Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

jajabor | 2013年10月21日


MNGreene | 2013年10月21日


ausdma | 2013年10月21日

62 and getting younger.

yodasminion | 2013年10月23日


WATTAGE | 2013年10月23日


bas.zwartkruis | 2013年10月23日


Zebuf | 2013年10月23日

There is an unfortunate error in the spreadsheet at
It calculates the average of the ages from 22 to 82 - which forever will be 52...
Your formula needs to take into account the actual number of entries for each age.

Add a row where each cell = age * entries.
Sum of this / sum of entries = average.


Zebuf | 2013年10月23日

I'm 48 btw

GarrettDallas | 2013年10月23日

I got my Model S at 22! I think I am one of the youngest customers haha

gill_sans | 2013年10月23日

Average age of myself and my better half: 38.5

p1SL | 2013年10月23日


bareyb | 2013年10月23日

I turned 55 in September. I already had my midlife crisis when I bought my Harley (now sold). I think I was about 45. This is just for fun and to support a very important cause.

Webcrawler | 2013年10月23日

I am 49 but will be 51 before I get my model X....

CeeTwo | 2013年10月23日

70 - Model S P85....after a really fast BMW and 3 Porsches. And loving it. I think of it as my "grown up" car. Now the Porsches were different levels of midlife crisis - not the P85. Of course, 70 isn't quite "mid" life, is it.

DCTesla | 2013年10月23日

36! And I know two guys in their 90s who are owners as well! What other car appeals to 28 year olds and 90 year olds alike?!

AoneOne | 2013年10月23日

Zebuf is correct, the spreadsheet doesn't correctly calculate the average age. In fact, using the recorded data, the average age is 47.6. Restating my earlier results, with this correction:

Average age: 47.6
Mode (most popular range): 40-45
Median: 46

I wonder how this compares with other four-door sports sedans?

Klaytonk | 2013年10月23日

32 Here :)

dvarien | 2013年10月24日

59, And feeling like it except when I'm flying down 680 in my S.

FRF | 2013年10月24日


willardb | 2013年10月24日

86, but when the car was delivered in Jan. 2013 I was 85...exactly as the number 85 appears on the lower right of the trunk. How did they know? And my license plate has my birthday August 18. (818) Amazing how they knew. Chuckle, chuckle.

sigmanu06 | 2013年10月24日

44 but feel like 5 years old with the excitement of receiving my MS85 around Christmas!

robatbeach | 2013年10月24日

a young 43 (first daughter is 3 mo old)
would have loved this car years ago when much younger too, although may have balked at price tag more...for that matter, I was still balking at the price tag up until the end (my wife had lots of convincing arguments to buy it anyway).
What I love is that my daughter will grow up riding in a car that doesn't depend on gas!

chrigel | 2013年10月24日


Happy Ferrari 430, Porsche 911 owner.

Tesla is (almost) as fun as my other cars to drive. Love it.

Araujor20 | 2013年10月24日

36 I get mine Monday oct 28

Brian H | 2013年10月24日

some (all?) of you numerologists try too hard.

Joe H. | 2014年2月19日

Bump for the newer enthusiast.

csalthe | 2014年2月19日

28. Getting my S in about a month.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 2014年2月19日

76--where was Elon and Tesla 50 years ago!

jordanrichard | 2014年2月19日

46, get car next month and at which point I will become 17 again and the speeding tickets to prove it.....:-)

sbeggs | 2014年2月19日

82 and 60 and, like @jordanrichard, will be feeling very youthful come March 8 when 14TFOR2 arrives!

jrudolf | 2014年2月19日

I'm 75 and just got rid of my Corvette convert. i sound like the old guy on the block.

portia | 2014年2月19日

this is a repost, but my dad is 92 and a silver Tesla owner (had it for a year now!)

MassX1317 | 2014年2月19日


SeattleSid | 2014年2月19日

Have entered, with trepidation, my 70th year.

Czech | 2014年2月19日

I am 25 and looking to have the finances in order to pick one up before I turn 28. I have sold so many people on this car just by talking to them everyone that knows me says I should get a job with Tesla.

amitb00 | 2014年2月19日

44. Getting it in March 2014

BAMnoOil14 | 2014年2月19日

33. March 17 Delivery

GIdoc | 2014年2月19日

33. March delivery

pinnacle_fitness | 2014年2月19日

26 but its going in my wifes name :( she's 23 our p85 should be here in late april early may

slickandjake | 2014年2月19日

I received mine last December when I was 39, but turned 40 in January.

theapple | 2014年2月19日

30. But I was still 29 for another month when I confirmed the order!

KidDoc | 2014年2月19日


curtflys | 2014年2月19日

68 years young, BMW 740i for the last 14 years, delivery in 32 days and counting.

pbleic | 2014年2月19日

Ordered tonight - 59.

BTW - excel spreadsheet is wrong. Average age of data on the sheet is 47.6

Whoever is maintaining this - add a row above the years, which is:
=year*number This becomes row 16, and the number in each year becomes row 18. Then the average should be:

johnw | 2014年2月19日

50. Picking up my model s on my 51st next month! Cheaper than a mid life crisis, and a lot healthier than trading in my marriage, which as a therapist I know is a bad strategy!
Giving away 10 year old toyota mini van as I slide into the S! Paying it forward...

tbeck | 2014年2月19日

60 but I feel 40 after I picked up the Telsa Model S 85. And I don't miss the Porsches I sold to be able to afford this at all.

rojeh | 2014年2月19日

I'm 28, the S60 is my 9th car I've owned since I received my CA DL 12 years ago!

'12 Chevy Volt (last)
'08 BMW 650 Conv
'04 Lexus LS 430
'10 Infiniti FX 35
'06 Lexus GS 300
'09 Hyundai Genesis
'09 Toyota Camry Hybrid
'06 Hyundai Azera (first)

Solarguy01 | 2014年2月19日

65 - Get my MS 85 Mar 5th

RandomizeMe | 2014年2月19日

Im 25. Got mine last year. I honestly think I'm the youngest here (that i've seen... i skipped to the end).

james.ruhmel | 2014年2月19日