We've got our Doug Demuro review of the Model 3

We've got our Doug Demuro review of the Model 3

Sorry - I know the link isn't going to display correct, hopefully someone can fix it, but Doug Demuro finally got his hands on a Model 3. Not the most in depth review, but still a fun watch if you like his reviews.

Chnowak | 6 novembre 2017

Sorry, the link keeps getting flagged as SPAM so hopefully someone more familiar with the forums can post the link from YouTube.

Chnowak | 6 novembre 2017

Thanks JAD!

andy.connor.e | 6 novembre 2017

Btw, if you get spammed for posting links, try putting a space between the .com or the www parts.

dogfishbird | 6 novembre 2017

Best Model 3 review ever! I learned more about the Model 3 in this video than months of reading and videos. Doug did a great job.

Coastal Cruiser. | 6 novembre 2017

Chnowak, JAD gave you the ideal solution (an owner posts a comment with a link), but for the giant unwashed masses of reservists most links will get blocked, so the workaround is this:


The spam catcher will almost always pass that, and when another member copies and pastes the full line into a browser the link will reform and work.


cascadiadesign | 6 novembre 2017

Good job on the review. Like the Motor Trend video, Doug was pleasantly surprised at the acceleration, steering response and handling.

His least favorite feature seems to be the steering wheel. I agree - the design is not up to the standards of the rest of the car.

I disagree with his score on the overall appearance of the car, but that's totally subjective.

It's good to see these reviews coming in and having pretty much the same positive impressions.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 6 novembre 2017

Good review. He did warn us ahead of time that he might make some mistakes.

stevenmaifert | 6 novembre 2017

A few tidbits not covered in the M3 Owners Club video, like the charge port won't open if the trunk is open, and the touchscreen warning when using the manual release on the front doors. Nice to see a 6' 4" tall person can sit comfortably in the front, and reasonably comfortably in the back.

Coastal Cruiser. | 6 novembre 2017

+1 for the posting of this great review.

His numbers are a bit conservative, but he drives a lot more cars than i do.

Of all the review videos so far is the one I would recommend to the unconverted. I swear this guy must be related to Quentin Tarantino.

cascadiadesign | 6 novembre 2017

" ... I swear this guy must be related to Quentin Tarantino."

If he was, there would have been a body in the trunk.

El Mirio | 6 novembre 2017

another tidbit I din't know is that rearview camera shows remaining distance to obstacles.

Shock | 6 novembre 2017

Good review.

Really worried this will be too small. I have a full size sedan now and can't go to something too much smaller. Model S won't work for me (too expensive, too showy for work).

Looks nice, though overall.

LostInTx | 6 novembre 2017

While this review is pretty positive, Doug has concerns regarding no instrumentation in his direct line of sight. Along with the spartan interior, this is my concern as well. If I put a Model S in the dryer on high heat, will it shrink a bit?

I'm test driving an S this Sunday and expect to have a ludicrous experience. The issue will come down to the S being too large and the 3 interior being a bit underwhelming. The tax credit issue looms as well.

El Mirio | 6 novembre 2017

I was skeptical about the center console initially. The more I learn the more I'm intrigued by it.

- More front visibility
- Steering wheel control buttons are dynamic based on what menu you are in, even in concert with the stalks
- don't believe the speed gauge will be an issue at all, nor the Nav (today I rely on haze audio, works well)
- love the vents

one thing Doug brought up are the blinkers, I think here it may take me a while to get used to it. I noticed that I relay heavily on the traditional setup, however no way to tell before doing a test drive.

Worst case I might drive 100 miles with my blinker going on the high way and get some birdies :o)

El Mirio | 6 novembre 2017

waze not haze

Daryl | 6 novembre 2017

El Mirio | November 6, 2017

"one thing Doug brought up are the blinkers"

I was wondering about the blinkers too. I could barely see a blinking action in the little spot on the screen. I would prefer that the whole dot blink on and off, I think. Though like everything else, it might seem just fine when I finally get it.

finman100 | 6 novembre 2017

haze radio. only legal in a few states so far.

Love this car more and more. yep, quirky is one way to describe the features. Future is another.

JAD | 6 novembre 2017

The nice thing about Tesla and their big screen, if the turn signal turns out to be an issue, a simple up-date can make the blinkers bigger and/or louder. No other car can change to fix issues after it is made. Certainly not something to worry about.

KP in NPT | 6 novembre 2017

The good thing about the blinkers is if it's determined they aren't distinct enough, they can be changed with an OTA update to be bigger/make a noise/whatever.

KP in NPT | 6 novembre 2017

Hahaha what JAD said. :)

Rocky_H | 6 novembre 2017

@Daryl, Quote: “I was wondering about the blinkers too. I could barely see a blinking action in the little spot on the screen. I would prefer that the whole dot blink on and off, I think.”

You are spot on. Tesla flunked basic user interface when they changed to that in the Model S in version 7.0, and I am disappointed to see them continue this mistake in the Model 3. You don’t put one bright thing blinking inside another bright thing. There is barely any contrast there, and it’s really hard to see. This is SO basic.

@JAD and @KP, regarding that: “But it’s GOOD that it’s currently bad because they can fix it later!!” So do I get to bring up how song ordering from USB used to work, but they intentionally broke it later? Or how they used to show the current climate settings on the climate bar on the display, but deleted that later? With great software capability comes great responsibility, and they have a mixed track record.

But it was a really good review.

Beagle | 6 novembre 2017

I am a big fan of Doug's, and agree with most of his opinions on cars I have driven or know well. This, along with the video from the two guys in Canada are beginning to convince me that this may well be "complete", (not a niche) car.

mntlvr23 | 6 novembre 2017

Very cool vid - Thanks for posting.

The biggest surprise to me was the 5 of 10 score for acceleration - as it would be expected to be much higher with the instant torque - and due to how much he gushed about it during the video. It must blow away an average ICE car of the same size. I can confidently give it a 8 without the formality of driving the car ;)

cascadiadesign | 6 novembre 2017

I agree mntlvr23 - The acceleration score means little. The expression on his face says it all. I'd give it an 8 as well.

Chnowak | 6 novembre 2017

Doug has a scale he uses across the board for acceleration and purely refers to the 0-60 times so it’s pretty objective, but he typically is reviewing hyper cars so a 5 on his scale is still pretty quick.

El Mirio | 6 novembre 2017

Doug was impartial and neutral as far as I can tell, don't know the guy though.

Coastal Cruiser. | 6 novembre 2017

Regarding his notes on the lack of dead ahead telemetry such as speedo.... One word: HUD.

And I'm not talking about the character Paul Newman played in the movie of the same name.

ram1901 | 6 novembre 2017

What a great review. Wow.
And to think this is one of the early builds.
as we say ... Go Tesla.

JustSaying | 6 novembre 2017

I think it if Doug gave the Model 3 an "8" ,in acceleration , would put the Model 3 at the top of his ratings and WOW would be he be on the wrong end of the resulting email Storm, making it a bit tough to move on to the next review.

JustSaying | 6 novembre 2017

I think it Doug gave the Model 3 an "8" ,in acceleration , it would put the Model 3 at the top of his ratings and WOW would be he be on the wrong end of the resulting email Storm, making it a bit tough to move on to the next review.

El Mirio | 6 novembre 2017

Look at the cars which got scores above the model 3. yes it doesn't beat spaceship enterprise. picture anyone?

rgrant | 6 novembre 2017

What surprised me was the cars that got higher “importance” scores than the Model 3? What could be more important than the car that is setting the design standard for the future of automobiles?

Tropopause | 6 novembre 2017

Doug has also reviewed the Bolt and Model X for those that want to compare notes.

mos6507 | 7 novembre 2017

"Doug has concerns regarding no instrumentation in his direct line of sight."

Yep. And so it begins.

As for the directionals, there's a limit to how bright pixels on an flat screen can be. That would best be done with physical lights on the dashboard someplace.

As far as his ratings go, this guy typically rates supercars. It's not Consumer Reports. It's for people to live vicariously through the video, similar to Top Gear. Only a tiny fraction of the people watching these clips has the cash to go out and buy one of the cars being reviewed. That he would even bother reviewing a $35K car is significant.

andy.connor.e | 7 novembre 2017

At least there is a second opinion, rather than just reading Consumer Reports and relying on a 'boiled down average of what a bunch of people think'. Sometimes its important to see the raw feedback from each individual customer, because everyone has a different experience. Its not always good to have a distinct average. Some may give it 9/5 stars, some may give it -2/5 stars. Depends the individual experience. The more M3 review videos the more you learn.

Rutrow | 7 novembre 2017

"I swear this guy must be related to Quentin Tarantino"

I was thinking Jay Leno, but could be Leno & Tarantino's love child.

jordanrichard | 7 novembre 2017

As for the blinkers, For a fair number of years VWs only had a single green light flash on the instrument panel to indicate that your turn signals (blinkers) were on.

I mean, do people forget that quickly which direction the push the turn signal lever? Do you really need to see an actual green arrow to validate which way you just moved the lever all of .0002 seconds ago? I am sure it is a legal requirement that there be an arrow, but really.....?

mntlvr23 | 7 novembre 2017

@rutrow +1 (Leno/tartentino love child)

mos6507 | 7 novembre 2017

"do people forget that quickly which direction the push the turn signal lever?"

Yes. All the time.

andy.connor.e | 7 novembre 2017

@mos is the new @PDX

He tends to disappear from topics when hes wrong.

jamilworm | 7 novembre 2017

I'm curious about the turn signals. He said that the stalk doesn't stay in the position when you engage the signal, it's just a momentary toggle. So then if the stalk immediately goes back to the center, how do you disengage the signal?

JAD | 7 novembre 2017

Tap the other direction. Not uncommon.

jamilworm | 7 novembre 2017

So the blinker doesn't blink in the other direction? What if I am coming out of a left turn and immediately go into a right turn, then do I have to double tap the other direction?

dave.m.mcdonough | 8 novembre 2017

In the Bolt review he remarked about chirping the tires but didn't even mention that it's FWD. :|

virgored | 8 novembre 2017

@jamilworm : 2 good questions there

If the screen goes blank, I assume he car will still drive but how does one switch on the lights or are they sensor activated?

carlk | 8 novembre 2017

I did not hear the mention of turn signal stalk but that sounds a little odd. There are usually two stages for the switch, permanent and momentary for three or so flashes. Are you saying there is only one stage on the car?

mos6507 | 8 novembre 2017

"He tends to disappear from topics when hes wrong."

I just pointed out that the guy didn't like the lack of speedo behind the wheel. That reinforces my assertion that reviewers will be bringing this up again and again. How heavily reveiwers way this complaint will vary, but it's a complaint nonetheless. So I don't see how I'm "wrong" that this was a poor design decision on Tesla's part.

finman100 | 8 novembre 2017

not a poor decision. deal with it. good grief. ...dragged kicking and screaming into something new and futuristic. If Model 3 version 2.0 comes out with a bunch of buttons and an analog speedo behind the steering...then, and only then will i eat my hat.

Coastal Cruiser. | 8 novembre 2017

If I may, I think mos is entitled to his opinion, as is finman, and everyone else. mos is not saying something that's untrue. Those are the ones who should be dragged to the front door of this forum kicking and screaming as they are shown the way out. But mos is just expressing an opinion. We all have them. Him thinking the speedo is misplaced does not take anything from those who think it's perfectly placed.

One point of view is that its not really about the future, or the past... it's about what works. What. Works. At the end of the day is that not what matters most?

I tend to think that we will see very different Model 3s as the car iterates. HUD is not mentioned much anymore, but the car -in my view- would so much benefit from it. It seems reasonable to expect it.

But I could be wrong about HUD, given the phrasing from Tesla the other day regarding the 'minimalist' approach taken with Model 3 (it was the first time I personally had heard the phrase used in that context).

Future features may revolve around exactly what the meaning of 'minimalist' is (that's my bill Clinton impersonation). But seriously, if it turns out that there is no HUD, or other expected enhancements (that are not software programmable) then my take would be that his is simply a reflection of the state of electric car production costs for a car priced at 35K, with a reasonable profit margin.