Configuration on Tesla mobile site.

Configuration on Tesla mobile site.

Sometime soon I will get my chance to configure my model 3. I don’t know where I’ll be. I may be at work/Home where I have access to a computer or I may be somewhere where I dont have access to a computer.

My question is when I am able to configure can I complete that process right on my phone(iPhone X) via Tesla mobile site? Or can a configuration only be completed on Tesla desktop site? Thanks guys in advance.

lilbean | 1 marzo 2018

Yes. I configured mine at the orthodontist’s waiting room.

badaman | 1 marzo 2018

@3dwin - all of the above and takes less than 1 minute to complete.

3dwin | 1 marzo 2018

Thanks @lilbean @badaman

Alright then that relieves some anxiety of not being able to do it on my phone.

EVRider | 1 marzo 2018

You'll still get the car at the same time if you configure when you get home. :-)

Don't do it on public WI-Fi if you have to provide a credit card number for the deposit (if it's not already in your profile); use a cell connection if you're not home.

3dwin | 1 marzo 2018

Absolutely. Won’t trust public WiFi.

njchillie | 1 marzo 2018

@lilbean The orthodontist’s office, huh? So we can all recognize you because you will be the one with the beautiful smile when you go to the delivery center to pick up your Model 3?