Any interest in shared ICE LUXURY ownership?

Any interest in shared ICE LUXURY ownership?

Love my Tesla! What a treat!

BUT....seems as if would be nice 3-4x a year to have access to a LUXURY ICE SUV or Sedan. Some roadtrips just aren't practical with current electric technology.

So....why not start a shared a houseboat, or airplane? If 30-50 users shared a vehicle the costs would be minimal, and the connivence would be super!

Silly or Good idea?

smd | 2013年3月30日

30-50 users means 1-2 weeks each and everyone wants it for holidays, spring break, and summer, so there would be a lot of disappointed owners.

Why not just swap your Tesla with your neighbor or friend's ICE when you want one. The only problems is after driving the Tesla, they won't have an ICE to swap with next year!

edcalis | 2013年3月31日

It is a great idea, however, I usually consider renting an ICE for roadtrips that lack chargers/superchargers.