What is textile seating? Does the model 3 come in leather?

What is textile seating? Does the model 3 come in leather?

What is a textile seat? I would want leather in my updated ordered Model 3/. Does it come with leather seating?

AJPHL | 17 febbraio 2018

Vegan leather in the premium—no animal-based leather. TBD what the non-premium textile turns out to be.

Xerogas | 17 febbraio 2018

Textile means cloth fabric.

EVRider | 17 febbraio 2018

The standard Model S seats are textile. Most of the people who have them and have talked about them on the Model S forum seem to like them. In the Model S, the textile seats only come in black.

Yodrak. | 17 febbraio 2018

"Vegan leather in the premium"

Is the faux leather Tesla uses really "vegan" (i.e. plant based), or is it petroleum based? Alcantara, for example, is petroleum based - not "vegan".

RadOne | 17 febbraio 2018

Most vegan leather is made of polyurethane. The principal raw materials for polyurethane precursors are crude oil and natural gas.

sbeggs | 17 febbraio 2018

Most dinosaurs were vegetarian.

johnyi | 17 febbraio 2018

We used to call those "vinyl seats"...

spiffywerks | 18 febbraio 2018

When I was scheduling to pick up my car, I asked if everything was vegan leather. They said only the steering wheel is real leather wrapped. Everything else is vegan leather (fake leather, pleather).

skygraff | 18 febbraio 2018

Many moons ago, somebody posted a quote from a Tesla official (via e-mail conversation, I think) stating that the Model 3 steering wheel was also vegan leather. I hope that is the case otherwise I know they have honored requests to do that on the S and X. Don't know if the "stock" delivery method for 3 will support that level of customer service.

jordanrichard | 18 febbraio 2018

“Vegan leather” is Latin for vinyl or any other oil based product.

Bighorn | 18 febbraio 2018

Wish there were a Naugahyde upgrade.

Paul.r.freedman | 18 febbraio 2018

Vinyl is not at all the same as polyurethane. Vinyl breaks down and cracks in harsh environment of a car. Polyurethane "leather" is much more durable. It feels like leather, outlasts leather in a car, and even shows "creases" like leather. Most autos no longer use real leather as it hardens and cracks in a car, and requires much more maintenance. Mercedes even uses it. I like the material in my M3, and also have a polyurethane loveseat recliner at home that looks great, feels great and is stain resistant.

Tesla-David | 18 febbraio 2018

We love the textile seats in our M3 and do not feel that they are inferior in any way to the leather seats in our MS. Back about 5 years ago there were many heated discussions about why Tesla was not providing a non-leather option for the MS. Tesla obviously listened to that discussion, and I for one am very happy to see the textile seats in the M3.

sbeggs | 18 febbraio 2018

I want Corinthian leather seats in our 3.

boodasmurph | 18 febbraio 2018

Would that be RICH Corinthian leather? You have to rrrrroll the 'r'. LOL

lilbean | 18 febbraio 2018

What about the rare Alcantara?

keith | 24 aprile 2018

The Model 3 owner's manual identifies the premium seats as polyurethane. I've had a 3 since late last year and am OK with the seats - very supportive - and my research on polyurethane suggests they'll hold up better than leather.

My son's 2015 S has leather - smells good, feels good - I'm probably just old but I miss having leather.

David-Tesla, I'm really curious about the textile seats in your 3. When did the Tesla stop requiring the premium upgrades package?

Azred50 | 24 aprile 2018

I think Tesla-David is messing with us. Tesla has not allowed a textile seat option yet.

jvcesare | 24 aprile 2018


Shock | 24 aprile 2018

"Vegan leather in the premium—no animal-based leather. TBD what the non-premium textile turns out to be."

This is like calling something vegan meat. Leather is literally from animals; there is no such thing as vegan leather. The Model 3 comes with plastic seats. That's what the "leather" is. Plastic.

"Mercedes even uses it."

Mercedes uses, in their cheaper trims, MB-Tex, which is vinyl. There is a reason why their upper trims, and why the bulk of luxury vehicles, continue to use animal skins. And why customers continue to demand it.

There is also a reason why the steering wheel of the model 3 is actual, real leather. Because it's a superior material to the plastic variation.

billlake2000 | 24 aprile 2018

I would like to have some vegan meat for lunch. Don't mind me, I'm just hungry. Spam is popular in Hawaii.

sosmerc | 24 aprile 2018

I've always wondered....what is Spam, really??

billlake2000 | 24 aprile 2018

You will never really know until you have it in Hawaii. Mahalo

scoutdamartin | 25 aprile 2018

@billlake2000 Spam Musubi changed my life! I was stationed in Oahu for a couple of years and between musubi and road side poke, I miss Hawaii a lot!

ravisundaramam | 25 aprile 2018

I really don't like leather seats. Missus ordered it for the bimmer and the recliner. But it feels cold in winter and clammy in summer. Nice absorbing cotton cover over a waterproof upholstery is what I really like. Washable, changeable, ...

dyefrog | 25 aprile 2018

"I've always wondered....what is Spam, really??"

It's pork shoulder and some other part I can't remember but mostly sodium.

hmgolds | 25 aprile 2018

The story is that Hormel had excess pork shoulder so they came up with SPAM. I think you're right about the sodium. In my view, terrible stuff. (Heresy as I'm in Minnesota.)

This whole "vegan leather" thing is BS. I can put a Tesla logo on my Hyundai Sonata but it doesn't make it a Tesla (or even a vegan Tesla). So you can give it it's own name and say "leather like", but that's it.

As to longevity, who knows. You can simulate a lot of things, especially wear, but tougher to simulate the effect of years of exposure to sun and air. Good news is that replacing seat covering isn't all that expensive. If it lasts 10 years, I'm OK.

ODWms | 29 luglio 2018

I’m ok with it too. It does seem like an attractive, more durable product, without the need for a lot of maintenance. I’m trading up from a 2008 Volvo S40 with cloth seats. I’m not very picky.

rick | 29 luglio 2018

Maybe someone will build some aftermarket seat skins made of real leather so that we can replace the vinyl? There are many aftermarket options for the seats in Japanese cars. We have to do something with the skins of the animals that we eat?

Lester Green | 21 marzo 2019

I will probably be blasted by Tesla fanboys by this, but I really miss real leather seats. Calling the Model 3 seat material premium is a joke. As a stock holder, I really hope Tesla saved money by using cheap vinyl seating. That said, the seats are comfortable and well made. In my opinion a 50k car should be equipped with leather. If someone wants "vegan" vinyl seats, offer it as an option.

RP3 | 21 marzo 2019

Can confirm...previous poster really is less green!

M3skFaN | 21 marzo 2019

The animal industry must be really mad for Tesla to use "leather". I can't find soy "milk" in stores any longer. All I get is soy beverage or soy juice! If Tesla can't use the words "Vegan Leather", what should the material be called for lay men like me? Any suggestion?

Lester Green | 21 marzo 2019

I think the seats should be called vinyl, because that is what they are. Vinyl is not typically considered a "premium" material. At least it is better vinyl than the 80's, but vinyl none the less.

jordanrichard | 21 marzo 2019

Lester Green, go to your local Mercedes dealer. You will find that a very large number of the cars have Mercedes infamous MB-Tex which is a very durable vinyl. Though I am sure it’s not technically vinyl.

M3skFan, call them “poly” seats since the material is polyurethane.

M3skFaN | 21 marzo 2019

Nah man! I am a dedicated mono(gamous). I rather stay away from poly :p

Lester Green | 21 marzo 2019

MB-Tex is in some entry level trims, but it is vinyl and not considered premium. Leather is the MB premium option. In my opinion, I think Tesla should not label vinyl as premium. The premium option should be leather. If you don't want leather than the vinyl can be an additional option.

lbowroom | 21 marzo 2019

Its the highest trim material they use. Therefore it's their premium. The textile is standard. Do you think they should offer standard and below standard? I get you prefer leather, but they don't offer it. Thanks for your opinion.

Tesla2018 | 21 marzo 2019

Katzskin makes real leather seats as a retrofit. Various patterns and colors too.

lilbean | 21 marzo 2019

I actually like this better. It feels like leather and it’s easier to clean and doesn’t burnish.