Tesla changed order priority for existing owners??

Tesla changed order priority for existing owners??

On day one, I placed two reservations for the Model 3. At the time, Tesla simply stated that existing owners will be first in line. I assumed that meant I'd be near the front of the line for both orders.

Later (previously discussed on the forum), their wording was clarified to state that you only got priority based on how many Tesla's you own. It specifically stated, if you want priority for a second Model 3, then go buy another Model S or X.

My delivery estimates backed this up, noting the first one was estimated between October/December originally, November/January after the delay while the second reservation stated Late 2018.

I received the message that I could configure my car today, did so and placed the order.

To my surprise, I checked the other reservation and it says I can configure and place the order for that one too, with delivery in 4 weeks.

Went back and read Tesla's wording on it and it has changed. It now says if you've "owned" not "own" more than one Tesla, you'll be given priority. So I guess the fact that I'm on my second Tesla made that possible. Back to what I originally hoped it would be when placing the deposits.

Wondering if Tesla received a bunch of push back from owners that led to the change?

I was disappointed several months back when I learned I only got priority on one car. Made it known to Tesla and discussed it in the forum. But came to accept that I'd only be able to get one early in the year. My dilemma now is that, because of Tesla's original wording and confirmation that I would only get one, my wife went ahead and bought another car. So, what do I do with the second reservation now? I guess I can request a refund, but that doesn't feel right? Will have to call Tesla, have other family members and a few friends that want one, but last I heard, they won't let you transfer the reservation. Couldn't find anything on that now though (didn't look all that hard yet). Anyone know, now that people are placing orders, if Tesla has changed their stance on that? Are they allowing family members/friends buy cars reserved under another name?

I guess I could put "hold my place" for the AWD & Dual Motor version. That still shows estimated delivery later 2018. Knowing how often Tesla's change, there could be other changes too by then. Then sell the one I get in 4 weeks and buy the AWD one when it's available. But, if Tesla will allow us to transfer, I've got several people that would jump at it. Two people I work with have reservations, but they're non-owners.

noleaf4me | 7 dicembre 2017

NO FAIR! share the wealth...

yaheya | 7 dicembre 2017

So happy for you! First you got TWO Model 3, second, you will get Fed credit, rest of us are pretty much screwed from that angle. Congratulations!!

Sweetride | 7 dicembre 2017

Do you think you’ll get delivery by EOY? Four weeks would be Jan. 4 delivery.

2015P90DI | 7 dicembre 2017

Not counting on delivery before the end of the year. Certainly would have loved to get the tax credit on next year's tax returns. Unfortunately, almost certainly will have to wait until 2019 to get the $7,500 back. But at least I'll be eligible either way to get it.

That's part of my reasoning for questioning what to do with the second reservation. If I wait for AWD, highly likely that car won't be eligible for the full $7,500 credit as I'm assuming they will have exceeded their count by then.

loc_nguyen | 7 dicembre 2017

Um... so last I heard you may get $0 tax credits under new GOP plan beyond 2017. It’s not finalized yet but it’s still a huge risk now.

Brian B | 7 dicembre 2017

What was your plan when your wife bought the car and you knew you'd get it in late 2018? I don't see how < a year makes a difference to what you were going to do at that time anyway. Was she planning to have the car a year then sell it when the 3 was delivered in late 2018?

2015P90DI | 7 dicembre 2017

@Brian B, two year lease. Intentionally did a short lease with the plan being the Tesla would replace it. Figuring in expected delays that are common with Tesla, assumed 1 year would probably be closer to a year and a half (likely still will be for people making a reservation today).

Tesla has reversed course in a lot of areas (for the better in most cases), but didn't really think there was a remote possibility they'd reverse course on this topic, being that they had 400,000+ reservations. So it's a surprise that I can get both cars within the next four weeks.

Sent Tesla a message, still waiting for a reply back on a couple of different topics. I'm sure they're bombarded with e-mails right now. Right now, my thinking is I'll just select the "Hold my Place" option for the second reservation. That'll buy me at least 6 more months before we have to make a decision on what to do with it. Unless they completely surprise us and offer a Performance, AWD, Dual Motor version in the next couple of months!! Thinking being, I'll remain near the front of the line for any future versions that come

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 dicembre 2017

[FLOCKINAY]. Another one?

LostInTx | 8 dicembre 2017

Tesla should allow you to swap reservation spots with others in the queue. Call it "Tesla Fantasy Draft" with you offering your place now in exchange for someone's "late 2018" spot.

Plus a case of beer to be named later.

andy.connor.e | 8 dicembre 2017

Oh no! A public statement in an attempt to piss people off. Even though we're going to wait and receive our cars when Tesla makes them and ships them anyway. But in the mean time, lets piss off all the reservation holders, because thats more entertaining than waiting for an email.

joshnwood | 8 dicembre 2017

In regards to reservations, I believe that those of us who waited in line prior to the unveil, should have been kept in the line regardless of prior ownership

weluvm3 | 8 dicembre 2017

i agree. I don't think that Tesla should give special preference to owners. In fact, they should give special preference to non-owners, so more people can have a chance to own a Tesla ASAP.

But, then again, if I was an owner, I'm sure I'd already be invited to configure right now (considering my place in line when I reserved my car), and I'd do so gladly. So I guess there's a certain amount of selfishness and jealousy in my position, as well.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 dicembre 2017

Loyalty begets loyalty and stuff.

burdogg | 8 dicembre 2017

So, Tesla decides from the start (well before the 3 was even revealed, I got an email) to reward those that made it possible for the 3 to come to the light of day. The reward, you get to be first in line, because without you, this would not be possible.

That was their words. So because of this, now people feel like it is unfair, wrong, or mistreatment? Look, owners didn't ask for it, but Tesla choose to do this because again - there would be no Model 3 without those who took a chance on Tesla and bought a car from them.

I get the jealously and wish it was me, but man, some have been harsh (not you two above, they were simple statements) for Tesla choosing to do this. I think it is a very nice gesture from a company who recognizes how they got where they are.

Carl Thompson | 8 dicembre 2017

" I don't think that Tesla should give special preference to owners."

I don't have a problem with it even though I have to wait longer. Those owners helped Tesla get to the point where they could make the Model 3 so there's nothing wrong with thanking them by giving them priority in my opinion.

Bluesday Afternoon | 8 dicembre 2017

I'm getting so excited to start making car payments, increasing my insurance payments, paying a detailer, giving the state of California tax money, and paying Tesla to solarize my frickin' house. I'm so excited to be more in debt.

Aren't you excited too?

Carl Thompson | 8 dicembre 2017

Ninja'd | 8 dicembre 2017

@Simply Red - Time to change your name to "Seeing Red" :)

2015P90DI | 8 dicembre 2017

Sorry, wasn't hear to rub it in. Look at it this way, it's likely going to be a reservation ahead of yours that will delay, thus is one spot sooner that you're getting your car. So if we look at the POSITIVES, you're actually gaining a spot in line!

TESLA CA | 8 dicembre 2017

2015P90DI Well, it’s almost the same situation here! Yesterday I got my invitation to configure my M3 reservation that I had on my MS account and surprisingly I got my other email to configure my second reservation that I had on my MX account too! I surely did not except this back to back emails from Tesla for sure. This might be a good indication that they are really ramping up the production and there is positive signs of hope for other people getting theirs earlier too.

Haggy | 8 dicembre 2017

I asked them about this within the past few months and was told that a second reservation would not get a priority so I didn't make one. I was fine with that, but was hoping that they could consider my existing one the non-owner based one if I made a second reservation, and consider that one the owner based one. That way I'd get the non-owner priority for my original one based on waiting in line, and get the same priority as any owner reserving at the time I asked for the second one. But they said no.

Carl Thompson | 8 dicembre 2017

@Haggy if you think you might want another Model 3 at some point anyway it doesn't hurt to just go ahead and reserve a second now. Maybe you _will_ be given priority for it even now. You can always refund if you want.

Bluesday Afternoon | 8 dicembre 2017


I have a second one reserved but it's delivery window is not close.

Carl Thompson | 8 dicembre 2017

@Simply Red:
"I have a second one reserved but it's delivery window is not close."

Have you owned more than one Tesla in the past? I thought @Haggy was saying he's owned more than one Tesla but didn't know having owned that second would make a difference for a second Model 3 reservation... But maybe I misunderstood.

SCCRENDO | 8 dicembre 2017

I reserved my first on the night of the reveal and have a Nov-Jan window. I reserved my second one on May 3rd and it has a delivery window 6 months later. It may be the 5 week difference in ordering that makes the difference. I am a Mosel S owner since April 2013

bayareakid2008 | 8 dicembre 2017

I questioned their decision to prioritize existing owners. Seems to go against the idea of getting Tesla's into the hands of as many customers as possible. I guest they figured existing owners would be more forgiving of any issues with the cars.

TESLA CA | 8 dicembre 2017

They way that they explained it to me the day I made my two M3 reservations, that every Tesla owner can use one priority order for each Tesla they own and that’s what I had back then one MS and a MX reservation waiting for finalization and delivery.

Bluesday Afternoon | 8 dicembre 2017

My second reservation was thirteen months later.

2015P90DI | 8 dicembre 2017

Tesla called me, in response to this post and said we can transfer to family members, not friends.

My estimatd delivery for the 2nd car never changed. But once the notification came in to configure the car, it allowed me to do not. My dad reserved two cars as well. He just received his notification to configure today. Same thing, it will allow him to configure both reservations. In all cases, they now say delivery in 4 weeks.

2015P90DI | 8 dicembre 2017

Allowed me to configure both. Gotta love auto correct

Haggy | 8 dicembre 2017

Had I reserved two at once, chances are that the delivery window for the second one would have been about a month later, meaning it would mostly overlap. I don't see them getting to all owners by the end of the year so it might be pushing it to suggest that all non-owners who were in line early will get cars by January, but I can't rule it out. Had I made the first reservation with a different email address, I would have been able to add the priority to it later by changing the email address and letting Tesla know, or could have left it as is and added a second reservation under my email address of record, meaning both would be reasonably close. In retrospect, how I did it limited my options. But it's a moot point now.

The second would be for a relative but it's a lot less important until FSD is available.