Paying $60K for an incomplete car & Second car

Paying $60K for an incomplete car & Second car

Over the weekend I drove from Seattle to
a farm in Northeast Washington state. 290 miles. BMW X1 marked 400 miles range. I like heater at 75F. Outside temperature at 20sF. Hills and heavy snow. I had to refill tank.

Unfortunately that type of trip would not be practical with the best EV money can buy. I am not sure if everyone buying the car realizes that. I used to be a big Tesla fan. Tesla cars are great in the city. I am very glad I didnt pay $80K+ for a Model S. That would be too much money for a car which is limited to city use cases. I drove from Palm Desert to Portland; I rarely saw EVs on the road. I think lot of people will walk away from EV cars once they learn that charging stations are overcrowded. I will not drive 7h in the snow and stop 2 times to charge car. It is frustrating folks.

I will be buying Model 3 to handle my commute, rear traction. Keep BMW X1 as the long-range car. It is unfortunate VW messed up the diesel future in the US.

KP in NPT | 17 ottobre 2017

What are you talking about? Tesla cars are great in the city? You obviously have never driven a tesla on a long distance trip.

Model S/X drivers drive in all conditions with less range than the LR model 3. And that trip is more than doable. Yes, you'll have to charge, but so what? Supercharging is not cumbersome. Check back again after you have your Tesla and take it on your trip to the farm.

space09 | 17 ottobre 2017

I drive 400 miles in my Model S fairly often with no problem and it cost me $0 in fuel. EVs are better the 95% of the time you don't drive long distances, but the 5% long distance use case has a slight tradeoff on time. Not difficult to manage with SuperChargers and timing stops for food, though. In fact, the free fill-up is like Tesla is buying your meal for you (given my last car was $50 in premium fuel to fill up). Few of us pull a 'sad astronaut' and put on diapers for our long drives, so while you may think the compromise not worth it, many of us have no issue with it.

KP in NPT | 17 ottobre 2017

I think you're confusing a Tesla with a Leaf. Maybe post this on the Leaf forum.

Syruspicarus2016 | 17 ottobre 2017

Yes we have a Leaf at home. How people can still buy that garbage? I hope you are right and who knows I am wrong. No kidding if I put $39K + $9K battery upgrade + other accessories, I expect a car, not a city commuter only. I will shut up for now and post back as soon as I get it.

Xerogas | 17 ottobre 2017

Seems pretty straightforward. Stop off at Ellensburg supercharger to stretch your legs and get a bite to eat, while filling up for your next leg. Plug in at the farm once your arrive.

This is the trip with 75° cabin temperature, and 20° exterior temperature:

Tâm | 17 ottobre 2017


Model 3 just made coast-to-coast trip from Manhattan Beach, CA to Manhattan, NY in 51 hours and 17 minutes.

The retired Professor and his daughter did it with Model S from NYC to LAX then Fremont, CA in 2014 in the deep winter vortex.

Multiple records were made for the past 3 years in subzero winters as well.

andy.connor.e | 18 ottobre 2017

Maybe you should actually drive it, and actually experience the supercharger stops, and see how imparibly "dreadful" the stops are before determining that Teslas are a city driving car and not meant for long trips. My god people like this make my dry-heave.

KP in NPT | 18 ottobre 2017

Syrus I think you will be pleasantly surprised, especially when comparing to your leaf.

SamO | 18 ottobre 2017

TLDR - BMW salesperson comes to Tesla forum to spread bullshit.


patswin | 18 ottobre 2017

Syrus, nothing personal but we don't need to wait for you to post back to know it can get you wherever you need to go. Tesla owners have been all over the country in their cars and since model 3 has as much or more range it's kind of a given. Many examples given on this forum about how range is no issue in a Tesla. Not sure how you have missed that.

SamO | 18 ottobre 2017

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

― Upton Sinclair,

chihuahua31 | 18 ottobre 2017

Looking at Tesla's Supercharger Map, there are also 4 additionally planned superchargers near that route which will reduce demand and increase options. I think the OP is way off-base about their concerns.

Ninefiveone | 18 ottobre 2017

Thankfully Syruspicrus2016 is here with their firsthand experience with a BMW X1.

What an ingenious way to prove that Teslas are only city cars. There is nothing better than uninformed perspective based on poor analysis to combat real world activities. When Tesla owners finally realize this and stop making cross country road trips in their Teslas, and restrict themselves to city usage only they will finally be as smart as syruspicarus2016.

finman100 | 18 ottobre 2017

yeah, that diesel remark is also...telling.

really? VW "screwed up" diesel? that's what you got? wow. so much for clean sustainable transport. Go Tesla!

rxlawdude | 18 ottobre 2017

TEA Score 99.999%

Rutrow | 18 ottobre 2017

"It is unfortunate VW messed up the diesel future", meaning, "it's unfortunate they got caught"

hoffmannjames | 18 ottobre 2017

@Syruspicarus2016 The long range Model 3 could do your 290 mile trip with one supercharger stop. It would not be a problem at all. But I guess it depends on your expectations. If you are accustomed to a 500 mile range ICE car that can make that trip with no stop, then any EV will seem impractical. EVs do require a change in thinking. But to say that the trip is not practical in a Tesla, is not true.

hoffmannjames | 18 ottobre 2017

@Syruspicarus2016 Your comparison is also unfair. You admit that even your ICE car with 400 miles would need to stop for gas because of the hills, snow and cold temps but because a Tesla would need to stop once or twice to charge, it is "only good city driving"? That's silly. The fact is that thousands of Tesla drivers make 290 miles trips all the time so clearly Tesla cars are good for more than city driving. The model 3 with 310 miles, can easily do long trips.

Shock | 18 ottobre 2017

" You admit that even your ICE car with 400 miles would need to stop for gas because of the hills, snow and cold temps but because a Tesla would need to stop once or twice to charge, it is "only good city driving"?"

I guess the ice stop is only a few minutes, though. It's also right off the highway. The only super-charger station in my city is several minutes off the highway in either direction. Charging will definitely increase trip time. The question people need to answer is whether that particularly matters. Some people drive straight through for 5 hours at a time. Others like me stop every 2 hours (though not for 20+ minutes, generally).

If I could stop every 2 hours and charge for 20 min and yet auto-pilot was so good I could otherwise sit daydreaming, then it would be a trade off worth making.

gar1116 | 18 ottobre 2017

He's made me see the light. Forget it! I'm cancelling my reservation and getting another ICE car. The technology is just not there yet. Maybe in a few years, when GM or Ford comes out with a good 'highway' EV for half the price....

(I'm holding up my sarcasm sign again)

andy.connor.e | 18 ottobre 2017

Always remember, that its not going to be "a few miles off the highway" forever. Being an 'early adopter' if you will, you have to endure slight inconveniences until the infrastructure adjusts to the new technology. Dont think it will be 'bad' forever.

SamO | 18 ottobre 2017

VW has single-handedly, done more to extinguish the future of diesel, than any combination of Al Gore, Polar bears and the PhDs from every college on the planet.

Thanks VW for making it clear how fucking useless diesel is to the future of sustainable transportation. When is the next shoe to drop for gasoline?

Rocky_H | 18 ottobre 2017

Yup, load of B.S.

"This thing I have never tried before is impractical and doesn't work."

Dude, I took a 700 mile day trip with a friend for fun on a Saturday because I look for excuses for a Tesla trip.

RedPillSucks | 18 ottobre 2017

@Syruspicarus2016 What am I missing? You're aware that Tesla has a network of fast chargers (Super chargers) right? Go to and check out where the chargers are for a route you might take. Set the range slider to 80-90% of your range to account for load (AC/Heat, etc) and just plot it out. It was a no-brainer, even for me whose never owned any kind of EV. The only issue one might have is that stops will take 30-40min instead of 15min for ICE cars. However, most of the time you'll combine that with food and BM breaks so its not noticable.

Xerogas | 18 ottobre 2017

I already plotted out his exact trip:

JAD | 18 ottobre 2017

For six months or so I put ~10k miles on my S. It would not be a practical for an ICE car as in that 10k miles I never went to a gas station, oil change, smog check, dealer or anywhere else besides my garage and destination. ALL charging was in my garage. Try that in any ICE. | 18 ottobre 2017

I travel SF to LA and back about 3 times a year (a 1000 mile round trip) in my Model S now for over 4 years. The Tesla does require an extra break than I did when using an ICE car. The big difference I was burned out after driving 6 hours straight in the ICE car. Now that I take two short breaks of about 30 minutes each for charging, I feel so much better when I arrive. With ICE, on arrival I was rather dead until I got a full night's rest. With the Tesla I'm wide awake and ready to have fun at my destination. So it costs me a extra hour of "travel" time, but I can actually do things when I arrive, so I'm quite a bit ahead of the game.

It also cost me about $160 in fuel in ICE vs free with the Tesla - another nice perk!

Then there is oil and filter changes at 3000 miles in the ICE, so 1/3 of that cost and time would apply to ICE, and none to the Tesla.

As most Tesla owners discover, they will never go back to an ICE car. Just too painful.

akgolf | 18 ottobre 2017

Easy to spot the shorts.

JustSaying | 18 ottobre 2017

"So it costs me a extra hour of "travel" time, but I can actually do things when I arrive, so I'm quite a bit ahead of the game.
It also cost me about $160 in fuel in ICE vs free with the Tesla - another nice perk!"

$160 an hour, after tax, is a pretty good job for a retired guy!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 18 ottobre 2017

I wonder how many fake accounts this guy has set up.