Reselling car if I dont get AWD

Reselling car if I dont get AWD

It seems more likely than not that I would lose the tax credit if I wait till AWD delivery is ready, correct?Online delivery estimator states I should get the AWD version between July and Oct 2018. I need a car as soon as possible.

If I place another $1000 deposit now, then I can sell the rear version in about 18 months once the backlog is more manageable.

andy.connor.e | 18 ottobre 2017

Hypothetically speaking, you CAN sell the car. Remember that you are also selling it USED. Whether that is Used at 1 mile driven or Used at 100 miles driven, its USED. And also take into consideration, that by the time you actually get your Model 3 RWD, people are more than likely not going to be willing to 'overpay' to skip the waiting line. So is it really worth it to buy an entire car to ultimately sell it because you need it right NOW? Also, consider this. Since when as a Federal Tax Credit been the deciding factor for buying a car in the past? Is that really what is 'Most' important?

dsvick | 18 ottobre 2017

The latest estimates have Tesla reaching the 200,000 limit in the first quarter of 2018. That would mean that that full credit would expire at the end of June. So yes, you would probably not get the full credit. The half credit though would last until the end of 2018 so you would likely qualify for that portion of it.

If Tesla manages to ramp up as they are hoping too you shouldn't need to place another reservation. Assuming you buy the first available as soon as you can in order to get a car earlier, you should be able to sell, or trade it in, it in 18 months and get into an AWD version with nothing more than the normal wait. On the other hand, if you have the $1,000 and you wont need it, it certainly couldn't hurt to place another reservation.

SamO | 18 ottobre 2017


chihuahua31 | 18 ottobre 2017

I considered doing this same thing, but decided against it. If anything, I would sell the RWD used and buy an AWD used in 18 months. There should be many available for purchase by then.

I would caution against depending on the estimated delivery. Jul-Oct is very close to the beginning of AWD production. It likely will have a lot of the same growing pains the RWD line has had. I wouldn't just assume if Tesla is at 5k per week when they start building AWD, that those will start coming off the line at a 5k/week clip as well. It should be faster than the ramp up for RWD (since there is so much common between the two models), but it adds an entire additional drive train. Something to keep in mind.

andy.connor.e | 18 ottobre 2017

Consider, that if you were to get another reservation right now, nearly all of the reservation holders will have taken delivery by the time you get it. That being said, if nearly all reservation holders take delivery, trying to buy a Model 3 new will not be much different in terms of delivery time than the Model S.

rxlawdude | 18 ottobre 2017

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stevenmaifert | 18 ottobre 2017

Okay, say you get the full $7500 Federal tax credit for the RWD version now. Subtract from that the sales tax and registration fees you will pay again for the AWD version, and the estimated 18 month depreciation for a used RWD that I expect will be even less valuable once the AWD hits the streets. Was it worth it? You might still get some Federal tax credit for the AWD depending on where Tesla is on the phaseout calendar, but is that a gamble you are willing to take?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 18 ottobre 2017

rxlawdude: Agreed.

SamO: I would if I could.

andy.connor.e | 18 ottobre 2017

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Rocky_H | 18 ottobre 2017

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