Number of roadster reservations?

Number of roadster reservations?

Does anyone know how many reservations for the new roadster have been made? For both versions?

I Wanna Go Fast | 21 dicembre 2017

Yes. But won't be public until Elon tweets or the next quarterly earnings call.

b.tesla | 22 dicembre 2017

I'd like to know this, too. We can only assume that fewer than 1000 Founders Series Roadsters have been reserved at this point because the new reservations page still lets you select it. The sky is the limit for the base Roadster. I'm not sure what to expect other than something much smaller than the number of M3 reservations. Without any data, I'll guess 5k reservations total, close to 1k being Founders. $50k or $250k is a fairly large reservation deposit for something that is at least 2 years away. I'm sure more reservations will come once these start rolling down an assembly line.

I expect most confirmed reservations to convert into actual sales. And on that topic, has anybody else noticed that their My Tesla Roadster page does not have a link to request a cancellation? My Model 3 reservation page does have a link for a cancellation. I've taken note of the M3 URL that theoretically could take a different RN, just in case some major life event happens, or if the logic side of my brain convinces me that I may want this but I don't need it.

jordanrichard | 25 dicembre 2017

Elon may not necessarily say how many reservations there are at the next earnings call. At each call since the Model 3 was revealed, Elon and crew were asked for an update about those reservations and they never answered the question, specifically. They may say what is in the filing which is simply the value of the customer deposits, without breaking it down by model.