Google login?

Google login?

Can I log in to my Google account to use Google maps on the model 3?
Can I see my locations saved to my Google maps account?

gbb0131 | 20 febbraio 2018

From what I understand they just use the map for the display in navigation so it isn't a true "google map" that you can sign into.

rxlawdude | 20 febbraio 2018

Given the M3 currently doesn't have a browser, nope.

DTsea | 20 febbraio 2018

ummmmmm.... the maps on the big screen on model S are already Google maps. is Model 3 different?

rxlawdude | 20 febbraio 2018

@DTsea, I think he wants whatever he marks on Google Maps on his computer or phone to automatically plotz onto the Tesla screen.

madkim23 | 20 febbraio 2018

Two things seem different between maps in my S and maps in my 3. The look of the navigation is improved in the 3 and appears like what is supposed to eventually roll out to S and X owners. The biggest improvement is that I can actually use it instead of a map app on my phone. My S navigation is essentially worthless if you want to avoid traffic or get an accurate time estimate for arrival - even a ballpark arrival, really. Whatever they are using now is nearly spot on with Google maps in terms of route and timing.

andy.connor.e | 20 febbraio 2018

Pretty sure (including previous comments) the Tesla car software uses google maps, but is no way associated with the google application or account.

And i think this is true because there have been comments and questions about implementing google accounts into Tesla nav system so that people can have access to all their google maps saved locations and such. Which they cannot do currently.

madkim23 | 20 febbraio 2018

Google maps is the overlay in the S and X, but the routing and traffic is not Google. I believe it is Navigon, the parent of Garmin that provides this. The 3 is also Google maps for the overlay and seems like Google maps for the underlying routing too or at least something much improved over Navigon.

johnse | 20 febbraio 2018

There are many apps (in general, not on Tesla) that use Google Maps to display maps in the app. However, the functionality to pull routes from Google accounts and to surface the Google user interface on the map is unique to the Google apps and web site.

The Tesla is in many ways just this kind of App, using Google Maps as the map source, but not providing the UI affordances to use Google account data.

andy.connor.e | 20 febbraio 2018

If google maps app is free for literally every single device, i dont understand why Tesla cannot incorporate it into their car. Other than paying for the rights to use Google product, i'd hope theres a good reason. Kind of ties into being able to have phones and cars interact. Google does a good job with their stuff and how it works together. Maps, gmail, calendar.

I remember a statement sort of like - 'your tesla will know where you want to go before you even get into the car'
Tesla will overtake google?

vromancas | 8 febbraio 2020

I found a solution that worked for me on a google forum.

Simply go to in your Tesla browser and click on sign-in with google.
Enter your google credentials and wait to get logged in.
Now you can go to youtube and see that you are already signed in. I also tested that my youtube music and youtube kids and they worked as expected.

I didn't notice any difference on the tesla maps though.

I hope this helps