"Special" surprise for first day reservation holders?

"Special" surprise for first day reservation holders?

Do we know what the first day reservation holders "something special" is? now that configuration is open for some.

@elonmusk loyalty begets loyalty. Are you still going to announce the "something special" for day 1 reservation holders?

I agree. Working on it ...
4:26 PM - Aug 6, 2017

noleaf4me | 26 novembre 2017

Surprise - you get the car you have been waiting 2 years for....

Model_D | 26 novembre 2017

I got something in the mail a while ago. I think it was a picture or drawing or something.

Rutrow | 26 novembre 2017

I would consider Elon responding to one of my tweets as something special.Too bad AmirNoir wasted their's on such a silly question. :-)

christophercable | 26 novembre 2017

Been wondering about this too. Now that non-employee orders are happening, has there been anything for first-day reservation holders? The drawing was cute, but Elon has implied much more.

Carl Thompson | 26 novembre 2017

I agree with others here. Getting the car earlier than others is your reward for reserving earlier than others.

But if Tesla really wants to give me something else I wouldn't say no...

Madatgascar | 26 novembre 2017

It was the drawing of the Model 3 with thanks from Elon. I got mine too. Suitable for framing.

mthomtech | 26 novembre 2017

Never got the drawing even though I waited in line on day 1, but was thinking maybe some swag at delivery would be nice.

KP in NPT | 26 novembre 2017

I just want my car. With white seats. ASAP.

AlMc | 26 novembre 2017

Agree with many here. Just get people their 3s. Thanks enough. Concentrate on real issues, not superfluous ones.

Madatgascar | 26 novembre 2017

Put every spare dollar into the robots, no swag necessary. Thanks Elon.

eppyranch | 26 novembre 2017

I was there first day in Santa Barbara number 15th in line order two Tesla 3s.Elon you are my mentor please get the all wheel drive for the first people that where there first day

Your Friend call and say hi
Mark Epstein
Executive Producer
Eppy Ranch LLC CEO

andy.connor.e | 27 novembre 2017

You're expecting more because you were the first to reserve? Wow. Thats the epitome of not understanding the sheer appreciation of the vehicle/company itself.

tripplett | 27 novembre 2017

It was mentioned in another thread that even if there was something special you wouldn't get it till you took delivery. There's nothing special for a 'reservationist', you have to buy the car first. We won't know for at least another month, maybe longer.

ebiggs | 27 novembre 2017

The drawing was not the something special - timing doesn't work out: The drawing went out in 2016, and Elon's tweet is from Aug 2017.

But because configuration has already gone out we can discount a whole class of speculation that it could be configuration-based (i.e. colors, discounts on software options, etc)

Carl Thompson | 27 novembre 2017


E.M. says a lot of things and not all of them end up coming true. I wouldn't hold my breath because of that tweet.

andy.connor.e | 27 novembre 2017

Its amazing that people even want more, even when they're getting Model 3.

eric.whang | 27 novembre 2017


Rutrow | 27 novembre 2017

If you reserved on day one, your steering controls will feel like a spaceship!

noleaf4me | 27 novembre 2017

How about the grin on your face???

chris.pribe | 3 dicembre 2017

@KP +1

TM21 | 4 dicembre 2017

I'd recommend to double the free SC annual charging for those who waited in line.

But I don't pay the bills.

andy.connor.e | 4 dicembre 2017

400kWh is ~1600 miles. Thats pretty generous. What other company does that. (i am curious btw if there is)

12Brent | 4 dicembre 2017

Given that the Model 3 does not qualify for the free 400 kWh supercharging credit Tesla can easy double that zero credit to zero. :) I'm with others who don't want/expect anything. I took the day off and waited in line... getting the car as early as possible is fine with me. I don't think Tesla needs to start giving away things when they are already strapped for cash.

Carl Thompson | 4 dicembre 2017

"Given that the Model 3 does not qualify for the free 400 kWh supercharging credit ..."

Are you sure about that?

gar1116 | 4 dicembre 2017

First paragraph: '.. but it wasn’t clear, at least to us, if the Model 3 would come with free “Supercharger credits.” '
Like my magic 8 ball says 'Future unclear'.

TheChad | 4 dicembre 2017

I just personally talked to Elon and he said the church lady has your something special.

ac | 4 dicembre 2017

Like Microsoft, they will put "Day One Edition" on the car. That's it.

12Brent | 4 dicembre 2017

@gar1116 I know that nobody reads anything but headlines and the first paragraph to anything these days but you need to keep reading. At the end of the article, "Tesla confirmed to Electrek that they are indeed not giving Supercharger Credit with the Model 3". Seems pretty clear to me.

mntlvr23 | 4 dicembre 2017

The owners manual references credits.
I am not saying that there will or will not be credits.
I would say that it is unclear at this time.

gar1116 | 4 dicembre 2017

I stand corrected and ashamed.

mntlvr23 | 4 dicembre 2017

... and if Tesla would tell Electrek - that would sort of ruin the surprise, wouldn't it ;)

12Brent | 4 dicembre 2017

@gar1116 LOL. @mntlvr23 Good point. They could give some credit to Day 1 people as a token of appreciation and everyone else would be on the pay system. If so, I guess we should find out soon when the current owners start getting their cars.

Carl Thompson | 4 dicembre 2017


Thanks I missed that one. It does appear from that owner's experience that there aren't any free kWh for Model 3 owners. But maybe Tesla just hadn't set it up in their computers yet for the Model 3 and it will be rectified later. Either way not a big deal.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 dicembre 2017

Maybe it's just me...? The Church Lady looks an awful lot like this dude I know...

"So never judge a book by its cover
Or who you gonna love by your lover
Love put me wise to her love in disguise
She had the body of a Venus
Lord, imagine my surprise"

WantMY | 4 dicembre 2017

Your special gift - LOSS of FED TAX CREDIT! Congrats! Truly yours.

mntlvr23 | 4 dicembre 2017

@WantM3 - not so fast.
I am quite confident that it will remain.

Bluesday Afternoon | 4 dicembre 2017


Be careful! You could lose your hat due to a taxing level of over confidence. :)

mntlvr23 | 4 dicembre 2017

@SR - I am guaranteed to lose my hat (and maybe a second one too)

Tesla2018 | 4 dicembre 2017

My friend was meeting with one of Trumps economics advisors today socially. He knows that we are into cars since we always talk about them.Told him to tell him that me and half a million others who want to purchase a product made in America arent too happy and that some might cancel and buy foreign products instead and to mention it to Trump. But then $7500 incentives would increase the deficit even more which might offset the benefit of selling an addition American made car.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 dicembre 2017

Not paying the bills for supporting foreign wars to protect the international flow of crude oil is what increases the deficit. Allowing people to keep more of the money they earned does n ot.

WantMY | 4 dicembre 2017

Alright then, those wheel chokes should bear the hatchet:

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 dicembre 2017

One man's wheel choke is another man's parking boot.

dsvick | 5 dicembre 2017

"But then $7500 incentives would increase the deficit even more which might offset the benefit of selling an addition American made car"

I agree but, the amount of deficit increase from the EV credit is almost insignificant compared to the trillions already there (or not there as it were).

KP in NPT | 5 dicembre 2017

hey...gotta pay for the 1%'s tax cut somehow. We wouldn't want to increase the deficit (more) by giving the plebes anything.

Carl Thompson | 5 dicembre 2017

The new budget will add between $1 trillion and $2 trillion to the deficit depending on who you ask. All that to benefit the super-rich and businesses that are already making record profits (which also benefits the super-rich). Adding a few billion to help the environment seems reasonable by comparison.

andy.connor.e | 5 dicembre 2017

To add to that, the sad part is, is that its only $7500 for the first 200,000 vehicles. Literally $1.5 billion in total, averaging some 300 million taxpayers, costing each person 5$ so the first 200,000 purchases can be cheaper. Pretty insignificant compared to how much is spent on other things.

seattlemag | 5 dicembre 2017

ReD and WantM3: Wheel "choke" vs wheel "chock".... big difference ;)

dsvick | 5 dicembre 2017

"its only $7500 for the first 200,000 vehicles. Literally $1.5 billion "

Well, for the first 200,000 plus whatever else they can produce before the end of the next calendar quarter.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 5 dicembre 2017

Huh? Well, one man can get CHOCK full when they CHOKE on THIS! >:-D