Wall connector

Wall connector

I ordered a wall connector almost 1 week ago and have not receive an email regarding shipping. Does anyone know how long it takes to ship out?

lilbean | 14 marzo 2018


Epicurus | 14 marzo 2018

I have the same question. I ordered March 5th and have not received shipping info.

Rocky_H | 14 marzo 2018

I've been seeing this same question a few times. It seems they are very backordered on the wall connectors for some reason.

Epicurus | 15 marzo 2018

@operationdoc I just received my Wall charger today.. I never did get an email with tracking info, it just showed up on my doorstep. :/

operationdoc | 15 marzo 2018

@Epic. Thanks. I guess I will look out for it.

dmm1240 | 15 marzo 2018

Took about a week for me. They’re probably overloaded with orders from new M3 owners.

SCCRENDO | 15 marzo 2018

Has anyone recieved their referral gift signature wall charger

Ohmster | 15 marzo 2018

^Still waiting for our referral unit. Took delivery of second vehicle 12/24. Last time I checked (few days back), site still said delivering in March.

paul | 15 marzo 2018

I've been waiting for my referral unit for 5 months now.
As Ohmster says - the app implies they will start delivering in March.
This is Tesla though, so future planned dates need to be taken with a grain of salt.

SCCRENDO | 16 marzo 2018

So I am not the only one. Looks like it will come soon

blacktape242 | 16 marzo 2018

I have NO clue when I'll receive my black wall connector. My guess is a month or two.

Tropopause | 16 marzo 2018

Referral HPWC's are awaiting Elon's signature. He's a busy man!