Extended warranty?

Extended warranty?

Bumper-to-bumper warranty on the Model 3 is only 4 years, 50k miles. I'm going to blow through those 50k miles in under a year. Does anyone know if they're planning to offer extended warranties, and if so, how much they might cost?

andy.connor.e | 7 dicembre 2017

If you drive more than 50k miles in a year, getting a mile-restricted warranty is not in your best interest.

stevenmaifert | 7 dicembre 2017

Since it is offered for both MS/X, it will likely be offered for the M3. It will be an Extended Service Agreement, not an Extended Warranty. There is a legal difference. The ESA is a contract, not a warranty. Ref: My guess is the cost of the M3 ESA will be a little lower than for the MS/X but probably not significantly lower. Add to that the cost of the ESA requirement to have the car serviced at the Tesla recommended intervals. That is not a requirement for the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Shock | 7 dicembre 2017

"If you drive more than 50k miles in a year, getting a mile-restricted warranty is not in your best interest."

This. I advise pocketing the money it would cost and pocketing more thereafter. Dropping 50k miles/year on the first gen car from a company that has a history of reliability issues in its first gen cars is not the wisest idea without a substantial money cushion to cover problems once that warranty expires.

Carl Thompson | 7 dicembre 2017


While Teslas do have a history of issues and slow service and repairs pretty much any report I've read still says the company is very good about making sure everything gets fixed eventually. They don't screw their customers in that regard.

andy.connor.e | 7 dicembre 2017

You would otherwise presumably be buying a warranty plan that would last about 4 years, in which this person would be exceeding the mileage limit in less than a year. Not worth it. Better off putting money in a lockbox for anticipated service costs.

Haggy | 7 dicembre 2017

I've been asking myself since 2014 whether or not I might want the extended service plan. I still have time do decide and am leaning against it, but more to the point you will probably have plenty of time to decide.

If you drive that much, you will blow through the warranty quickly. but instead of the cost of the extended plan giving you another three years or so, it might be a lot to spend for only one more year. At that rate I'd be surprised if you'd spend anything close to the cost of the plan if you pay for repairs outright, but it's all speculation.

Things affected most by mileage will be the drive train, which I would expect to hold up quite well even with high mileage, and possibly the battery, which will degrade with mileage but probably not at a high rate.

SCCRENDO | 7 dicembre 2017

I do 30,000 miles a year. I have an 85S, April 2013, 133,000 miles. I got the extended warranty because of many early adopter problems, uncertainty about the car and the fact that it was $2500 going up to $4000 a few days later. I am not sure I would have bought it for $4000. I did have a few claims which included a new master charger. Although when my master charger went out again after 100,000 which was post warranty they didn't charge me. My coolant pumps were replaced during the extended warranty. As was my 17 inch screen for a small barely visible bubble. I doubt I would have done this out of warranty. My TPMS system also went out at around 90000 miles and they upgraded my system from the old one to the new one that reads individual pressure at no cost. Post warranty I have paid for a left scroll wheel and a 12 V battery. My master charger was no charge as mentioned and my main battery is presently being remanufactured under the 8 year unlimited mileage warranty. I have had a loaner battery since January. So on balance I see how much it costs but am likely not going to take it on my Model 3

rxlawdude | 7 dicembre 2017

@SCC, did you see that Tesla sent out invites today? Did you check your email? ;-)

SCCRENDO | 7 dicembre 2017

@rxlawdude. All the time. No luck yet. I ordered online before the reveal and I don't think anyone who ordered online has been invited yet.

I am trying to decide on color. My S is grey. I am trying to get away from grey, I was going to go for the red but my wife and daughter have nixed that one. I am also partial to the blue. But again they are not too enthusiastic although I think my wife would be ok with it. Black is out. I have had black cars that show too much dirt. They are trying to convince me to go with the grey which seems slightly different to my classic model S grey. As a compromise I guess i could go silver or pearl white. One of my referral gifts is the kiddie car. I am getting that for my granddaughter. They want me to go grey on that one. | 8 dicembre 2017

@SCCRENDO - My first S was original grey, which I really liked. The new grey is a bit darker and has unusual sparkle to it, but I switched to blue which I like equally. I've had two pearl white cars (not Tesla) in the past, and also loved the look, but it requires a bit more upkeep, as I suspect black would require. Good luck with whatever color you pick. Once you get the car, I expect you'll love it no matter the color!