Powerwall Referrals

Powerwall Referrals

I have a deposit on an M3, and on two Powerwall 2's. On my page, it shows a link for referrals. There is information on a referral program for Model S and X (not 3). There is a greyed-out indicator for a referral program for Powerwalls. However there is no information about the PW referral program. Did there used to be one, but not any longer? Or is there one about to come out? I ask because I have been talking to my neighbors about my impending PW install, and one of them just told me he was going to order his Powerwalls right away based on our conversation. Anyone know what's up?

patrick40363 | 25 ottobre 2017

There is a referral program for solar which I assume could include a powerwall.

zubinanary | 29 ottobre 2017

There is no referral program for the Powerwall, only the Solar Roof and Solar Panels.
There is no referral program available for the Model 3. Only the Model S or X.