Beta is coming to Toronto

Beta is coming to Toronto

I got an e-mail notifying me that the Beta will be on display:

Brookfield Place
Sam Pollock Square
181 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

Wednesday, Nov 2nd - Sunday, Nov 6th
7am - 7pm

Looking forward to this since I couldn't go to the October event.

Brian H | 2011年10月28日

Be interesting to see if the Cdn. reservation numbers jump during/after that showing.

stephen.kamichik | 2011年10月28日

I'm coming in (with my better half) from Montreal.

Leofingal | 2011年10月29日

I plan to go up from Rochester, NY on Saturday. Might take a co-worker that is considering a Leaf/Model S/Focus Electric.

ncn | 2011年10月29日

Do we know which color is coming? I'd go to see the red.... but I think I know what the white and black look like.

Leofingal | 2011年10月29日

I sent an e-mail asking, so hopefully Monday I'll know.

Leofingal | 2011年10月30日

@ncn - The e-mail I got from Sarah says that it will be the Signature Red Beta.

Vawlkus | 2011年10月31日

I hate Central Canadians; they get to see all this cool *ahem* stuff, and us on the coast don't }B(

ColinBowern | 2011年11月5日

I stopped by to see the beta in Toronto. I was able to sit in it and get a full tour of the vehicle. Overall it's what I expected - pretty darn nice! Hopefully they will polish up the interior for the final delivery as there was some minor awkward design elements - for example, the interior door handles need a bit of a rethink as they were poorly positioned. The seats were also quite firm. All said it is shaping up to be a pretty stellar vehicle.

At the same time it was a sad moment as a few days prior I gave up my Signature reservation. We are planning a move to New Zealand in the next year or two and according to the folks at Tesla there are no plans at this time to support NZ as a market.

VolkerP | 2011年11月7日

They do have electricity in NZ? Imagine your solar powered car being the only one left drivable after earth quake, and all the ICE ran out of petrol...

Robert.Boston | 2011年11月7日

They do have electricity in NZ, but the killer would be the $5,438 per trip charge for the Rangers to come service your car from the Tokyo shop....

ckessel | 2011年11月7日

NZ is quite small and I can see why, on the "passing regulatory stuff" priority they'd be way down the list. I'm a little surprised that, being that small, they don't have a waiver if you've cleared some other equivalent country's regulations. Sort of a shame, since NZ is a very beautiful and environmentally aware country and I suspect they'd be pro-EV.

Brian H | 2011年11月8日

Get Gandalf to intervene.