than gasoline. All good, in my judgment...

bob | 13 ottobre 2017

@LTO2 - agree, but one can take steps to minimize battery usage while parked. I also agree with sv_18 in having a software switch for 'long term storage' (or some similar label) would be a great addition.

We were planning a long trip and I'd thought about renting a 10x20 storage locker that had a light bulb socket I could convert to 110v charger as a parking space. We ended up opting to leave the EV at home and find an alternative method to accomplish the final leg of our journey.

francoisbitz | 14 ottobre 2017

I lost 28 miles in 8 days back in August parked even while checking once a day with App.

These days and after an update I loose 8 miles per day routinely which I am getting frustrated by. Some nights I come to one of my homes (no charger) and It has 4-5miles left and I am only 2 miles to supercharger (i.e starbucks) so I plan to do that in on odometer in the morning and I have to nudge the car with power limited to half or less.

Definitely something wrong (or the recent updates did something)

teslarama | 14 ottobre 2017

I agree..something is definitely wrong. Losing 12 miles per night. what the heck is going on?
is this because of car's huge AP2 data uploads lately?

inconel | 16 ottobre 2017

I used to lose about 3 miles per day. Recently I also noticed that this vampire loss was much higher, about 8 to 10 miles a day. I was curious and did an experiment two days ago, I turned off the authorization for Tesla to upload short clips of videos: I lost 1 mile in the last 48 hours :-)

I will turn it back on as I want to share the videos and help the development of AP, but this is good to know in case for example of having to leave the car at an airport unplugged for a week or more. If the car is not being driven for a period of time no need to upload driving videos anyway.

psusi | 16 ottobre 2017

Not using the app isn't going to help. The cellular radio is on anyway, and even if you shut that off, it only takes maybe 9 Wh per day to operate, so it would take 35 days for that to cost you one mile of range. The loss is simply self discharge of the batteries and it decreases as the state of charge gets lower.

bob | 16 ottobre 2017

@psusi I disagree. Waking the vehicle takes a lot more energy than just the cell signal. Putting the vehicle to sleep (off) uses a lot less power than not (at least that's been my experience).

@inconel please do keep us posted on what you learn. That's an interesting theory you are chasing!

teslarama | 16 ottobre 2017

@inconel...this is exactly what I was thinking.
How do you turn off uploading videos?

inconel | 16 ottobre 2017

In Settings, select "Safety and Security" on the left, select "Data Sharing", uncheck both "I agree", click OK

teslarama | 16 ottobre 2017

Thx. I found that. I'll post my results tomorrow.

psusi | 17 ottobre 2017

@bob, running the computer and radio takes a LOT less power than moving the car. A few watts isn't going to add up to a kWh for a very long time.

francoisbitz | 17 ottobre 2017

I turned "ALWAY CONNED" OFF and energy saving to ON an now I have not see any vampire drain!

HOWEVER: last two mornings it took many miles (5-7miles) for the REGEN to work at full capacity..temps have been "cool" like 40F both morning so I am assuming have turned all the features alway disabled battery temp to be maintained?

In both cases battery was not even at 50% capacity so is Tesla trying to protect the "cold" battery?

teslarama | 17 ottobre 2017

I confirm...the data uploads are consuming decent amount of power.

teslarama | 18 ottobre 2017

I take it back..last night I lost again 14 miles (from 34 to 20).
This is in spite of disabling every piece of c--p I know.
So it is nothing to do with data uploads?
My always connected option is disabled too and I kill my app before going to sleep.
My keys are far away and I don't think my car is waking up all the night along.
My garage temps are normal 60 to 70F

teslarama | 25 ottobre 2017

Seems like some issue in the old firmware.
With the new update back to normal drain (17.40) of 4 miles per night.

inconel | 25 ottobre 2017

If you just got a new software update maybe the 14 miles loss was due to downloading the new software?

teslarama | 25 ottobre 2017

Nope @inconel...I got this update few days back.
From then..I'm consistently seeing 4 miles drain each night...which is great.

There was something wrong in the older version of the firmware (17.38 I think)
Just like you I even suspected data uploads.

inconel | 26 ottobre 2017

If you saw the larger loss about a week ago and got the update a few days ago is it not possible that a big chunk of the new software was downloaded a week ago?

teslarama | 26 ottobre 2017

SW download does not take too much energy.
What I suspect is...the older SW was somehow keeping the car busy throughout the night causing.

Did you get 17.40 or above?

inconel | 27 ottobre 2017

I am only on 17.36
I am currently away from home, the X has been sitting for 13 days with no uploading allowed and it has lost 25 miles or about 2 miles per day.

teslarama | 27 ottobre 2017

I upload disable is helping you.

After 17.40..I enabled my data upload again (I paid for EAP and FSD..need to contribute :(
With this I see 4 miles drain.
I'm happy..I no longer see those dreaded 12 miles overnight drain.

i | 10 marzo 2019

Glad that I found this post. I'm a renter (no home charge) + traveler so being able to park and not lose too much battery is important.

bp | 18 marzo 2019

We parked our X 100D (MCU2) at an airport garage last week in 40-70 degree weather with range mode enabled, and no other changes (climate was still on).

We averaged around 7 miles of lost range per day.

With a 100% charge, we're confident we'll be able to park at the airport for a 16 day trip we're planning later this year, and might do even better if we'd turned off the climate system.