2013 Green car of the year without Model S

2013 Green car of the year without Model S

I everyone,

The GCOTY sponsored by Green Car Journal have selected 5 cars has one of their finaslist. They have chosen Dodge Dart Aero, Ford C-Max and Fusion, Mazda CX-5 and Toyota Prius C. The Model S is not in the list...

They say the car must be : All are affordable mass-market products that provide drivers full functionality and mainstream appeal, paving the way for making a difference in fuel use and overall emissions in daily driving.

What are your thought about this?

Ing_Qc | 2012年11月16日
Superliner | 2012年11月16日

Well as green as Model S might be it is FAR from affordable to most currently and at this point and cannot be considered a "mass market" or "main stream" automobile at present.

Based on their criteria I'd say at least for the near term they would have to have exluded it.

Nicu.Mihalache | 2012年11月16日

Or maybe Model S has graduated in a higher weight class: it's not a green car anymore, it's a real car !

biwamura | 2012年11月16日

They can keep those inept EV wannabes, we'll see who will turn the heads!!!

stevenmaifert | 2012年11月16日

Ease up folks. Model S has received many deserved accolades, but being an affordable mass-market product is not one of them... and probably will never be.

Timo | 2012年11月16日

They say the car must be

That's incorrect. That's just what they are, not what they must be (as evident from some of the previous selections).

Green Car Journal feels biased against Tesla. Their selections are completely irrational and based on reviewers feelings instead of actual data. I asked them once what are the criteria and they have nothing to do with the actual car, but with capabilities of the companies, especially the capability of producing huge number of cars using same platform (not the actual production, just the capability). This means that winner this year will be Ford (again).

mrspaghetti | 2012年11月16日


Keep in mind, many technologies that started as luxuries attainable only by the wealthy are now commonplace. Television and cars (the old fashioned kind) are a couple obvious examples. Maybe the Model S specifically won't ever be a mass-consumer car, but it's progeny will certainly be.

tork | 2012年11月16日

Ease up guys. Remember that this is THE car of the year. Who cares if it isn't the green car of the year as named by a small publication (relative to motortrend). This car is the best car of the year which means it tops all cars, green and non-green. I'm sure Elon would have liked to have won this one too but given the choice, he probably would have much preferred the motortrend award.

Nick Kordich | 2012年11月17日

Here's the original thread that raised this question:

As TikiMan pointed out then, this was also publicized as the "LA Auto Show's Green Car of the Year" award and Tesla Motors didn't exhibit at the LA Auto Show.

@TC - I think part of the issue is that anyone's allowed an opinion, but if you claim to represent an award winning magazine and leading web site, you should be publishing a magazine or updating a web site.

Green Car Journal used to be quarterly, but according to, the current issue is last Winter's, and all the links to subscribe or purchase back issues are broken. The site hasn't had any new articles since February and the @GreenCarJournal Twitter feed hasn't had anything for over a year and a half now.

Ron Cogan still holds the trademark for "Green Car of the Year" so it's his to give, but using the name "Green Car Journal" without a magazine, web site or even Twitter feed behind it makes it seem less like a legitimate magazine award and more like his personal soapbox.

He does have a new site (Cars of Change) that has articles as recent as September, but any news about Tesla seems to flow around the site without touching it. A Google search of the site turns up two mentions of Tesla. One's for an article on the Coda that says Tesla missed its original delivery date for the Model S. The other's an article on the RAV4 EV that mentions Tesla in passing. There's no news article mentioning the Model X, first Model S deliveries, or Tesla's Supercharger network.

Timo | 2012年11月17日

Thanks, Nick, I was wondering why their website sucks that much. Your explanation, well, explains quite a bit.

tork | 2012年11月17日

@Nick, lol I just didn't want to admit that I had never heard of them before

Brian H | 2012年11月17日

On the internet, no one knows you're a dog.

jerry3 | 2012年11月17日


Except the bugs that track all the dog treat/toy sites you visit.

evfanz | 2012年11月17日

Several have said that Ford will win again. According to Wikipedia, Ford never has won Green Car of the Year. Mercury, a different brand with Ford Motor Co., did win with the Mariner Hybrid in 2006.

petero | 2012年11月17日

I have perused a number of issues of Green Car Journal over the past year +. They rarely to never mention Tesla. I suspect Ron Cogan, editor and publisher, has some negative feelings towards TM.

However, in fairness to Mr. Cogan if ‘affordable’ is a criterion for the award the $100K Performance Sig “S” probably wouldn’t qualify. Perhaps a base model “S” at 50K would! By the way has anyone seen the Honda Civic Natural Gas on the street? I haven’t and it is GCJ’s 2012 Car of the Year!

TikiMan | 2012年11月17日

Small potatoes, no real vision... Zzzzzzzzzzz..

Nick Kordich | 2012年11月17日

@petero - if you had seen one, I can almost guarantee you wouldn't have recognized it as anything but a Civic.

I considered getting an NG powered Civic at one point, but at the time, the manufacturer of the 'charging station' had stopped producing it and Honda's own commitment to it seemed uncertain. Given that the only press I had read on it was concern over range anxiety (natural gas is common, but being able to plug in somewhere, not so much), I decided to wait. Reliability would probably have been good (NG engines run very clean), but resale potential would have been uncertain. The up-front cost was also a factor - several thousand more, without either significant saving in fuel and pollution over an already efficient Civic or being a remarkable car in its own right. Without falling in love with the car, I couldn't justify the investment to myself over the Honda I already owned.