Another charge station open in Spokane WA

Another charge station open in Spokane WA

A place to stay the night or just visit if you need a charge.
(Nice area to walk of have a meal while you wait)
240 Amp/40
Details below

ENGINEER | 2013年7月10日

I see it's not a supercharger, but this is definitely something that Tesla should support, as well as start to consider. I know that there are future charging places next to malls or hotels so that people can take an eating break or stay the night. If people are considering Los Angeles to New York, that's at least three to four nights you'd have to stay in hotels. If charging stations, whether they're Tesla or supported by the hotel itself, are at the hotels, it would make it easier to stay the night.

In my opinion, this is a market Tesla should consider cornering in the future. Perhaps special hub Supercharging places where gas stations would normally be, where there's a Tesla Hotel service or Tesla Burger Joint, with overnight charging or quick-charge capabilities. They surely couldn't be free like the charging, but you could practically live on the road at that point.