power wall 2 ordered and... nothing?

power wall 2 ordered and... nothing?

I reserved a powerwall 2 last month and literally no response from Tesla or any contract installer?
do I need to find an installer in my area? and how?
I mean I understand there is a wait but there is no information on how long or how to contact an installer. just generally wondering what other peoples situations are like with the powerwall 2
I'm in western Michigan if that means anything

Robg | 27 agosto 2018

Powerwall 2 installation delay
My Customer Service representative informed four weeks ago that permits for the installation had been secured and that I scheduling would be contacting me to set the installation date. Three weeks went by and nothing. I contacted my Customer Service representative and he told scheduling unable to set a date without securing the PW2 units. Plus he told me not to expect the installation until the end of the 1st quarter of 2019! I signed the contract in January. Absolutely ridiculous!
Tesla's Customer Service is the worst of any company I have ever dealt with.

Nawarren | 13 settembre 2018

I ordered a pw from solar installer in February 2018. In July I called my solar company and they said it’s on back order and mine would com in July and to expect a call from Tesla. I still have not heard of when it’s going to arrive or received a call.

shank15217 | 13 settembre 2018

@robg will customer service produce those powerwalls for you out of thin air?

Patrick | 14 settembre 2018

Tesla Energy rep in FL recently told us 12 months or more for new PW2 orders.

robvargus | 15 settembre 2018

I have solar being installed later this month and my energy rep in Dedham, MA reports that he is waiting on an update from leadership. Nothing new from Tesla, promise big, deliver late, usually very late. Hopefully, I'll get something before the winter.

smitty3018 | 18 settembre 2018

i WOULD LIKE MY $500.00 RETURNED . . I am canceling as per contract at any time, I can not weight for your insulation next year.
Harold Smith, 1728 N Van Ness Ave Hollywood, CA 90028 phone 323-533-4397 or 323-464-1713

groovygravy10 | 21 settembre 2018

When I first contacted Tesla Energy to get solar panels and a PW, was on 2/8/2018 and 3 weeks went by and got a call from my Energy Consultant that all PW's are on back order and I had to split my solar panel & PW. Got an email on March 8th, that my PW order has been submitted. My panels got installed (my inverter stopped working, dealing with that) and my PW entry now says, Next: Confirm Order. Still waiting.

scaalto | 25 settembre 2018

I got a receipt for my PW deposit on December 16, 2016 - 20 months ago. I've had all the inspections, surveys, etc and my power company says I'm good to go but still no installation date. It has been a maddening experience, especially after learning a friend ordered a PW in February of this year and his has been in service for over a month. Should I tweet Elon Musk?

raul.galarza-acevedo | 13 novembre 2018

Hello All PW buyers. I currently live in Puerto Rico and I have been waiting for a Tesla Battery to be installed with my current Solar Panel system since July. The contractor told me that all Tesla inventory has been destined towards humanitarian efforts (I don't know where?). I can assure you that no one in Puerto Rico is getting a Tesla battery installed at the moment.

Tesla-David | 13 novembre 2018

@raul.galarza-acevedo I was under the impression that Puerto Rico was a high priority humanitarian area for Tesla-Energy efforts given Hurricane Maria impacts. I certainly hope you get your installation soon.

raul.galarza-acevedo | 14 novembre 2018

Humanitarian was only for a local Children's Hospital (Hospital del Niño). If you are an individual consumer like me, there is no such thing. Many contractors in Puerto Rico that are supplying Tesla batteries tell me that there is huge backlog of batteries, since demand is far greater than supply and build cannot keep up. I have also been told that delivery of batteries for customers who already ordered one is around 6 to 18 months. Is this true? There is one contractor in Puerto Rico (Maximo Solar Industries) that will sell you a Tesla battery ONLY if you purchase a solar panel system from them. If you are like me (already has one installed) they will not sell it to you.

Tesla-David | 14 novembre 2018

@raul.galarza-acevedo. I got our PW2 installation in June to complement our existing 13.2 kWh solar system installed in 2012, but had to elevate to Tesla-Energy executive management the lack of action on my PW2 order after an almost 3 year wait. When that happened, things happened relatively quickly. I was told initially that no PW2's were available, but they were able to find two PW2's for our installation. Another customer in Mercer Island, WA just got a 4-PW2 installation last month, so some installations are happening. I would call Tesla Energy and talk to a manager about your situation. I would bet if you could get their attention, something might spring loose to get your PW2 installation.

raul.galarza-acevedo | 16 novembre 2018

@Tesla-David. Can you provide me with the phone number for Tesla Energy?

Patrick | 19 gennaio 2019

Any updates on current PW2 delivery times?

Patrick | 20 gennaio 2019

Disregard, found updates in another post.