Best way to get TSportline wheels installed

Best way to get TSportline wheels installed

I’ve been looking to pre-order 19” grey TSportline turbines for my Model 3 and I’m seeking input from those familiar with swapping aftermarket rims - I have a few options and I’d like to pick one especially with the December sale prices (including shipping) reflected as such:

$0 tesla stock aero rims + $1350 TSportline rims + ~$1000 19” tires at a local tire shop = $2350 + install fees. Then I’d have aero rims+tires to keep or sell (would they have much value beyond the new tires?)

$1500 tesla sport wheels + $1350 TSportline rims =$2850 + install/swap costs at local tire shop. Then I’d have a set of Tesla OEM sport rims (not sure if they’d be worth $500 more than a complete aero rim/tire combo)

$2800 TSportline complete wheel/TPMS/Tire combo + a very minimal tire swap cost since it sounds like they are ready to go. (Again I’d have a complete aero rim/tire combo to keep or sell)

Any ideas which to choose? I’m leaning towards option 1 since it is the cheapest, and a tire shop would probably be more willing to work with me because I’m purchasing something substantial from them.

noleaf4me | 3 dicembre 2017

Option 1 would allow you to swap out tires/rims for extended range if you were thinking about doing a longer trip (if you have room to store a spare set of wheels)

tripplett | 3 dicembre 2017

There is another option. I believe TSportline will have some 18” models so you wouldn’t have to buy a new set of tires. Outside of that I do believe you would find someone willing to pay more than 500 for the sporty 19” tesla rims. I’d guess you could get $750-$1,000 for the set.

jdwil | 3 dicembre 2017

If you go with number 1 it is not only the tires you could sell You also might find someone that needs a second set of rims when they start delivering to colder areas for snow tires.

Rutrow | 3 dicembre 2017

You’ve hit on an interesting business opportunity there. With a 10% range improvement, there may be a rental potential for 18” aero-wheels!!! I was planning on the standard wheels just for the twice a year long distance road trip We take. BUT!!! If I could rent a set of aeros for a few weeks a year?!? I’m vain enough that I’d like to ride on some sweet tubines around town most of the time. And I don’t want a set of tires sitting in my too small garage the rest of the year.

jamilworm | 4 dicembre 2017

Also some people have expressed concern about the lack of a spare tire in the Model 3. So some people might buy a stock 18" aero just to keep in the car as a spare. So if you find 4 of those people then you would end up ok.

andy.connor.e | 4 dicembre 2017

Lack of spare tire is crucial. But is supposedly being alleviated with the new service vans. Although, you may be 3 hours away from a van, as 300 vans over the whole country is like 1 per city.

Chris D | 9 dicembre 2017

Thanks for the input everyone - I decided to go with option 1 and I’ll definitely post some pics when I get my Model 3! I never even considered the fact that the model 3 doesn’t have a spare tire. I also like the idea of having a set of “road trip” tires so I’ll have to see if I end up selling the Aeros.