Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

spentan | 2014年2月19日

I'm 25, October 1988, :) P85

kwoo4424 | 2014年2月20日

Just had 60th birthday ... Played the Birthday card to get my Model S ... I feel 40 yrs old in my MS (but still feel 60 in an ICE box) It's a Tesla Time Machine !

xdguo | 2014年2月20日


Thor-Egil | 2014年2月20日


amitb00 | 2014年2月20日

It is better if OP creates a table with age brakcets and updates the original post with that. Else it is hard to figure out the information in consolidated manner and understand if there is any age bias amongst the owners.

NKYTA | 2014年2月20日

Over the last 30ish posts it sure seems if the younger folks have caught on to us geezers. I wonder what the mean is now?

Mathew98 | 2014年2月20日

@RandomizeMe - You're not the younger owner. I recall a 22/23 year old owner who beat you to the punch.

If it makes you feel any better, I been 25 for more than a decade and a half.

Congrats to all the younger owners who can enjoy this amazing beast earlier and longer than us old folks around these parts...

Mathew98 | 2014年2月20日

not the youngest...

GIdoc | 2014年2月20日

Maybe youngest to buy with his/her own money?!

Captain_Zap | 2014年2月20日

You guys have been fishing for my age for a year and a half now.
I'm still not telling. ;-)

Brucelli | 2014年2月20日

68 average, std dev of 2.5 on a sample size of 2. This car speaks to me like my first Ducati ca.1975: instantaneous, fast and smooth.

sureguru | 2014年2月20日


Surprised to see so many owners younger than me. Maybe it is a biased sample in this forum.
Every time I see another MS owner, they are always much older (wiser) than me!

werobbins1 | 2014年2月20日

I'm 81 ready for march delivery

Mathew98 | 2014年2月20日

Hehehe. I am usually the guy with the most hair as I pass the other owners. I was felling pretty giddy until one day last month. I caught up to a young female MS driver with shoulder length blond hair...

NOLEK SUM | 2014年2月20日


ZRO CO2 | 2014年2月20日


AmpedUP | 2014年2月20日

I'm 49, but agree that this sample is probably biased towards those who are very comfortable online. I know for those just months older than me, that is a cliff, or a wall, or whatever. Those over 60 on this forum were probably the COOLEST hippy progressive wackos you'd ever want to meet back in the day...and they're still "raging against the dying of the light"

huzz1970 | 2014年2月20日

right now I am 10, but I started counting backwards years ago. I figure that if I go negative, it will be gravy.... hee hee

mbirnie51 | 2014年2月20日

I took delivery of my P85 21 days shy of my 62nd b'day....with 5 months of driving it I have 10k+ miles on it...including a round trip from Seattle to San Fran......oh the love of the open road in such a dream machine

kevin | 2014年2月20日

No longer get away with "29" but forever "39". ;) I'll admit to being a Baby Boomer, though.

jerrythebeeguy | 2014年2月21日

I can't call my enjoyment of the Tesla a mid-life crisis because I don't know anyone who is 160!

Nirvana | 2014年2月21日

@kevin - I'm a bit more honest than you. I'm thirty-thirteen.

Norwegian Outback | 2014年2月21日

45 and in the final stage of my "Tesla Pregnancy" :)

Rocky_H | 2014年2月25日

On the young side--37--and my Model S is due for delivery March 18.

P85marin | 2014年2月26日

38 - taking delivery 3/29

youyouxue | 2014年2月26日

19, delivery due for March.

Mathew98 | 2014年2月26日

19??? Are you old enough to have a mustache? ;)

It's great that you can enjoy it at such a young age. Please spend the first few weeks/months driving this large car extremely cautiously. This car is huge and have too much power at the slightest touch. It will take a lot to get used to driving this beast.

NomoDinos | 2014年2月26日

Mat - +1. I don't think I'd still be around if I had an MS at 19. Be careful, and be mindful of the fuzz, @youyouxue.

NKYTA | 2014年2月26日

@NoMo, the fuzz? Man, there are a bunch of old geezers here (me included) schooling the kid. :-)

But definitely +1 to @Matthew, this is a large, heavy car that accelerates really please be careful @youyouxue!

VidaDePaz | 2014年2月26日

Ordered at 37, will be 38 at delivery

david.baird | 2014年2月26日

47 years and 8 months, but I swear that I don't look a day over 60!

P85 arriving on March 28th

therealarod | 2014年2月26日

been driving mine since march 2013 P85+ Suspension Converstion. 25 now

timpw | 2014年2月26日

Will be 30 when I receive delivery...

afnjportiz | 2014年2月26日

I was 78 years and 3 months old when I got my P85 last July.

jcaspar1 | 2014年2月26日

Midlife crisis was my Dodge Viper I bought at 36. Now am 49 with the Model S.

Wattson | 2014年2月26日

It was my 37th bday present!

hitesh2269 | 2014年2月26日

im 45 and next year im celebrating my 15th marriage anniversary I hope with my new Model X.

bastens_com | 2014年3月4日

I'm 37 and living the cool life up north in Grand Rapids, Minnesota :P

teslamir | 2014年3月4日

32! Worked from home for the past 3 years then got a job where I needed to commute...

furbrain | 2014年3月4日

I'm impressed with the number of owners under 50. With the cost of the MS I figured most owners would be 60+. I'm 72 and have my MS since October and love it.

awisemd | 2014年3月4日

71. Warranty on the battery exceeds that which is available on any of my major parts.

paulfgoode | 2014年3月4日

I'm 58. I expect the median age to be 46. Anyone adding these ages up?

Joe H. | 2014年3月4日

Not sure the last time it was updated but there is a spreadsheet for this thread here:

We are probably seeing several < 30 buyers due to the boom in the IT field. For me it is iOS development that paid for my Tesla. I do plan on buying a Performance Model > 100kwh sometime in my 30's.

AmpedUP | 2014年3月5日

I'm 48. The graph suggests a median of buyers in their 40s.

Billiam | 2014年3月5日


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Maxxer | 2014年3月6日


GIdoc | 2014年3月6日

@maxxer: I thought you bought i3.

RavynArcadia | 2014年3月7日

31. But I'll be 32 when mine is delivered in the next 2-3 months.

wilson.bart | 2014年3月7日