Front Number plate

Front Number plate

Has anybody come up with a solution on how to attach a front number plate without drilling holes into the bumper?

Shock | 16 ottobre 2017

Nailing it is probably the most secure way. I'll probably use ringshank nails to be sure they don't pull out.

Xerogas | 16 ottobre 2017

Tesla ships it with a very strong two-sided tape, which I've heard is quite reliable.

Shock | 16 ottobre 2017

+1 Xerogas. Tape is good, but Tesla is also recommending some spot welding around the edges to help secure it.

BTW Silo I'm not trolling your thread, I'd like to know also. I think ultimately it will require drilling, though.

noleaf4me | 16 ottobre 2017

IDC - I live in GA

Yodrak. | 16 ottobre 2017

Does the current Model S front license plate bracket have screws securing it to the bumper? I've seen videos of it being removed and there's a bracket that is held to the bumper with adhesive. A second bracket is screwed to the first, then the plate is screwed into the second bracket.

Why would be Model 3 be different? | 16 ottobre 2017

The refreshed Model S uses two screws in the bottom, and is not visible if the plate holder is removed. I'm about 95% sure the Model X has drilled holes in front, so the 3 could follow the S design (good) or the X design (not so good).

I made a magnetic holder so there are no holes for my first (pre-refresh S):

Something similar might work for the 3. I spent quite a bit of time making a magnetic holder for the refreshed S, but alias, it hasn't worked out well (yet). I know of another company that is working on a different design that will attach without drilling. Once that's available, I'll add it to my modifications list.