Those of you with VINs already

Those of you with VINs already

Did you get a phone call, e-mail or just happen to randomly logon to your "My Tesla" account and learn of your VIN being assigned?

Bluesday Afternoon | 9 dicembre 2017

Discovered on my Tesla Account after 5000 views.

lilbean | 9 dicembre 2017

Congrats Simply Red!!

Robocheme | 9 dicembre 2017

It just showed a couple of days ago. No notice.

Bluesday Afternoon | 9 dicembre 2017


Thanks! Where have you been? Are you at Disneyland with the boys again?

Haggy | 9 dicembre 2017

Mine also showed up with no notice. It barely showed up with enough time to let me get an outside car loan -- but then they told me I have to reschedule my delivery date.

Carl Thompson | 9 dicembre 2017

"but then they told me I have to reschedule my delivery date"

You have to reschedule? Why?

Bluesday Afternoon | 9 dicembre 2017


I’m already preapproved for a $60,000 car loan from my credit union. Since I now know my VIN and have preapproval letter will they setup my delivery. I wonder if I go down to the Tesla Store and show them the prespproval letter ahead of time if that would eliminate what you went through and causing a reschedule date.

I’m probably overthinking the issue!

TESLA CA | 9 dicembre 2017

Oh God! It’s not enough that I started checking my email continuously since 11/21 every 10 minutes, now I have to start checking my profile for a VIN! I just hope I get delivery before the end of this year year. Haggy says about delivery date delay which kind of worries me too! I admit the suspension is kind of addictive though. It will definitely be the best Christmas/New Year present.:-)

FifthOnLeft | 9 dicembre 2017

@TESLA CA: I heard the Model 3's suspension is pretty stiff, but glad that yoh like it :)

hsadler | 10 dicembre 2017

My Tesla... still waiting for DS to call back. He called 10 days ago, left msg to call back. After about 30 attempts (some with msgs) still no return call.

Money's ready to wire, waiting for that call.