Dynamat (sound dampening)

Dynamat (sound dampening)

I was wondering if anyone knows if Dynamat would affect any the the Model S ultrasonic sensors. I wanted to put the Dynamat on the doors but I am not sure where the sensors are located. Because the Dynamat has a silver backing to it I feel like it might interfere unless someone else knows if it will or won't.

Yes, my model s is quiet but I also have a 2016 Tundra and I had taken it apart when I bought it and lined it with Dynamat and it is much quieter at freeway speeds.

Ohmster | 24 ottobre 2017

Not sure about the sensors. It’s great stuff. But heavy!

Anthony J. Parisio | 24 ottobre 2017

As long as you do not get between the metal and the sensor you should have no problem. Besides there should be no sensors behind the metal of the Model S. I believe they are only behind the metal of the Model X but I could be wrong.

Bill_75D | 24 ottobre 2017

The Model S ultrasonic sensors are clearly visible. They are the dime-sized circles on the front and rear bumpers.

Petemobiledj | 24 ottobre 2017

Bill_75D - I had looked at the diagram on the Tesla Page and it looked like it had side Ultra Sonic Sensors as well but I don't see them or know what they look like. This is why I am unsure about using it on the doors.

I already put the Dynamat inside the rear trunk lid and am woking on the rear quarter panels under the carpet.

jordanrichard | 24 ottobre 2017

You disassembled the rear hatch?

Most noise that you will hear is from the wheel wells and door skins.

RedShift | 24 ottobre 2017

I have done the doors, trunk walls, wheel wells. Most noise is wind now.

Sensors won't get affected unless you cover it with metal backed butyl rubber sheets.

dano | 24 ottobre 2017

@ RedShift: are you still happy with the Pirelli Cinturato's as a good compromise for low noise, performance, and longevity?

Bill_75D | 24 ottobre 2017

@Petemobiledj - The side sensors are the ones on the front and rear bumpers that are very close to the wheels. You have 6 sensors on the front bumper and 6 on the rear bumper, spaced out fairly evenly. Go out and look at your car. They are very visible. Little circles about as big as a dime. If you have ever hand-washed your car you certainly have seen them. They are just like the parking sensors that have been on all makes of cars for years.

jbdvm1988 | 24 ottobre 2017

@pete and @red. How much noise reduction did you notice. I find it hard to hear a podcast in my S and hope to quiet things down with dynamat

Petemobiledj | 25 ottobre 2017

Today I removed the carpet from the rear of the car and put Dynamat in the rear quarter panels and floor board.

@jbdvm1988 - I can tell the difference with just the back end of the car so far. Much quieter now.

@redshift - The Dynamat has the foil paper looking backing to it. Is that what will affect it if I put that on the doors?

willfealey | 13 febbraio 2018

For those of you that have installed Dynamat would you recommend it? Do you have any photos of your install? My finger is hovering over the buy button but I want to be sure it's the right thing. Thanks Will

kerryglittle | 13 febbraio 2018

You should download a decibel meter on your smartphone or just buy one at an electronics shop and do the before and after. I do think the majority of noise comes from the tires and windows so not sure if your project will make a huge difference. On an ICE car it likely would though.

avesraggiana | 14 febbraio 2018

I agree with @kerryglittle. Most of the noise is wind rush related, and the only solution to that is if Tesla every used double paned side windows, like I believe Mercedes Benz does.

Dynamat might cut down some tire roar and road rumble, but maybe not enough to have made the effort and expense worthwhile.

Ours is a 2017 build Model S75D. From what I’ve read, improvements have been made since the earlier builds in cutting down NVH transmitted to the cabin.

bish | 14 febbraio 2018


Read P_Dave's comments from May 31, 2017. Lots of other good info in this thread.

Mathew98 | 14 febbraio 2018

Dynamat my be an overkill for the project. I installed Noico foam roll to cover all the mats in the frunk, trunk, cabin myself. They were cut to size and attached to the underside of each mat. In addition, they were attached to the frame of the entire trunk area. I didn't bother with any of the doors.

It took all of an hour for this DIY project on a 2014 classic. Can't really hear much of the outside noise but the music sounds awesome starting at volume 5. It's obnoxious at level 8 and your ears would ring at level 10+...

Total weight added: less than 10 pounds.

Ohmster | 14 febbraio 2018

@Matthew98. Did you use 80mil Noico?

‘17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 17.50.3. Grin on!

Mathew98 | 15 febbraio 2018

That's the one.

tardi5shah | 6 marzo 2018

@Mathew98 - how were you able to remove the floor liner? Did you just stick the sound deadening mat to the floor liner itself?
I definitely interesting in quietening my 90D. It’s super noisy at 75miles/hour.

Mathew98 | 6 marzo 2018

I bought all weather rubber mats and attached the sticky side of the foam to the underside of each piece. Just cut to size and no casual observers would notice as the foam mats are about a quarter of an inch thick.

It would be the same process for regular mats and dynamat sheets.

avesraggiana | 7 marzo 2018

@Mathew98. How simple! I have the all weather rubber mats too, and I much prefer your solution, rather than gut the insides of the car to attach the Noico directly to the metal.

My Teslas are a 2017 Model S and a 2017 Model X, both with the all weather rubber mats. I've heard that the newer cars are decidedly quieter than the earlier built cars, but I think I shall to try this...

Mathew98 | 7 marzo 2018

Can't claim credits for the simple solution. Some one else (@DennisK?) shared his experience first.

asterix007 | 18 agosto 2019

This thread seems to imply that Noico under the floor mats would not do anything. Am confused.
@Mathew98 - Can you post pics please and some more guidance, if you are able to. Also I am wondering if you would be able to wash (occassionally) the floor mats with noico underneath.

Mathew98 | 18 agosto 2019

There are no vibrations in any Tesla models. The floor is a giant battery pack! Nolco will do its job to dampen noise and keep the soundwaves contained in the cabin. It is quick and easy to install under the floor mats without ripping out all the seats and carpet. It'll take less than an hour in most instances.

If you really want to rip everything off, then go with Dynamat, including the doors. It would be a monumental job as a DIY project.

I wouldn't suggest washing any mats with Nolco underneath. Just vacuum and spot clean if needed.