Any cold climate owners wish they had 4WD?

Any cold climate owners wish they had 4WD?

I know it's been asked and answered but wondering now that winter is mostly over whether any cold climate drivers wish they had 4WD last winter? Thanks!

docdac | 2013年4月23日

Four wheel drive would be nice for several reasons. However, given a choice between snow tires and four weel drive, I would take the snow tires every time (for winter driving concerns).

CarlE_P439 | 2013年4月23日

No problems with 19" all-season tires in Connecticut (have had car since December).

Epley | 2013年4月23日

I took my car with the 21-inch summer tires up skiing several times. Even in the snow, the performance was excellent. I'll definitely get winter tires next winter, but I don't think 4WD is necessary given the traction control--it's impressive.

torst1 | 2013年4月24日

I for sure would go for a 4wd Tesla S in a heartbeat.
I live in nothern part of Norway and the conditions are hash.
I have driven both Bmw 5 series and Mercedes E class with both rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive and let me tell you once you have ever driven a season in a 4wd sedan you wish to never go back to rear wheel drive.

Up twisty and curvy hills and mountains where you can not use the momentum of speed cause of the slick and slippery conditions you will find yourself stucked without 4wd. Or you could go the painful way of putting on snow chains. And have you ever put on a set of of snow chains and driven with them noisy rattling things you certainly realise rather quickly that snow chain is not a valid choice. Also snowdrifts gets you stuck much easier when you drive rear wheel drive rather then a true 4wd sedan.

For sure I would pay the extra price for a Tesla Model S AWD.
Cause that would give me ease of mind knowing I can tackle whatever conditions I face. An added benefit would be that one also could get more power with two engines rather then one. That would make even faster 0-60 mph. Not to mention even more sports cars would be left in your dust.

Pls Elon give me a Tesla Model S AWD, I will gladly pay an extra 20K.

krissu | 2013年4月24日

It's about the tires and height of the car, not AWD. Good studless wintertires are the key to good traction, also very ok to drive on the dry road. Studless do wear out faster, but EV is not a hypermileage anyway. AWD does not help you much to stop the car at slippery conditions, I liked Blizzak so much that have used only these past 5-7 years on my RWD BMW.

GeirT | 2013年4月24日

@ torst1

+1 Hear, hear - spot on!

I swore never to go back to "normal" cars after years with different AWDs. But desiring the MS a compromise had to be made obviously, the MX still years away. That said, the weight distribution, the big wheels, centre of gravity considered as well as the continuous improvement of winter/ice tyres has comforted me that the MS could be a good compromise. Time will tell.

Winnie796 | 2013年4月24日

I live in Norway too and I would buy an AWD Model S in a heartbeat. Tyres are important but AWD with the same tyres is even better. It is about predictability and AWD is much much more sure footed when driving on snow and ice.

Mark22 | 2013年4月24日

Drove through a Mnnesota winter on the all seasons. Worked very well 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time I wish I had the dedicated Winter tires.
I would take winter tires with RWD over all season tires with AWD any day. Of course, AWD with winter tires is the best of both worlds, but I don't have steep, curvy mountain roads to navigate, so I really don't see the need.

ian | 2013年4月24日

No offense meant to the crowd from Norway but the OP was asking current owners if they wish they had AWD. I'm assuming that he wants opinions from folks who have actually used the vehicle in snow for extended periods of time, which none of you have. There are other threads, which I know you've all posted in, discussing the merits of AWD vs. RWD.


JoeBadge | 2013年4月24日

What model/brand of winter tires are owners purchasing?

AlMc | 2013年4月24日

Joe Badge...Just got a mounted set of Bridgestone Blizzak's for when I drive the car in winter next year. As another poster noted the Blizzaks are great. I have put them on every rear wheel car I have owned over the last 10 years and they work very well.
They are noisy but very stable in snow conditions. Definitely a Jan 1- March 1 tire in my area of the country.

mpottinger | 2013年4月25日

No problem driving MS in snowstorms here in Denver with standard 19" tires. Based on past experience w/ rear wheel drive Benz, MS with Blizzaks (or similar) will be unstoppable.

stosh3 | 2013年4月25日

Coming from a 335xi (AWD) with snows it was unstoppable. I've kept it, at least for awhile, but will put winter tires on next season and see how it goes

docdac | 2013年4月25日

I drove with Dunlop snow tires on aftermarket wheels all winter in Minnesota (from Dec until last week) and my car clearly started and stopped better than most of the cars on the road. I was able to pull away at traffic lights much quicker than almost all 4WD and all front wheel drive cars with standard all season tires. Only 4WD with snow tires could do better. So, YES - I would love to have 4WD which give me superior winter driving traction. But, I am very happy with having winter traction that is better than 95% of the cars on the road.
I always got a kick out of beating a big 4WD truck with knobby M+S tires when starting out at a green light, especially when they are clearly trying to take the lead.