How many would still pick black paint if it weren't free?

How many would still pick black paint if it weren't free?

Teslanomics did a survey and it seemed more than half were choosing to go with Black, but I wonder how that might change if all paint cost $1,000?

dsvick | 12 ottobre 2017

It would depend on what paint color was free.

Rutrow | 12 ottobre 2017

I'd go with Bondo and primer to save $1000...

but the wife wants blue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

chihuahua31 | 12 ottobre 2017

I have a hard time getting myself to pay for another color, but I plan on doing it. I owned a black car previously and, as someone who never cleans their car, it showed. My silver car was much more forgiving. I may go with blue or dark grey. I am glad I have a couple months to decide. I want to see the colors in person. Hopefully some East Coasters will get them soon.

andy.connor.e | 12 ottobre 2017

Not going with black. Even if its free. Midnight Silver or Blue for me.

topher | 12 ottobre 2017

If Tesla decided to charge for ALL colors of paint, I probably wouldn't buy the car. Speaks to deceptive business practices.

If all colors were free, I probably would get the blue or midnight silver instead of black.

Thank you kindly.

socaldave | 12 ottobre 2017

Haha noooooooooo, never ever black for a car!

burdogg | 12 ottobre 2017

My S is black - I don't wash it that often and maybe it is just me but only at times do I go, man, I need to wash that. Problem is, every time I plan to do it, the weather shows rain coming.

I have a Black S because it was free, so was plain white at the time, but I have never cared for white. My X is blue, because I really decided I wanted to get the color I wanted (don't mind the black though),

Last, My 3 will be black, because it is free. Yes, I am sticking with plain jane basic model - $35,000 and that is it - $7,500 tax credit and $5,000 State and a beautiful black model 3 for $22,500. Nice!

Now, if I didn't have my S and X, then yes, I would splurge and spend the extra $1,000 to get the midnight silver or Blue.

Coastal Cruiser. | 12 ottobre 2017

No black for me. Period.

95dawg | 12 ottobre 2017

I would not. I would go for color that wasn't additional cost.
If all available colors had no additional charge, probably dark grey

Sparky | 12 ottobre 2017

Only those who own a car wash. Black cars look better in the shade, and you have to wash them every day. Plus they get hot in the sun.

KP in NPT | 12 ottobre 2017

"If Tesla decided to charge for ALL colors of paint, I probably wouldn't buy the car. Speaks to deceptive business practices."

Well, in that case, wouldn't they just raise the price of the car? It's not like you can buy a car without paint. ;-)

I would never buy another black car. My current car is black, and since I do a lot of highway driving, it shows every speck of dust, nick, and rock chip. Part of the reason I'm getting silver. Rock chips won't show at all.

DTsea | 12 ottobre 2017

All our cars are black and both my teslas have been black so black is fine. | 12 ottobre 2017

She who must be obeyed picks colors. Price has no impact on this decision. Matching outfits is another story.

95dawg | 12 ottobre 2017

If only Tesla would change their mind offer plain ol' solid white. That's what I would get.

JeffreyR | 12 ottobre 2017

One of my ideas is get 'free' black and use saved money for matte protective wrap. We will see. Silver works well and I like blue too.

topher | 12 ottobre 2017

"Well, in that case, wouldn't they just raise the price of the car?"

Yes, that is precisely my point.

Thank you kindly.

ng0 | 12 ottobre 2017

@burdogg There's a slim to zero chance that you'll get that tax credit if you wait for the plain jane 35k Model 3. I'd be surprised if you get yours before the end of 2018 which means no way on the tax credit.

Coastal Cruiser. | 12 ottobre 2017

"She who must be obeyed"

95dawg: +1

JR: nice idea

ps - JeffreyR's Tesla advantage thread needs a bump and Mollom is blocking this non-owner like he was trying to post the recipe for an A bomb. Maybe an owner would care to try?

sbeggs | 12 ottobre 2017

Wouldnt take black even if it were a five thousand dollar deduct!

burdogg | 12 ottobre 2017

ng0 - why you say that? It sounds like one of those naysayers that says Tesla has no intention of ever building the base model - yet their whole plan is to get AFFORDABLE transportation on the road. So if they never build the base model - then how in the heck do you get affordable at $44,000 starting??? That just sounds very much like the anti journalist take.

I also really doubt they would give a delivery estimate of Dec-Feb for us owners for the standard battery if they didn't mean it. So even if behind, that will be pushed to what Feb-Apr at latest - still well within the full tax credit.

So, no I don't agree with you ng0 :) That is something many naysayers want to push and project as truth - that no base model will be built until end of 2018 and even then, only a handful. I could be wrong, but for now, it is FUD as Tesla has given a date when they say it will be.

burdogg | 12 ottobre 2017

ah now sbeggs - you are downing on some people's love there :) I know one in particular that decked his X out with everything the minute they let him finally order, and yet he chose black.

But you are giving me a good laugh :)

jamilworm | 12 ottobre 2017

I plan to wrap the car so I would take whatever was free. I am actually kind of glad the free color is black because I think that is the subtlest under-color for hard to access areas that aren't wrapped, like insides of joints and such. Also, I like white cars and if white was the only free color I would probably get that and then never get around to getting the wrap. But I don't care for black cars so I think this way I will most likely stick with my plan.

noleaf4me | 12 ottobre 2017

I have never had a black car and was laning that way before they announced that was the only color that was free. Still thinking about going Black.

I think Blue is a fad color and I currently have both a white and silver car. I don't care for "asphalt" colored cars (midnight silver)

fritter63 | 12 ottobre 2017

115 degrees here in the summer... no black paint. ;) Not even that sure about black upholstery.

Sandy’s 3 | 13 ottobre 2017

3 black cars in the past. Never again.

topher | 13 ottobre 2017

"There's a slim to zero chance that you'll get that tax credit if you wait for the plain jane 35k Model 3. I'd be surprised if you get yours before the end of 2018 which means no way on the tax credit."

There is NO way that the tax credit will be gone by the end of end 2018. The earliest that Tesla could make their 200,000th car would be Q4-2017 (through huge ramp up), which would make the $7,500 credit expire end of Q1-2018, $3,750 expire Q3-2018, $1,875 expire Q1-2019! More likely is 200,000 in Q1-2018, full end of Q2-2018, half end of q4-2018, quarter end of Q2-2019. Possible, another quarter after that.

Tesla is planning on starting production of the SR $35,000 car in November *2017*, so that is at least 1+ years of tax credit and $35,000.

Thank you kindly.

Patronus | 13 ottobre 2017

1 black car in the past. Never again.

Also, I am sick of even looking at "grayscale" cars - white, silver, gray and black. Americans are so very boring in their color choices (or "lack-of-color" choices as it is).

Tesla, give us some colors - greens, reds, blues, yellows, oranges. Break the boring mold.

JAD | 13 ottobre 2017

About half my cars have been black, nothing better than a detailed black car, but if you are not meticulous, black is not a good choice. First S was black, have midnight silver now, but battling on what color to get for the 3 with red slightly ahead, not because the metallic colors are extra like with most companies, just want something different.

JAD | 13 ottobre 2017

+1 Patronus, too many boring grayscale cars!

Peanut01 | 13 ottobre 2017

Isn't a full wrap at least $4k? I've owned one black car in the past and will never get another black car again unless the car is so hard to come by that I may never find one in another color at that price.

I do think it's silly to charge for everything except black.

Shock | 13 ottobre 2017

All things equal for me it's black or dark gray only.

Iwantmy3 | 13 ottobre 2017

No more black!
I have three black cars now. Had a visit from my parents and my daughters boyfriend some weeks back. Two more black cars. Had five black cars in the driveway. Too much black!!

I don't know yet which color I will get but it won't be black.

7thGate | 13 ottobre 2017

I would probably get blue or red as my first two choices, with black being my third. I don't actually care very much about color, however, so I will take the black as it is free.

sbeggs | 13 ottobre 2017

Likely red for us, with silver a possibility. Wish for turquoise or light blue however...

Electric_Sheeple | 13 ottobre 2017

Black is my #1 pick.... nothing more beautiful than a clean black car!

JAD | 13 ottobre 2017

If it makes you feel any better, Porsche offers black and plain white for free, metallic colors are $890, special colors like metallic red or silver are $3,310 and custom colors are $9,910. BMW also includes non-metallic, charges $550 for metallic and $1,950 for 'individual' colors (4 other colors that are $2k, but seem to just be metallic colors???).

Really Tesla paint prices are in line with the luxury competition, just not with Ford, Toyota, etc.

swingshiftworker | 13 ottobre 2017

FWIW, a black car is a real PITA to keep clean, if you care about such things.

Frank99 | 13 ottobre 2017

>>> nothing more beautiful than a clean black car!
I fully agree with you - however, for my cars, the "clean" part is an unattainable goal...

WhiteModel3AWD | 13 ottobre 2017

I've owned black cars and won't get another car in that color so it's an extra $1k for me... It gets too hot inside and gets dirty too easily.

LA-Fohlen | 13 ottobre 2017

If black wasn't free meaning no color is free I would go with plain metal!

cp2tc | 13 ottobre 2017

I know 2 or 3 don't exist and 1 is potential but these are the ONLY appropriate combinations!

1. Red with white/white-ish interior
2. Blue, dark blue, blue-gray with coral red interior (think BMW) interior.
3. Black with coral red interior.

Stop the black interior. It's horribly boring.

vp09 | 13 ottobre 2017

White. Only white makes sense in Southern California. Or in the Southern United States. Or maybe silver.

How can you justify a dark painted car, knowing that it soaks up heat from sun shine?

vp09 | 13 ottobre 2017

LA - Fohlen,

I like that idea. Plain metal. Like late WW2 German fighters, and US bombers. Why bother to put 300 lbs of green paint on a B-17 or a B-29?

Did the DeLorean have paint?

vp09 | 13 ottobre 2017

Black is hotter by 15 or 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Empirical evidence.

Some governmental regulations are good.

Like no black roofs. And no black cars. So move to f**kig Siberia if you need a black roof or car.

just my 2 f**king Pfennig.

vp09 | 14 ottobre 2017

I mean, why I'm buying Tesla, is to save the planet.

So why would I buy a BLACK car if I were wanting to reduce global warming?

kzodz | 14 ottobre 2017

I would gladly pay extra for a color I loved. Sadly, while there are some I like more than others (silver. blue) none of them knocks me off my feet as something special. British Racing Green, or a soft blue might have been worth it.

JeffreyR | 14 ottobre 2017

Get whatever color you want and use a cover. Better for paint, better for planet. Everybody wins!

noleaf4me | 14 ottobre 2017

Darn all of you -- I was all in on Black but now I'm back leaning white.....

SpeedyEddy | 15 ottobre 2017

@VP09 In a milder to colder climate Black is most energy efficient beacause what you win in range, due to warming by sun, in autumn, winter and spring is more than what you lose in summer. Then what I read is heating the car with (and keeping it on the)10 degrees costs much more electric energy then cooling it down 10 degrees. My 2 euro-cents.But I never owned a black car, was considering black, Expel-wrapping it (stealth) immediately. Mayby quartz-coating that.. Anybody knows how that is influencing/showing dirt on a black back-ground? If that is just as bad, i will switch to red or white and only clearcoat that with quartz.

Coastal Cruiser. | 15 ottobre 2017

noleaf4me "Darn all of you -- I was all in on Black but now I'm back leaning white....."

I know. Black is actually my favorite color. But not on a car. Even though it looks great.

btw - have y'all ever noticed how active these car color threads are? You make a color posting and there will always be a stack of comments. You know one of the technologies that I'd hope would catch on more than it has is nano technology. One of the applications of nano tech mentioned early on was the ability to instantly change the color of your car.