Seems to me like the 200KWH battery is overkill. Too Heavy etc.

Seems to me like the 200KWH battery is overkill. Too Heavy etc.

i would expect that a range of 300-500 miles would be plenty and it would lower the weight and the cost.
does that make sense to anyone else?

carlk | 20 novembre 2017

It needs that big a battery to provide the power. From what I've heard it weighs just under 4,000 lb. Pretty much the same as all those supercars in this class.

inconel | 21 novembre 2017

Yes I think the main reason for the large battery is to provide enough current draws for the motors under acceleration, from a start but also at higher speed (above 60-70 mph) where the P100D feels "weak" compared to high performance ICE cars. I am very hopeful that the Roadster will finally give us the same strong kick when accelerating on the highway from 70 mph.

Range is just a by-product. An extraordinary by-product of course.

dkenta | 21 novembre 2017

Yup, that weight sure slows it up! Embarrassing!

eric.zucker | 22 novembre 2017

I ordered one, and I absolutely love the 200kWh battery.

Actually, I was hoping for a convertible, 4 seater, with great range, and smaller than Model S/X. The new Roadster perfectly fits that bill, and its performance is overkill to me.

With the new Roadster I can drive to the other end of my country, over all those scenic Swiss mountain passes, without worrying about recharging. Fabulous!

Actually, if Tesla made a less powerful version it'd be even better. Less wear on tires, less expensive tires, lower insurance premiums.

Where I live, road tax is currently waived for electric cars - it won't be the case forever. As more EVs hit the roads, there won't be as much incentive. Cars are normally taxed based on weight and power, this could become an expensive proposition.

Someone who can afford a $3M Bugatti probably doesn't worry about such trivialities.

$200k is within my reach, the car looks awesome, fits my requirements, and if this is what I need to spend to spend then so be it. Hopefully the valet mode can be customised to user defined power and speed caps.

carlk | 22 novembre 2017

Congrats Eric. I did too 30 minutes after I saw it on Thursday night. I just could not resist such a good deal. Granted it many not be the perfect car for everyone but nothing is. For me this one is as close to perfect than anything else ever came out. Yes life is good.

I too agree that I don't need all that power but at least it has the benefit of preventing those Porsches or Ferraris to try to cut you off or race the engine next to you. ;)

Tropopause | 22 novembre 2017

Carlk- plus you can out-range all the ICE cars! I wonder how much space those "capacious trunks" actually have? Not many super cars have trunks capable of supporting road trips.

eric.zucker | 22 novembre 2017

Congrats Carlk! My P90DL (soon to become P100DL) already does a fine job at that... the new Roadster is one mean machine to dethrone even the Chiron.

Oh how I love living next door to unrestricted German highways...

adoh2010 | 25 novembre 2017

I agree. A supercapacitor like the one Koenigsegg uses combined with a small 75 kWh battery would have been better, but way more expensive. The refers costs 3 million so using an exotic 2-300k racing technology battery makes sense.

I think EM did it right however going for a reasonable price, practicality, and still ridiculous performance. The roadster will replace your Bugatti and Bentley Continental GT at the same time. Comfortable road trips and mad figures. The car just needs to have a package that would make look a little bit more crazy to match the performance while keeping the base model simple design for people not looking for showing off

adoh2010 | 25 novembre 2017

"The regera costs 3 million"
Dammit autocorrect!

carlk | 25 novembre 2017

Eric I'm so jealous of you. I've heard there is an unspoken hierarchy on the autobahn. Slower cars will get out the way when they see a BMW and BMW will do the same when they see a Porsche. I guess you will own the highway if that is true.

eric.zucker | 25 novembre 2017

Carlk what is amazing is that any speed you drive at, there is always someone faster than you.

The trhrill of blasting past a police car at over 200 km/h, just normal, and some Audi RS, Porsche or MB AMG roars past you.

German drivers are usually attentive to their rear view mirrors and move over when they see a missile coming up their rear. You need good brakes and sharp reflexes. Occasionally someone forgets to check six before passing.

viper2c2 | 6 dicembre 2017

It wasn't range performance Tesla was primarily aiming for--it was speed and acceleration goals. The range came along with the battery pack that could provide the latter. As for weight, I suspect there will be a better solution than today's Lithium Ion solution (2170). I read about new battery discoveries monthly--some can't get to market soon enough for me. One today was using a liquid salt that makes Lithium Ion operate in extreme temperatures, which means the battery is not spent keeping the battery temperature in a narrow operating range, or preheating to lower resistance to increase power output.

Teslamodels4me | 2 gennaio 2018

Does anyone know the deminsions of the 200 KWh battery pack? Length, width, depth? Cells 2170 or something new? Will the Model S, X get 200 KWh battery packs?